Zimbabwe Profiles Guides,Places Discovering Makoni: Zimbabwe’s Hidden Gem Unveiled

Discovering Makoni: Zimbabwe’s Hidden Gem Unveiled

Discovering Makoni: Zimbabwe’s Hidden Gem Unveiled post thumbnail image

Discovering Makoni: Zimbabwe’s Hidden Gem Unveiled

Nestled in the heart of Zimbabwe, Makoni is a town that holds a rich tapestry of history, culture, and natural beauty. Whether you are a resident or an avid traveler seeking an off-the-beaten-path experience, Makoni has much to offer. In this detailed article, we will delve into various aspects of Makoni, providing a comprehensive guide for both Zimbabweans and global enthusiasts.

The Weather in Makoni

Makoni experiences a subtropical climate characterized by distinct wet and dry seasons. The rainy season typically occurs from November to March, with temperatures ranging from 15°C to 28°C (59°F to 82°F). The dry season, extending from April to October, sees cooler temperatures ranging between 8°C to 23°C (46°F to 73°F). These weather patterns contribute to the lush landscapes that define Makoni.

Location and GPS Coordinates of Makoni

Situated in the Manicaland province, Makoni’s geographical coordinates are approximately 18.5469° S latitude and 32.1203° E longitude. The town is easily accessible, offering a gateway to Zimbabwe’s eastern wonders.

History of Makoni

Makoni’s history is deeply intertwined with Zimbabwe’s struggle for independence. The town served as a strategic location during various historical events, leaving an indelible mark on its landscape. From pre-colonial times to the present day, Makoni’s journey is a testament to the resilience and spirit of its people.

Makoni District, nestled within the scenic landscapes of Manicaland Province in northeastern Zimbabwe, is a region that captivates with its natural beauty and agricultural richness. The district’s main town, Rusape, holds the pulse of Makoni and is positioned approximately 150 kilometers (110 miles) southeast of Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital and largest city.

Size & Population of Makoni

Makoni District boasts a dynamic and growing population that reflects the district’s vitality. According to the 2002 national census, the district was home to an estimated 151,596 people. The subsequent years witnessed a notable increase, with the 2004 population estimated at 272,578. By 2011, Makoni District’s population further expanded to an estimated 283,017. As of August 2012, the district awaited the results of the national population census, promising to unveil updated demographic insights.

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Distance from Makoni City Centre to Harare

Makoni is strategically positioned 150 kilometers from Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe. The well-connected road network ensures convenient travel between the two locations via Mutare Road.

Travel Time from Makoni to Harare

Traveling from Makoni to Harare typically takes approximately 2 hours 30 minutes by car. The scenic journey allows travelers to witness the diverse landscapes that Zimbabwe has to offer in the Manicaland province.

Discovering Makoni: Zimbabwe's Hidden Gem Unveiled

Discovering Makoni: Zimbabwe’s Hidden Gem Unveiled

Distance from Makoni to Mutare

Makoni is also near Mutare, another significant town in the Manicaland province. The distance between Makoni and Mutare is approximately 139 kilometers.

Travel Time from Makoni to Mutare

The travel time from Makoni to Mutare is estimated to be around 2 hours, providing an opportunity for exploration between these two historically significant towns.

Makoni City Council Contact Details

For inquiries, concerns, or information related to Makoni, you can contact the Makoni City Council at the following:

  • Address: The Chief Executive Officer Makoni Rural District Council 396 Stockton Street Rusape P .O. Box 255 Rusape
  • Phone: +263 0225 2051470/2052651
  • Email: makonirdc@gmail.com
  • Website: www.makonirdc.co.zw

Schools in Makoni

Makoni District, situated in Manicaland Province, Zimbabwe, boasts a robust educational sector with a variety of schools catering to the academic needs of the community. From primary to secondary schools, the district provides a diverse range of educational options for residents. Here is a comprehensive list of notable educational institutions in and around Makoni:

  1. Nyakuipa Secondary School
  2. Dumba Primary School Makoni District
  3. Manonga High School
  4. Tsindi Secondary School
  5. St Patricks Nyemba
  6. School
  7. Saratiel Group of Schools
  8. Kriste Mambo
  9. Milestone College
  10. Mavhudzi High School
  11. Mugoti Primary School
  12. Macheke High School
  13. Highveld Primary School
  14. Milestone Group of Schools Rusape
  15. John Cowie Primary School
  16. Sedze Makoni
  17. Chigudu Primary School
  18. St John’s Mupanguri Primary School
  19. Mangunda Primary School
  20. St Faith’s High Madetere

……and many more

Colleges and Universities in or Near Makoni

For higher education, Makoni residents have access to Colleges/Universities, ensuring a well-rounded academic experience.

  • Africa University
  • Marondera University Of Agricultural Sciences and Technology
  • Liberty Techniques College
  • Manicaland State University Of Applied Sciences
  • Mutare Teachers College
  • Mutare Polytechnic

Lodges in Makoni

Makoni, a town in Zimbabwe, welcomes visitors with a diverse range of lodging options, from luxurious lodges to budget-friendly stays. Whether you’re a traveler seeking a tranquil retreat or a business professional attending a conference, Makoni has something for everyone. Here’s a curated list of lodges and accommodations in Makoni:

  1. Macheke Lodges and Conference Center
  2. WellyGees Lodge Rusape
  3. Castle Base Lodge
  4. Crocodile Motel
  5. Pamusha Mukuru
  6. Grandray Lodge
  7. Highlands Lodges and Apartments
  8. Kutandara Lodges
  9. Ganda Lodge
  10. Mana Pools Safari Lodge
  11. Hualong Lodge
  12. Afro Lodges and Motels
  13. Mchuzi Lodge
  14. Hala Ochi Safari Lodge
  15. Masuwe Lodge
  16. Pachigomo Guest House
  17. Masumburero Lodge
  18. Blue Water Lodge
  19. Zim Safari Guest House
  20. Zimre Lodge

Things to Do in Makoni

Makoni is a treasure trove of activities for visitors. From exploring historical sites to engaging in outdoor adventures, there’s something for everyone. Must-try activities include:

  • Double Blessings Garden
  • Hillside Sports Club
  • Holy Trinity Catholic Cathedral
  • Leopard Rock Golf And Country Club
  • Mutare Museum
  • Prince of Wales View
  • Vumba Botanical Gardens And Reserve
  • Birchenough Bridge
  • Bridalveil Falls


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