Zimbabwe Profiles People DT Bio Mudimba Biography: Age, Background, Music Career, Relationships, Awards

DT Bio Mudimba Biography: Age, Background, Music Career, Relationships, Awards

DT Bio Mudimba Biography: Age, Background, Music Career, Relationships, Awards post thumbnail image

DT Bio Mudimba Biography


Day Tawanda Ncube, better known by his stage name DT Bio Mudimba, has emerged as a prominent figure in Zimbabwe’s music scene. Hailing from Binga, Mudimba has captivated audiences with his unique blend of traditional African rhythms and contemporary Sungura, marked by his hit singles “Kujata Jata” and “Aluse Mushe Mushe.”

His music, celebrated for its vibrant energy and profound lyrics, reflects a deep connection to his cultural roots and a dedication to musical perfection. Despite challenges like music piracy, DT Bio Mudimba’s work continues to resonate, earning him a dedicated following and solidifying his place in the sungura genre.


His original name is Day Tawanda Mudimba (stage name DT Bio Mudimba)


DT Bio Mudimba was born in 1984 (40 years in 2024)


DT Bio Mudimba, whose real name is Day Tawanda Mudimba, hails from Binga, Zimbabwe. He speaks multiple languages, including Tonga, Ndebele, Shona, and English. His deep connection to his cultural roots is evident in his music, which often features traditional African sounds blended with contemporary elements​.

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Music Career

DT Bio Mudimba is a prominent figure in the Afrobeat and sungura music scenes. He first gained widespread attention with his hit single “Kujata Jata,” which topped charts and won several awards, including Song of the Year on major Zimbabwean radio stations like Radio Zimbabwe, National FM, and Diamond FM. The song “Kujata Jata” addresses the issue of avoiding the use of juju (witchcraft)​.

Following the success of “Kujata Jata,” DT Bio Mudimba released another single, “Aluse Mushe Mushe,” which means “through grace everything will be fine.” This song focuses on the power of prayer and gratitude in life’s ups and downs​. Despite facing challenges such as music piracy, which affected the release of “Aluse Mushe Mushe,” DT Bio Mudimba continues to be a significant presence in the music industry​.

DT Bio Mudimba Biography

DT Bio Mudimba Biography

Music Style and Influences

DT Bio Mudimba’s music is a fusion of traditional African rhythms and contemporary Sungura. His songs are characterized by vibrant horns, pulsating percussion, and soulful vocals, creating an engaging and energetic sound. He draws inspiration from the late Zimbabwean musician Leonard Dembo, which is reflected in his dedication to musical perfection and lyrical depth​.

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Music Videos and Online Presence

DT Bio Mudimba’s YouTube channel, DT Bio Mudimba Music Official, features several popular music videos, including the lyrics video for “Kujata Jata,” which has garnered over 1.6 million views. Other notable videos include live performances and cover songs that showcase his musical versatility​.


There is limited public information available regarding DT Bio Mudimba’s personal relationships.


DT Bio Mudimba was the first singer from Binga to get at least three Zimbabwe Music Awards nominations. He was nominated in the Best Sungura, Best New Comer and Song of the Year categories.


DT Bio Mudimba: A sungura perfectionist

Dt Bio Mudimba – The Zimbabwe Independent



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