Zimbabwe Profiles Local Madam Boss Biography| Age, Career, Personal Life, Awards, E-Creator Ponzi Scheme, Livingstone Sunhwa

Madam Boss Biography| Age, Career, Personal Life, Awards, E-Creator Ponzi Scheme, Livingstone Sunhwa

Madam Boss Biography| Age, Career, Personal Life, Awards, E-Creator Ponzi Scheme, Livingstone Sunhwa post thumbnail image

Madam Boss Biography| Age, Career, Personal Life, Awards

Madam Boss, also known as Tyra Chikocho, is a Zimbabwean comedian, musician, actress, socialite and media personality.


Real Name

Madam Boss’ real name is Tarisai Chikocho.


Age & Date Of Birth

As of 2023, Madam Boss is 38 years old, having been born on 10 April 1985.



Madam Boss began her career as a gospel music artist, releasing her debut album titled “Sunungura.” However, she gained significant recognition and popularity as a socialite comedian, primarily for her maid skits that went viral on various social media platforms. Her unique and hilarious portrayal of domestic workers resonated with audiences, contributing to her rise to stardom.

One of Madam Boss’s notable achievements was becoming the first Zimbabwean comedian to amass one million followers on Facebook, solidifying her position as a social media sensation.

In 2021, she expanded her career into acting, making her debut in the Nollywood series, “The Offspring.” Following this success, she secured another acting role in South Africa’s SABC 1 drama series, “Ubettina Wethu.” Her talent and versatility in the entertainment industry led to her being cast in the Netflix film “The Bad Bishop,” which further showcased her acting prowess.



Madam Boss has received several accolades in recognition of her contributions to the entertainment and social media landscape:

  • Social Media Brand of the Year – Zimbabwe Business Awards 2017
  • Socialite of the Year – Zimbabwe Social Media Awards 2018
  • People’s Choice – Zimbabwe International Women Awards 2018
  • Women Of The Year Award In Digital And Social Media – Zimbabwe National Women’s Awards 2018
  • Influencer of the Year – Zimbabwe Achievers Awards 2021 (nominated)
  • E! Entertainment People’s Choice Awards – African Social Star Winner 2021

Personal Life

Madam Boss is married to Ngonidzaishe Munetsiwa, popularly known as Mhofu, and together, they form a loving and supportive family.  Madam Boss and Mhofu have two children together.



On 22nd October 2022, Madam Boss was involved in a road traffic accident a few kilometers outside Norton while she was en route to a concert in Kadoma. The event was headlined by South African musician Makhadzi.

According to Madam Boss, the employees at a garage were responsible for the accident due to their alleged negligence in properly fixing the wheel nuts of her Range Rover.

The vehicle Inspection Department, evaluators, and police have concluded that the wheel nuts were not properly fixed, and that’s what led to the accident. It is disturbing me daily.

Madam Boss was released from the hospital a few days after the accident and made a full recovery within a few weeks.

Involvement in the E-Creator Ponzi Scheme

Madam Boss, along with fellow socialite Admire Mushambi (known as Mama Vee), was allegedly involved in popularizing the E-Creator Ponzi scheme in Zimbabwe. The scheme’s founders, Zhao Jiaotong and Trymore Tapfumaneyi, were accused of using the duo’s substantial social media following to attract subscribers to the fraudulent scheme. The E-Creator Ponzi scheme reportedly duped investors of over one million USD. However, it is essential to note that involvement in such schemes does not define her entire career or character, and people’s perspectives may differ on this matter.

Controversy Surrounding Livingstone Sunhwa’s Remains

In June 2022, Madam Boss found herself embroiled in controversy surrounding the discovery of Livingstone Sunhwa’s remains. Livingstone, a missing student, was found dead, and Madam Boss was part of the search party that discovered the human remains in a shallow grave near the boarding school where he studied. However, her response to the discovery on social media sparked outrage and criticism from Zimbabweans who felt she was insensitive and celebratory during a solemn occasion.

Death Threats

Following the incident involving Livingstone Sunhwa’s remains, Madam Boss claimed to have received death threats from strangers on her mobile phone and social media. While she did not reveal the specific reasons behind the threats or the identities of those involved, she assured her fans that she would not be deterred by such negativity and expressed gratitude for their unwavering support.

Madam Boss’s career has been marked by immense success as a social media personality, comedian, musician, and actress. While she faced controversies and challenges, her dedication to her craft and her strong fan base have helped her navigate the highs and lows of the entertainment industry. Her influence and impact on social media in Zimbabwe continue to be significant, making her one of the country’s most notable personalities.

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