Zimbabwe Profiles Local,People Diana Samkange Mangwenya Biography: Musical Career, Business, Spirit Medium, Wicknell Chivayo Gift

Diana Samkange Mangwenya Biography: Musical Career, Business, Spirit Medium, Wicknell Chivayo Gift

Diana Samkange Mangwenya Biography: Musical Career, Business, Spirit Medium, Wicknell Chivayo Gift post thumbnail image

Diana Samkange Mangwenya Biography

Diana Samkange Mangwenya, widely known as MaNgwenya, is a Zimbabwean musician celebrated for her contributions to the Afro-jazz genre. With a multifaceted career spanning music, entrepreneurship, and cultural advocacy, Diana has left a notable imprint on Zimbabwe’s entertainment landscape.  This biography provides a detailed overview of Diana Samkange Mangwenya career, awards and personal life.

Real Name

Diana Samkange Mangwenya

Age & Date of Birth

Diana Samkange Mangwenya’s date of birth is not publicly available.

Early Life & Education

Diana Samkange Mangwenya commenced her musical journey as a replacement for Rutendo Muchirahondo in the group 2BG back in 2004. Later, she transitioned into a solo career, delving into Afro-jazz, a genre deeply rooted in Zimbabwean musical heritage. Diana’s commitment to her craft and her ability to seamlessly integrate traditional elements into her music reflect her profound understanding of Zimbabwean culture.

Personal Life

Diana Samkange Mangwenya is married to businessman and football promoter Calvin Nyazema. She is also a proud mother, balancing her musical pursuits with her family life.

Diana Samkange Mangwenya Biography: Musical Career, Business, Wicknell Chivayo Gift

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Music Career

Diana Samkange Mangwenya’s musical repertoire includes three albums released as a solo artist: “My First Diary” (2008), “Kumagumo Erudo” (2010), and “Kumazivandadzoka” (2013). Evolving from her roots in Urban Grooves, Diana embraced jazz, citing personal growth and a return to her cultural origins. Notably, Diana is a proficient mbira player, infusing her compositions with the distinctive sound of this traditional instrument.

Diana Samkange Spiritual Beliefs – Spirit Medium

Diana Samkange Mangwenya proudly identifies as a spirit medium, embracing African Traditional Religion (ATR) as an integral aspect of her cultural identity. Despite occasional scrutiny regarding her spiritual practices, Diana remains steadfast in her beliefs, advocating for a return to African roots and cultural traditions. Through her music and public presence, she encourages Zimbabweans to reconnect with their heritage and embrace the richness of their spiritual legacy.


Diana Samkange Mangwenya’s career has not been devoid of controversies. In an industry where personalities often intersect with public perception, Diana has encountered scrutiny regarding her performances and her spiritual beliefs. Nevertheless, she remains steadfast in her artistic expression and cultural advocacy.

Wicknell Chivayo Car Donation

In a notable display of generosity, entrepreneur Wicknell Chivayo surprised Diana Samkange Mangwenya, along with fellow musicians Mathias Mhere and Andy Muridzo, by gifting them brand new Mercedes Benz C CLASS cars wourth US$28 000.  The vehicles were given as Chivayo’s appreciation for the roles that the three musicians played in supporting and promoting the ruling ZANU PF party.


  • Diana Samkange Mangwenya transitioned from Urban Grooves to Jazz, citing personal and artistic growth.
  • She is actively involved in mentoring upcoming artists through the Mangwenya Mentorship Program.
  • Diana’s familial connections extend to fellow songstress Plaxedes Wenyika, highlighting the musical lineage within her family.
  • Beyond music, Diana has diversified her interests, venturing into events and catering businesses.

Diana Samkange Mangwenya’s dynamic career reflects her passion for music, cultural preservation, and community engagement. Through her artistry and entrepreneurial endeavours, she continues to inspire audiences and nurture emerging talent in Zimbabwe’s vibrant music scene.


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