Zimbabwe Profiles People Prophet Evidence Chari Profile, Biography, Legal Troubles, Cars, Marriage and Networth

Prophet Evidence Chari Profile, Biography, Legal Troubles, Cars, Marriage and Networth

Prophet Evidence Chari Profile, Biography, Legal Troubles, Cars, Marriage and Networth post thumbnail image

Prophet Evidence Chari Profile, Biography, Legal Troubles, Cars, Marriage, and Networth

Early Life and Background

The early years and initial steps into religious leadership of Prophet Evidence Chari are not extensively documented in public records.

Personal Life

Prophet Chari is married to Anesu Chari.

Religious Leadership

Founder of Grace Family International Church

Prophet Chari’s establishment of the Grace Family International Church marks a significant role in his religious career.

Founder Of Throne of Grace Ministries

In addition to leading Grace Family International Church, Prophet Chari is the CEO of Throne of Grace Ministries, based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Ministry in Botswana and South Africa

His ministry activities have extended to Botswana, but recent reports suggest reduced activities in both his Botswana and South African ministries.

Association with Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa

Known for his close association with Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, Prophet Chari has often mirrored his mentor’s ministerial style.

Current Legal Issues

Prophet Chari has faced several legal challenges:

  • Assault and Threats: Accusations have been made against him for assaulting Prophetess Haddasah Caroline and issuing threats.
  • Warrant for Arrest: A significant point in his legal troubles includes a warrant issued for his arrest for failing to appear in court.
  • Church Service Confrontation and Accusations: During a service, a confrontation with Prophetess Hadassah led to further disputes, where she alleged that Prophet Chari is a wife beater.
  • Defending Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa: In a notable incident, Prophet Chari defended Prophet Makandiwa by revealing a secret recording. This recording showed Jay Israel and Blessing Muzvongi Mushangwa rehearsing false accusations against Makandiwa, highlighting Prophet Chari’s support for his mentor.

Love for High-End Cars

His affinity for high-end vehicles is a known aspect of his lifestyle, reflecting a certain level of affluence.

Net Worth Estimation

While the exact figure is not publicly available, Prophet Chari’s preference for luxury cars and his roles in various ministries suggest a significant level of wealth.

Public and Media Engagement

Prophet Chari is active on social media, particularly Facebook and YouTube, where he shares his religious teachings and engages with a wide audience.


This comprehensive profile of Prophet Evidence Chari covers his religious leadership, personal life, legal challenges, and public presence. His complex narrative involves balancing spiritual leadership with personal interests and controversies.


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