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List Of Insurance Companies Authorised To Conduct Insurance In Zimbabwe

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List Of Insurance Companies Authorised To Conduct Insurance Business In Zimbabwe

Below is the full list of insurance companies authorized to conduct insurance business by the Insurance and Pensions Commission (IPEC).

IPEC is a statutory body established in terms of the Insurance and Pensions Commission Act [Chapter 24:21], to regulate the insurance and pensions industry.

According to IPEC, the full list of insurance companies authorized to conduct business in Zimbabwe includes:

  • Life Assurance companies
  • Short Term Insurance companies
  • Funeral Assurance companies
  • Microinsurance companies
  • Multiple Agents
  • Insurance Brokers, and
  • Underwriting Management Agents

In publishing the list, IPEC warned,

“This is being done in the public interest. Insurance consumers are warned against conducting business with unlicensed entities. Those who have bought insurance policies from entities that are not on the list, can report to the Commission.”

Full list of Insurance Companies Licensed To Trade In Zimbabwe By IPEC as at December 2022.


Life Assurers

  1. CBZ Life Limited
  2. Doves Life Assurance
  3. Econet Life (Pvt) Ltd
  4. Evolution Health & Life Assurance
  5. Fidelity Life Assurance
  6. First Mutual Life Assurance
  7. Heritage Life Assurance
  8. Nhaka Life Assurance (Pvt) Ltd
  9. Nyaradzo Life Assurance
  10. Old Mutual Life Assurance
  11. ZB Life Assurance
  12. Zimnat Life Assurance

Short Term Insurers

  1. AFC Insurance
  2. Alliance Insurance
  3. Allied Insurance
  4. CBZ Insurance Limited
  5. Cell Insurance
  6. Champions Insurance
  7. Clarion Insurance
  8. Credit Insurance Zimbabwe Limited
  9. Econet Insurance
  10. Empaya Insurance Company
  11. Evolution Insurance
  12. Export Credit Guarantee Company of Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd
  13. FBC Insurance
  14. Hamilton Insurance
  15. Nicoz Diamond Insurance
  16. Old Mutual Insurance
  17. Quality Insurance
  18. Safel Insurance
  19. Sanctuary Insurance
  20. Zimnat Lion Insurance

Funeral Assurers

  1. First Funeral Assurance
  2. Foundation Mutual Society
  3. Moonlight Funeral Assurance & Services
  4. Orchid Funeral Assurance
  5. Passion Funeral Assurance
  6. Ruvimbo Funeral Assurance
  7. Sunset Funeral Assurance
  8. Vineyard Funeral Assurance



  1. Bayce Microinsurance
  2. Clientsure Microinsurance
  3. Coverlink Microinsurance [Pvt] Ltd
  4. EBA Microinsurance
  5. Ethical Microinsurance
  6. Golden Knot Microinsurance
  7. Highground Microinsurance
  8. Evolution Microinsurance
  9. Microsure Microinsurance
  10. Rise Capital Microinsurance
  11. Zambuko Microinsurance

Multiple Agents

  1. Acts Multiple Agents

  2. AGRIMED Multiple Agents

  3. Agrostrong Multiple Agents

  4. Chartered Risk Services multiple Agents

  5. Connect Multiple Agents

  6. Distinct Multiple Agents

  7. Enpasent

  8. Geneinsure Multiple Agents

  9. Henfields Multiple Agents

  10. Leadwoys Multiple Agents

  11. Lions Risk multiple Agents

  12. Macfam Multiple Agents

  13. Neshgroup Multiple Agents

  14. NMB Multiple Agents

  15. Primax multiple Agents

  16. RapidPay Multiple Agents

  17. Rise Multiple Agents Limited

  18. Samaz Multiple Agents

  19. Snit Multiple Agents

  20. Stanbic Multiple Agents

  21. STF Capital

  22. Sundry Multiple Agents

  23. Superflex Link Multiple Agents

  24. Telone Multiple Agents

  25. Vonveld Multiple Agents

  26. Wonayi multiple Agents

  27. Zim Selector Multiple Agents

  28. Zimpost Multiple Agents

  29. Zero Seven Zero Nine Multiple Agents


Insurance Brokers

  1. Amour Khan Insurance Brokers (Pvt) Ltd

  2. Bright Insurance Brokers

  3. Broksure Insurance Brokers (Private)

  4. Capital Insurance Brokers (Private)

  5. Care Insurance Brokers (PvT) Ltd

  6. CBZ Risk Advisory Services (Pvt) Ltd

  7. Coverlink Insurance Brokers (Pvt)

  8. Eaton & Youngs (Pvt) Ltd

  9. Entwide Insurance Brokers (Pvt)  Limited

  10. Eureka Insurance Brokers (Pvt) Ltd

  11. First Sun Alliance Insurance Brokers (Pvt)  Limited

  12. Firstlink Insurance Brokers (PO) Ltd

  13. Glenrand M.I.B Zimbabwe (Pvt)  Limited

  14. Goldstick Insurance Brokers (Pvt)

  15. HRIB (Pvt) Ltd

  16. Hunt Adams & Associates (Pvt) Ltd

  17. L.A.Guard Insurance Brokers (Private) Limited

  18. Minerva Risk Solutions

  19. Momentum Insurance Brokers IPA)

  20. Paul Mkondo Insurance Brokers (Pvt) Ltd

  21. Perpro Insurance Brokers (Pvl) Ltd

  22. Progressive Insurance Brokers (Put) Ltd

  23. Rainbow Insurance Brokers (Pvl) Ltd

  24. Safari Insurance Brokers Limited T/As

  25. Satib Insurance Brokers

  26. TIB Insurance Brokers

  27. Victory Insurance Brokers (Put) Ltd

  28. WFDR (Pvl) Ltd)

  29. Zimbabwe Insurance Brokers Limited

Underwriting Management Agents

  1. Bluefin Risk metrics

  2. SAUZGRUMA Outrisk

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