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Talent Madungwe Biography| Career, Church, Controversy 

Talent Madungwe Biography| Career, Church, Controversy  post thumbnail image

Talent Madungwe Biography| Career, Church, Controversy 

Talent Madungwe is a Zimbabwean spiritual figure who established the Exile Desire of All Nations Ministries. He has made assertions about having experienced visits to heaven and engaging in meetings with the divine.


Talent Madungwe, the eldest child in a family of 10, was born and raised in Shurugwi. He spent his formative years attending Kanwa Primary School.

Throughout his childhood, Madungwe actively participated in the African Apostolic Church, where he began preaching at a young age.


In 2013, Talent Madungwe established the Exile Desire of All Nations Ministries, located in Sunningdale, Harare.

Before embarking on this journey, Madungwe shared that he had a profound encounter with God in 2012, after a period of two years during which he had ceased attending church.

This encounter served as a pivotal moment in his life, leading him to establish his own ministry.

God first visited me in a dream and then a vision. Since then I have regularly had angelic visitations.

“These visits led to my finding of my ministry and calling as I was anointed as a prophet during the first visits. “I also got the church’s name from these visits.”

Since establishing his own church, Talent Madungwe has claimed to have visited heaven on multiple occasions and even claimed to have had direct encounters with God.

He also asserts that his spiritual father is the biblical figure Daniel from the Old Testament. Madungwe has been quoted as saying that he is meant to carry on where Daniel left off and that he is the chosen one for this task.

Despite his assertions, Madungwe has expressed that many people do not understand or believe in his experiences and mission.


Visiting Heaven Claims

In an interview with a local newspaper, Madungwe revealed that he had experienced his first visit to heaven in the year 2006.

As l was in my prayer room just after midnight on 1 January 2016, an angel came and told me that we were about to embark on a journey to Heaven. Naturally, l was nervous but the angel gave me courage and l obliged. At that moment my body was changed from the physical form into the heavenly body that is able to disappear and reappear. The angel and l immediately appeared in Heaven.

Heaven is very far. l could tell when we got there that we had traveled at an incredible speed. There are three heavens with angels manning the gates,” he says as he stares off into space. The first Heaven has vast storerooms of snow and hailstorms, things that God send to us when we sin. The second Heaven is a beautiful city, the new Jerusalem where beautiful houses are being prepared for the righteous as promised by Jesus.

About twenty types of minerals are being used to build this beautiful city but gold is the dominant one, the roads are pure gold. The city is almost complete. In the third Heaven, there is much activity. I saw the apostles and prophets from the Bible relaxing in paradise.

God was in this third Heaven seated on his throne and was surrounded by innumerable thrones of ‘heavenly delegates’ with the 24 elders and angels Michael, Gabriel and the seraphims closer to Him, continuously worshipping Him.

We have sinned and God shall reject the world. I was commissioned to be a prophet of all nations and lead the world when we enter into that season of exile, which is very near now. I will announce to the world when we get to that time. Soon after the short exile, we will have the second coming.

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