Zimbabwe Profiles Local,People Apostle Kapandura Biography | Profile, Age, Education, Ministry, Published Books, ZAOGA FIF

Apostle Kapandura Biography | Profile, Age, Education, Ministry, Published Books, ZAOGA FIF

Apostle Kapandura Biography | Profile, Age, Education, Ministry, Published Books, ZAOGA FIF post thumbnail image

Apostle Christopher Kapandura, popularly known as “MaKaps,” is a Zimbabwean religious leader and evangelist who has made significant contributions to the ministry of ZAOGA Forward In Faith International (ZAOGA FIF). He is renowned for his passionate preaching and dedication to spreading the gospel.  Apostle Kapandura is notorious for his no-filter, no holds barred approach to the gospel where he does not hesitate to use profanity to drive across  his point.


According to some sources, Apostles Kapandura is reportedly 62 years old.

Early Life and Education

Christopher Kapandura was born and grew up in Zimbabwe. From a young age, he showed a deep interest in spirituality and a strong desire to serve God.


He pursued his education in theology, administration, and philosophy, obtaining degrees in these fields. His academic background provided a solid foundation for his future ministry.

Ministry and Contributions

Apostle Christopher Kapandura has played a crucial role in the growth and development of ZAOGA FIF, a prominent Pentecostal church in Zimbabwe. With his dynamic preaching style and unwavering faith, he has inspired countless individuals and brought many to a closer relationship with God.

Known for his direct and often confronting language, Apostle Kapandura is unafraid to address controversial topics. In his sermons, he has openly criticized the actions of false prophets and prostitution, viewing these as threats to families and spiritual well-being. His boldness in speaking out against what he perceives as harmful influences has garnered attention and provoked discussions within the religious community.

Overseer and Leadership

Apostle Christopher Kapandura is married to Angela Kapandura, who serves as the Overseer of ZAOGA Harare North Province. The couple has been blessed with a son and two daughters. Together, they have taken on leadership responsibilities within the church, providing guidance, support, and spiritual direction to their congregation.

Evangelistic Work and Missions

Apostle Kapandura’s passion for evangelism extends beyond Zimbabwe’s borders. He has embarked on various outreach missions to neighboring countries, including Mozambique and South Africa. Through his evangelistic work, he aims to spread the message of God’s love and salvation to those in need.

Published Work

In 2017, Apostle Christopher Kapandura authored the book “Apostle Kapandura: The Untold Life and Ministry Story.” Published by Africa Blossom Publishers, the book provides a comprehensive account of his life journey, ministry experiences, and mission work. It serves as a valuable resource for those seeking insight into the life and teachings of Apostle Kapandura.

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