Zimbabwe Profiles Local,People Michael Mahendere Biography|Age, Career, Wife, Emmanuel Makandiwa 

Michael Mahendere Biography|Age, Career, Wife, Emmanuel Makandiwa 

Michael Mahendere Biography|Age, Career, Wife, Emmanuel Makandiwa  post thumbnail image

Michael Mahendere Biography|Age, Career, Wife, Emmanuel Makandiwa 

Michael Mahendere is a renowned Zimbabwean gospel musician, preacher, and businessman.

He serves as a pastor at the United Family International Church, under the leadership of Emmanuel Makandiwa.

Mahendere gained widespread recognition when he collaborated with the UFI Choir to rearrange the song “Makanaka Jesu,” which became a sensational hit.

He is also celebrated for his album “Getting Personal With God II,” featuring chart-topping tracks like “Mumoyo.” In the industry, he is often referred to as “Minister” Michael Mahendere.


Michael Mahendere was born on May 28, 1983, in Zimbabwe. (Aged 40 as of 2023)

Personal Life

He grew up in a family of seven children, being the fourth child among his siblings. His parents, devout Christians, instilled Christian morals in their children, which Michael Mahendere commends them for.


On December 2011, Michael Mahendere married Vimbai Nyatsambo. Vimbai actively supports Mahendere in his work and serves as the co-manager of his band, Direct Worship. The couple has three children together

Musical Career

At the young age of seven in 1990, Michael Mahendere began his journey in music. He was part of the group called Mahendere Brothers, consisting of his brothers Akim, Misheck, and Amos.

Their debut album, “Mwari Mukuru,” released in 1994, quickly rose to the top of the charts in Southern Africa.

Driven by a desire to develop his musical skills further, Mahendere started learning to play instruments. He began with the acoustic guitar, which his father had bought for them, and later expanded his repertoire to include the keyboard and drums.

Despite limited resources, he improvised and honed his skills. Mahendere collaborated with his brothers on various projects, including “Rumbidzo” and “Mapisarema 23.”

In 2001, Mahendere ventured into commercial projects, such as the Zimbabwe Soccer Team’s “Go Warriors, Go” campaign.

These collaborations allowed him to work with renowned musicians like the Ruvhuvhuto Sisters on the “Come to Victoria Falls” project. He also joined the popular group Pax Afro and participated in a twenty-six-track music project with them.

In 2009, Mahendere became the Music Director at the University of Zimbabwe and launched a Chinese Choral group affiliated with the Confucius Institute.

This role involved frequent travel between Zimbabwe and China. Despite receiving a scholarship to study music in China, Mahendere declined the offer as he had found a home at the United Family International Church, where he served in the choir.

It was in 2011 that Mahendere’s prominence soared when he led the UFI Choir in a musical project that included the rearrangement of the song “Makanaka Jesu.”

The song became a massive hit, accumulating over 1.8 million views on YouTube and topping radio and television charts in Zimbabwe.

Getting Personal With God

Mahendere is widely recognized for his acclaimed album series, “Getting Personal with God.”

In 2012, he made his solo debut with “Getting Personal with God 1,” recorded alongside his band, Direct Worship. The album featured 15 songs, including notable hits like “We Are Soldiers,” “Love Song,” and “Holy Forever.”

Subsequently, the album was modified into an 11-track version, excluding songs like “You are Faithful (every day, every hour).”

In 2013, Mahendere and Direct Worship released their second offering, “Getting Personal with God 2,” which featured the popular song “Mumoyo.” The album’s success led to a live DVD recording of “Getting Personal with God 2” at the New Life Temple in Eastlea, Harare, Zimbabwe, on November 21, 2014.

Continuing his musical journey, Mahendere released “Getting Personal with God III” in 2017.

This album comprised 10 tracks, including the widely appreciated song “Salt of the Earth” and a collaboration with Loyiso Bala titled “Chiiko.” “Chiiko” gained significant popularity and dominated the gospel radio charts in Zimbabwe.

To commemorate his 2017 endeavors, Mahendere recorded “The Getting Personal with God III Live DVD,” marking the second volume of his Classical Worship Project, which garnered considerable attention.

In late 2021, Mahendere unveiled his fourth installment in the “Getting Personal with God” album series, titled “Mercy.” This album featured impactful songs such as the hit single “Zvaringana” (It is well), “Kudza Jehovah,” “Tangai Neni,” and “Nyasha Dzaishe” (based on The Grace confession).

Emmanuel Makandiwa

Michael and Vimbai Mahendere are devoted followers of the charismatic preachers, Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa, who serve as the leaders of the United Family International Church.

Within this ministry, Michael Mahendere holds the esteemed position of senior pastor. He openly shares his testimony of how Emmanuel Makandiwa’s prayers and teachings have transformed his life, both personally and professionally.

Mahendere attributes his success and popularity in the music industry to Makandiwa’s ordination and the spiritual guidance he has received.


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