Zimbabwe Profiles Local,People Tinotenda “Hatiperi” Matayi Biography | Profile, Career, Fashion, Philanthropy

Tinotenda “Hatiperi” Matayi Biography | Profile, Career, Fashion, Philanthropy

Tinotenda “Hatiperi” Matayi Biography | Profile, Career, Fashion, Philanthropy post thumbnail image

Tinotenda Matayi, popularly known as “Hatiperi,” is a Zimbabwean social media influencer, fashion designer, and the CEO of Hatiperi Official Private Limited Company, specializing in streetwear and corporate wear. He gained recognition for his tweets and Instagram posts about Zimbabwean politics, culture, and lifestyle. Matayi is known for his passion for design and his aim to take his creations beyond borders to expand his clientele base.

Early Life and Education

Hatiperi is a self-taught fashion designer who started his journey in August 2010. Despite lacking formal fashion training, he has developed his skills and expertise through dedication and determination.


Hatiperi Official Private Limited Company:

Matayi is the founder and CEO of Hatiperi Official Private Limited Company, a clothing brand that specializes in streetwear and corporate wear. The company offers a variety of products, including T-shirts, hoodies, caps, and dresses, catering to diverse client preferences. Customer satisfaction is paramount to Matayi, and he ensures that the designs meet clients’ specifications.

Social Media Influencer:

Matayi has gained popularity as a social media influencer, particularly on Twitter and Instagram. He utilizes these platforms to share his thoughts, opinions, and experiences about Zimbabwean culture, politics, and lifestyle. Through his posts, he engages with his followers and contributes to conversations around important social issues.

Advocacy for Women and Children

Matayi is an advocate for the rights of women and children in Zimbabwe. He uses his influence and platform to raise awareness and support initiatives that promote gender equality and child welfare. His advocacy work demonstrates his commitment to creating a more inclusive and equitable society.

Achievements and Recognition

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Matayi has achieved notable success with his brand, Hatiperi. The clothing line has garnered recognition and a growing customer base locally and internationally.  Hatiperi has dressed acclaimed artists such as Jah Prayzah, Mukudzei “Holy Ten” Chitsama, and Hillary “Hillzy” Ngaakudzwe Chipunza, further establishing his brand’s reputation.

Future Goals and Vision

Matayi aims to expand his fashion brand beyond borders, reaching a wider international audience. He aspires to bring local and international celebrities together through fashion collaborations, showcasing Zimbabwean talent on a global scale. Despite the challenges faced, Matayi remains determined to overcome them and achieve greatness, emphasizing the importance of resilience and faith.

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