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Chipo Muchegwa Biography | Profile, Career, Disability, Motherhood, Music Videos

Chipo Muchegwa Biography | Profile, Career, Disability, Motherhood, Music Videos post thumbnail image

Chipo Muchegwa is a Zimbabwean Afro-jazz musician known for her powerful vocals and inspiring story of perseverance. Despite being wheelchair-bound due to a disability, Chipo has achieved remarkable success in the music industry, captivating audiences with her talent and resilience.

Chipo Muchegwa was born in 1992 in Norton, Zimbabwe. She was born without hands and legs, which led to her reliance on a wheelchair for mobility. Growing up, Chipo discovered her passion for music through her participation in school and church choirs. Her disability did not deter her from pursuing her dreams in the music industry.

Music Career and Achievements

Chipo Muchegwa’s music career began in 2016 when she released her debut song, titled “Moyo Wangu.” This marked the start of her journey to becoming a prominent figure in the Afro-jazz genre. With her soulful voice and heartfelt performances, Chipo has gained recognition for her unique style and musical prowess.

Throughout her career, Chipo has released several successful tracks, including “Chinonzi Rudo,” “Zvisvinu,” and “Nhengure.” Her music resonates with audiences, capturing the beauty and essence of Afro-jazz. Chipo’s talent has earned her accolades in the industry, including winning the Arts Personality of the Year Award at the Norton Achievers Awards.

Collaborations and Projects

Chipo Muchegwa has collaborated with various artists and producers, showcasing her versatility and collaborative spirit. Notably, she teamed up with Terry Gee for the song “Ndezvemoyo,” which garnered significant popularity and amassed numerous views. Chipo has also worked with esteemed studios such as Monolio Mono Mukundu Studios and Kabon Productions on tracks like “Ndizvo Zvandiri,” “Zhizha,” and “Chii Chinonzi.”

Personal Life and Motherhood

Chipo Muchegwa is a proud mother to her daughter, Ribbon Matipaishe, who was born on April 24, 2020. Ribbon Matipaishe’s father is Sniper Storm, another Zimbabwean musician. Chipo and Sniper Storm have faced publicized challenges regarding child support, but they have resolved their differences and strive to maintain a cordial relationship for the well-being of their daughter.

Challenges and Inspirations

As a disabled artist, Chipo Muchegwa has experienced unique challenges, including limited mobility and access to certain studios. However, she has defied societal expectations and shattered stereotypes, proving that disability does not hinder artistic success. Chipo draws inspiration from fellow artists such as Amara Brown, Jah Prayzah, and Selmor Mtukudzi, who have made significant contributions to the music industry and overcome their own obstacles.

Future Projects

Chipo Muchegwa continues to forge ahead in her musical career with unwavering determination and passion. She aspires to achieve even greater success and release new music that resonates with her audience. Chipo is currently collaborating closely with fellow artist Terry Gee, planning a double album launch event to showcase their individual albums. Their collaboration has been met with acclaim, establishing them as a dynamic duo in the vibrant Zimbabwean music scene.


Music Videos



Terry Gee & Chipo Muchegwa – Makafanana [Official Video]

Chipo Muchegwa x Terry Gee – Ndezvemoyo

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