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Magtom Media Films Zimbabwe Profile| Founders, Real Life Actors, Productions

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Magtom Media Films Zimbabwe Profile

Magtom Media  is a Zimbabwean film production company known for its captivating storytelling in comedy and real-life narratives. The company has garnered a significant following on various social media platforms, particularly YouTube, where its engaging content has attracted a broad audience base.  Magtom Media is famous for its short skits and Youtube drama series, which are shot in the local vernacular Shona language.

This profile about Magtom Media provide an insightful overview of the company’s history, content, actors, and impact on the Zimbabwean media landscape.

Who Founded Magtom Media

Magtom Media was founded by Redcliff  based comedian, actor and film producer Thompson Muzondiwa, who is popularly known as Slimie (Slimy) or Baba Junior. He is the creative force behind the company and is credited as an adept writer and director renowned for his storytelling abilities, connecting with audiences through humour and emotional depth.

When Was Magtom Media Founded

The precise founding date of Magtom Media is not publicly available. Yet, the company commenced its operations approximately around 2018, gauging from the earliest content uploaded on their YouTube channel.


Magtom Media Films Zimbabwe Profile| Founders, Real Life Actors, Productions

Social Media Handles of Magtom Media

Magtom Media is primarily active on YouTube, where their main channel boasts over 150,000 subscribers and 504 videos uploaded (as of December 7, 2023). They also have a presence on other social media platforms, including:

Magtom Media Actors and Their Real-Life Names

The company hosts a roster of talented actors, most of whom employ stage names for their roles. Notably:

  • Mai Juju
  • Baba Juju
  • Mhamhito
  • Eazy

Their contributions to Magtom Media productions exhibit versatility, comedic timing, emotional depth, and strong acting skills.

Productions by Magtom

Magtom Media’s repertoire spans various content genres:

  • Comedy Sketches: Short, humorous videos exploring relatable themes often laced with satire and social commentary.
  • Real-Life Stories: Longer-format content delving into personal experiences, offering insights into human emotions and relationships.
  • Sitcoms: Successful sitcoms like “Partners in Crime” and “The Family,” known for engaging storylines and humour.
  • Web Series: Serialized narratives such as “Maths dzeBoys paTown” and “Complicated Affairs,” featuring complex characters and ongoing storylines.

Awards and Recognition

While specific awards or recognition received by Magtom Media aren’t mentioned, the company’s impact on Zimbabwean media and its growing popularity are notable.


Impact on Zimbabwean Media

Through its diverse content, Magtom Media contributes significantly to Zimbabwean media, captivating viewers locally and internationally.

Challenges Faced

The company encountered challenges, including being overlooked for awards and the struggle for financial sustainability within the arts industry.

Interesting Facts

  • Magtom Media’s origins stem from the creative fusion of writing novels and painting portraits, eventually transitioning into video content production.
  • Despite starting with minimal views, Magtom has now garnered a wide viewership from various countries.
  • Actors in Magtom productions often employ pseudonyms for their characters.




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