Zimbabwe Profiles People Thomas Chizhanje Biography: From Social Media to Stardom

Thomas Chizhanje Biography: From Social Media to Stardom

Thomas Chizhanje Biography: From Social Media to Stardom post thumbnail image

Thomas Chizhanje Biography: From Social Media to Stardom

Early Life and Career

Born in 1984, in Harare, Zimbabwe, Thomas Chizhanje developed an interest in comedy and performance from a young age. He attended primary and high school before enrolling at the Midlands State University where he studied for a Bachelor of Commerce in Business Management specialising in Marketing.

Career Breakthrough: Social Media Stardom

Chizhanje, also popularly known as CST for (Chizhanje Samoht Thomas) and Samoht being the reverse of his first name,  first gained recognition on social media, particularly on Facebook, where he shared his comedic skits and humorous content. His natural charisma, quick wit, and engaging personality quickly captured the hearts of Zimbabweans, and he became a household name. Chizhanje’s humorous content has entertained and educated audiences on social issues such as mental health and domestic violence.

Acting Roles

Thomas Chizhanje Biography: From Social Media to Stardom

CST with Ex  Lover Lorraine Guyo(left). Thomas Chizhanje Biography: From Social Media to Stardom-Credit iHarare

Personal Life and Controversies

Chizhanje’s personal life has been the subject of much speculation and controversy.

Thomas Chizhanje Marriage

He was formerly married to Shingai Bianca Muchenje and the two had a son Thomas Jnr Seal. The two’s marriage collapsed and they later divorced after Shingai allegedly cheated with a workmate at Steward bank.

Thomas Chizhanje and Lorraine Guyo

He was also in a relationship with Lorraine Guyo, a fellow Zimbabwean social media personality, and was also her manager. The couple gained significant attention on social media, and their breakup was widely discussed among their followers. Chizhanje was also involved in a public spat with Guyo over control of their shared Facebook page, which caused a media frenzy in Zimbabwe.

In late 2020, Guyo made allegations that Chizhanje had infected her with a sexually transmitted infection, which further fueled the media speculation surrounding their relationship. Chizhanje denied the allegations, and the situation remains unresolved.


Despite the controversies surrounding his personal life, Thomas Chizhanje has become one of Zimbabwe’s most beloved and popular entertainers. His infectious humor and engaging personality have won him legions of fans both in Zimbabwe and around the world. He continues to use his platform to raise awareness about social issues and inspire young people to follow their dreams.


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