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Tazvi Mhaka Biography | Profile, Philanthropy, Ginimbi

Tazvi Mhaka Biography | Profile, Philanthropy, Ginimbi post thumbnail image

Joseph Tazvi Mhaka, also known as ‘Chief J’ is a Zimbabwean entrepreneur and socialite who gained recognition for his flamboyant lifestyle and active presence on social media. Mhaka has made headlines for both his business endeavours and controversial activities.


Tazvi Mhaka runs Cedar Petroleum and owns a haulage truck company. His company imports fuel from Mozambique and supplies it to customers in DRC. In June 2021, Mhaka opened Cedar Butchery in Kuwadzana.

Philanthropic Contributions 

On May 27, 2021, Mhaka celebrated his birthday by engaging in a humble act of giving back to the community. He blessed the elders in Kuwadzana, Harare, demonstrating his commitment to philanthropy.

It is worth noting that Mhaka has experienced personal controversies. In one instance, he faced extortion threats due to his alleged extramarital affairs. Additionally, in December 2012, Mhaka publicly stated his transformation as a born-again Christian and his commitment to a different lifestyle.

Involvement in Genius Kadungure’s All-White Party

In October 2016, Mhaka attended the renowned all-white party organized by Genius Kadungure in Sandton, South Africa. This event served as a testament to Mhaka’s social connections and involvement in high-profile gatherings.

Legacy and Impact

Joseph Tazvi Mhaka’s life showcases the complexities of wealth, legal troubles, and social influence. His entrepreneurial ventures, extravagant lifestyle, and involvement in controversial activities have drawn significant attention. Mhaka’s story serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the importance of ethical practices and the consequences of fraudulent actions.

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