Zimbabwe Profiles People MaJuice Biography – Alick Macheso Dancer| Profile, Real Name, Education, Career, Wife, Arrest & Trial

MaJuice Biography – Alick Macheso Dancer| Profile, Real Name, Education, Career, Wife, Arrest & Trial

MaJuice Biography – Alick Macheso Dancer| Profile, Real Name, Education, Career, Wife, Arrest & Trial post thumbnail image

MaJuice is a prominent Zimbabwean dancer renowned for his expertise in the Borrowdale dance style, which intricately mimics the galloping of horses at the Borrowdale Race Club. He is best recognized for his role as the lead dancer in the acclaimed Zimbabwean musical ensemble Orchestra Mberikwazvo, fronted by the celebrated musician Alick Macheso.


Early Life and Education

MaJuice was born in April 1987 in the bustling city of Harare, specifically in the Rugare suburb.  This means that as of 2023, he is 36 years old. He began his educational journey at Rugare Primary School for his primary education, and later pursued his high school studies at Kambuzuma High 2 School.


Throughout his illustrious career, MaJuice has collaborated with an array of musicians and musical groups, showcasing his exceptional dancing prowess. Some of the notable associations include performing with Mbuya Madhuve’s mbira group Shumba Stars, being a part of Famous 7 led by George Tafirenyika, contributing his talents to Leonard Zhakata, and even collaborating with the late Sam Mtukudzi.

His journey also led him to work alongside Peter Tangwena, as well as participating in a band co-founded by Katarina and Kanjanda.

However, MaJuice’s pivotal moment came when he crossed paths with Alick Macheso at the renowned Pakare Paye Arts Centre. His exceptional dance skills left a lasting impression on Macheso, ultimately leading to his recruitment as the lead dancer for Orchestra Mberikwazvo. MaJuice’s performances as a supporting act for the ensemble solidified his position as an integral part of the group.

Majuice Selemani Mpochi & Wife

[Image Credit: Facebook/MaJuice]

MaJuice’s Arrest & Trial Following Rape Charges

In September 2021, Selemani Mpochi, widely known as MaJuice, faced allegations of raping his 17-year-old girlfriend. The incident allegedly occurred when the complainant asked him to drive her to a party in Kuwadzana. After picking her up, he drove her to a house in Crowborough phase 3, where he allegedly gave her alcohol and engaged in intercourse without her consent. The matter was reported to the police, leading to MaJuice’s arrest. However, he was later acquitted of the charges the following year.

Personal Life & Death Of MaJuice’s Wife

Tragedy struck MaJuice when his beloved wife, Latoya Guveya, passed away while he was on tour in South Africa in 2023. The exact cause of her death was not disclosed, and the family requested privacy during their mourning.

MaJuice’s personal life also underwent a transformation during his career. He acknowledged that his early years with Orchestra Mberikwazvo were marked by reckless behaviour, including womanizing and excessive clubbing. However, he credited Alick Macheso for guiding him to mend his ways and prioritize responsibility. He expressed his commitment to respecting his wife and enjoying a stable marriage of seven years. Outside of his dancing career, MaJuice invested in a business venture involving commuter omnibuses.


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