Zimbabwe Profiles Local,People Anesu Mushangwe Biography & Profile| Wiki, Age, Education, Cricket Career, Awards, Achievements, Statistics

Anesu Mushangwe Biography & Profile| Wiki, Age, Education, Cricket Career, Awards, Achievements, Statistics

Anesu Mushangwe Biography & Profile

Anesu Mushangwe, a right-hand leg-spinner, born on February 25, 1996, is an eminent figure in the world of international cricket. Her journey from Zimbabwe to international cricket has been a testament to determination, resilience, and an unwavering passion for the sport.  This biography highlights the different facets and provides a concise overview of  the  life and cricket career of Anesu Mushangwe.

Early Life & Education

Hailing from Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe, Mushangwe stumbled upon cricket at the age of 14 as an escape from mandatory athletics classes. Her innate talent quickly caught the eye of Zimbabwe Cricket, paving the way for her cricketing journey.


Anesu Mushangwe Biograpphy Profile

Anesu Mushangwe [Image Credit: Instagram/@mushangweanesu]

How She Got Into Cricket

Despite initial familial reservations regarding her pursuit of cricket over studies, Mushangwe persisted, attending trials for an under-19 tour to South Africa. However, financial constraints and visa issues hindered her early opportunities, pushing her away from cricket for several years. It wasn’t until her time at Midlands State University that her passion for cricket rekindled, leading her to introduce the sport for women at the university level.

Cricket Career Beginnings

Transitioning from medium-paced bowling to her unique style of leg spin due to physical limitations, Mushangwe’s unorthodox technique became her strength. Representing Zimbabwe in international tours, she showcased her talent, contributing significantly to the national team’s performances.

Cricket Stints Abroad

Seeking opportunities beyond Zimbabwe, Mushangwe ventured to England and later Australia, showcasing her skills in various cricket clubs. Her exceptional performances in Australia’s SACA Premier Cricket earned her accolades and recognition, solidifying her status as a standout player.

Awards & Achievements

Her remarkable performances, notably as Glenelg’s leading wicket-taker and receiving accolades at SACA awards ceremonies, underlined her exceptional talent and dedication to the sport. Complementing her on-field success, Mushangwe pursued academic achievements, obtaining degrees in history, international relations, and psychology.


In her illustrious career, Mushangwe has played 21 Twenty20 Internationals for Zimbabwe, amassing 33 wickets at an exceptional economy rate of 3.1.


Anesu Mushangwe’s journey from an accidental cricketer to an international sensation serves as an inspiration, showcasing the power of perseverance and passion in the realm of cricket.


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