Zimbabwe Profiles Local,People Nicholas Madzibaba Zakaria Biography| Age, Career, Khiama Boys, Personal Life 

Nicholas Madzibaba Zakaria Biography| Age, Career, Khiama Boys, Personal Life 

Nicholas Madzibaba Zakaria Biography| Age, Career, Khiama Boys, Personal Life  post thumbnail image

Nicholas Zakaria Biography| Age, Career, Khiama Boys, Personal Life 

Nicholas Zakaria is a prominent Zimbabwean musician who leads the sungura band Khiama Boys.

He is commonly addressed as Senior Lecturer and recognized for his role in mentoring notable musicians like Alick Macheso and System Tazvida.

Due to his apostolic beliefs and distinctive hairstyle with a long beard, he is also referred to as Madzibaba.

From Public Shaming to Generosity: Wicknell Chivayo’s Surprising Gift to Musician Madzibaba Nicholas Zakaria

In March 2024 flamboyant businessman Wicknell Chivayo surprises musician Madzibaba Nicholas Zakaria with a brand new luxurious car after publicly shaming him earlier. Chivayo accused Zakaria of demanding a car, but later gifted him a 2024 Toyota Fortuner worth US$85,000. Chivayo praised Zakaria’s contributions to music and support for ZANU PF, advising him to enjoy the new ride and give thanks to God.

Nicholas Madzibaba Zakaria Biography| Age, Career, Khiama Boys, Personal Life 

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Personal life

Born in 1956 in Mazowe, Nicholas Zakaria’s parents were Maluva Chekani, who relocated from Malawi to Zimbabwe, then Rhodesia, in 1947.

He met his wife Margaret Gweshe, who was a dancer within Khiama Boys. Together, they have two children, Rudo and Simbarashe.

Sadly Simbarashe committed suicide in 2008 at the family’s Chiweshe homestead.

Throughout the years, Nicholas Zakaria has been affectionately referred to as Madzibaba due to his affiliation with the Mugodhi apostolic sect.

However, in 2014, he joined Walter Magaya’s Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) ministries, marking a change in his spiritual beliefs.


Nicholas Zakaria’s father, Maluva Chekani, was a musician, and it was through him that Nicholas was introduced to music.

At the age of eight, he already displayed his musical talent and could play the guitar. By the time he turned 14, he had formed his own band, The Green Mangoes.

Due to his passion for music, he made the decision not to sit for his ‘O’ Level exams.

With an increasing passion for music, Nicholas Zakaria left his birthplace of Mazowe for Harare. He first settled in Dzivaresekwa, where he connected with other musicians, including Shepherd Chinyani.

Together, they established Vhuka Boys shortly before Zimbabwe gained independence.

Following the formation of Vhuka Boys, Nicholas Zakaria went on to establish Khiama Boys, which gained popularity with the release of their hit song “Mabhauwa.”

The group was made up of several members, including the late Tineyi Chikupo, Alick Macheso, the late System Tazvida, the late Cephas Karushanga, and Donald Gogo.

However, the success of “Mabhauwa” led to internal conflicts within Khiama Boys, resulting in Karushanga leaving to form Mabhauwa Express, while System Tazvida created his own group, Chazezesa Challengers.

After the split of the Khiama Boys, the group continued with members such as Alick Macheso, Tineyi Chikupo, Nicholas Zakaria’s younger brother Zakaria Zakaria, and Donald Gogo.

This lineup was short-lived, as the remaining members split in 1997. Following this, Nicholas Zakaria decided to drive haulage trucks to raise funds for new instruments.

In 2002, he established a new group to continue his music career.

Nicholas Zakaria’s Music Videos

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