Zimbabwe Profiles Local,Places Exploring Mvuma: A Comprehensive Profile of Zimbabwe’s Mining Town

Exploring Mvuma: A Comprehensive Profile of Zimbabwe’s Mining Town

Exploring Mvuma: A Comprehensive Profile of Zimbabwe’s Mining Town post thumbnail image

Exploring Mvuma: A Comprehensive Profile of Zimbabwe’s Mining Town


Mvuma, previously known as Umvuma, is a small mining town nestled in the Midlands province of Zimbabwe. Rich in history, the town has undergone significant changes since its early mining days. This article aims to provide a detailed overview of Mvuma, covering its weather, location, history, population, economic activities, and various aspects that make it unique. Whether you’re a Zimbabwean resident or an international researcher, this comprehensive guide will shed light on the charm and significance of Mvuma.

The Weather in Mvuma

Mvuma experiences a subtropical climate with distinct wet and dry seasons. The town encounters warm temperatures, typical of the region, with occasional rainfall during the wet season. The pleasant weather adds to the appeal of Mvuma as a destination.

Location and GPS Coordinates

Positioned 192 km south of Harare along the Harare-Masvingo highway, Mvuma sits at approximately 19°17′S latitude and 30°32′E longitude. This strategic location makes it accessible for travelers and plays a role in the town’s historical significance.

History of Mvuma

Mvuma’s history is intertwined with the Athens Mine (formerly Falcon Mine), a major gold, silver, and copper mining operation. The iconic Mvuma Chimney, built in 1913, stands tall as a testament to the town’s industrial past. Unfortunately, the mine closed in 1996 due to a shaft collapse and plummeting gold prices, leading to a shift in the town’s economic dynamics.

Size & Population

With an estimated population of around 7,000 residents, Mvuma stands at an altitude of 1406m. The town’s size and population contribute to its close-knit community feel.

Distance from Harare City Centre to Mvuma

Mvuma is situated 192 km south of Harare, making it a reasonably accessible destination for those traveling from the capital city.

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How many hours to travel from Harare to Mvuma

The journey from Harare to Mvuma typically takes a few hours, depending on the mode of transportation and road conditions.

Distance from Mvuma to Masvingo

Exploring Mvuma: A Comprehensive Profile of Zimbabwe's Mining Town

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Approximately 100 km southwest of Mvuma lies Masvingo, another prominent town in Zimbabwe, offering a diverse range of experiences.

Travel time from Mvuma to Masvingo

The travel time from Mvuma to Masvingo varies, ensuring that the scenic route is both enjoyable and convenient for tourists and locals alike.

Mvuma Town Council Contact Details

Since Mvuma was recently granted town status in 2021, it’s possible that the Mvuma Town Council is still under development and utilizing the resources of the Chirumanzu Rural District Council. You can try contacting them through their website: https://masvingomirror.com/chirumhanzu-rdc-zwl9-billion-budget-approved/ or by phone: +263 242 322 333.

Schools in Mvuma

Mvuma, a small mining town in the Midlands province of Zimbabwe, takes pride in its commitment to education. The town is home to several schools that play a crucial role in shaping the future of its residents. Here is an overview of some notable schools in Mvuma:

  1. Mvuma Primary School
    • Overview: Mvuma Primary School is a cornerstone of elementary education in the town. It provides a solid foundation for young learners and emphasizes academic excellence and character development.
  2. Athens High School
    • Overview: Athens High School, named after the historic Athens Mine, offers secondary education to students in Mvuma. With a focus on holistic development, the school prepares students for future challenges.
  3. Umvuma Secondary School
    • Overview: Umvuma Secondary School contributes to the educational landscape of Mvuma by providing quality secondary education. The school aims to foster critical thinking and equip students with essential skills.
  4. Mvuma Vocational Training Center
    • Overview: Mvuma Vocational Training Center focuses on practical skills development, offering vocational courses to empower students for various careers. The center plays a vital role in enhancing employability.
  5. Chirumhanzu High School
    • Overview: Chirumhanzu High School, although not directly in Mvuma, serves students from the surrounding areas. It contributes to the educational network, offering diverse learning opportunities.

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Colleges and Universities in or near Mvuma

While Mvuma provides essential educational institutions, residents also have access to nearby colleges and universities for higher education. Some options include:

  1. Gweru Polytechnic
    • Overview: Gweru Polytechnic, located in the nearby city of Gweru, offers a range of technical and vocational courses, providing advanced learning opportunities.
  2. Midlands State University
    • Overview: Midlands State University, situated in Gweru, is a comprehensive institution offering undergraduate and postgraduate programs across various disciplines.
  3. Great Zimbabwe University
    • Overview: Great Zimbabwe University, located in Masvingo, is another academic hub offering diverse academic programs and contributing to the region’s higher education landscape.

      Exploring Mvuma: A Comprehensive Profile of Zimbabwe's Mining Town

      image credit: mindat

Lodges In Mvuma

Mvuma, a charming mining town in the Midlands province of Zimbabwe, not only boasts a rich history but also offers a haven for visitors seeking a tranquil retreat. Here is a guide to some notable lodges in Mvuma, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay:

1. Mvuma Lodge


  • Overview: Mvuma Lodge stands as a testament to the town’s dedication to hospitality. With well-appointed rooms and modern amenities, it provides a serene escape for tourists and business travelers alike.

2. Umvuma Oasis Lodge


  • Overview: Umvuma Oasis Lodge captures the essence of Mvuma’s natural beauty. Surrounded by picturesque landscapes, the lodge offers a peaceful environment, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a rejuvenating experience.

3. Golden Heritage Lodge


  • Overview: Golden Heritage Lodge combines modern comfort with a touch of local heritage. The lodge’s architecture and décor reflect the town’s mining legacy, creating a unique and immersive stay for guests.

4. Mvuma Guest House


  • Overview: Mvuma Guest House welcomes guests with warm hospitality. Known for its personalized service and cozy atmosphere, the guest house provides a home away from home for travelers exploring the town.

5. Chimney View Inn


  • Overview: Chimney View Inn takes its name from the iconic Mvuma Chimney. The inn offers a strategic location, allowing guests to enjoy panoramic views of the town while indulging in comfort and convenience.

Things to do in Mvuma

  1. Explore the Mvuma Chimney: An iconic landmark, the Mvuma Chimney offers a glimpse into the town’s rich mining history. Visiting this structure is a must for history enthusiasts.
  2. Visit Chicken Slice and Unique Rama: Experience Mvuma’s growing business scene by stopping at Chicken Slice, a popular fast-food outlet, and Unique Rama, a truck stop and restaurant.
  3. Discover Mvuma Art and Craft Centre: Located on the western side of the A4, the Art and Craft Centre showcases local talent through stone sculptures, making it a unique stop for art lovers.


Did you know that the Mvuma Chimney, standing at 40.28m, was constructed in 1913 and served as a crucial ventilation system for toxic fumes produced during the gold, silver, and copper mining at the Athens Mine?


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