Zimbabwe Profiles Guides,Places Beyond Borders: Exploring the Charms of Glendale in Mashonaland Central

Beyond Borders: Exploring the Charms of Glendale in Mashonaland Central

Beyond Borders: Exploring the Charms of Glendale in Mashonaland Central post thumbnail image

Beyond Borders: Exploring the Charms of Glendale in Mashonaland Central

Glendale is a village located in the Mazowe District in Mashonaland Central, Zimbabwe. The name Glendale is comparable to a town in Northumberland, England. The village of Glendale is situated on the banks of the Mazowe River, approximately 60 km north of Harare. The term “Mazowe” is derived from the word “Manzou,” and the local people found it challenging to pronounce for the English speakers.

In the early 1980s, Glendale had a population of 6,076 people. The village is known for its agricultural activities, including the cultivation of maize, groundnuts, sorghum, and the rearing of livestock such as cattle and goats. The Mazowe Citrus Estates, a citrus fruit farm, is located near Glendale. Notable industrial entities in Glendale include the National Railways of Zimbabwe, Cotton Company of Zimbabwe, Glendale Spinners, and the Glendale Iron Duke Mine, which is about 15 km away from Glendale, extracting Iron Pyrites.

Location and GPS Coordinates

Situated within the borders of Mashonaland Central, Glendale is strategically positioned at approximate GPS coordinates of 17.5565° S, 31.0293° E. This places Glendale in a picturesque setting, contributing to its allure.

History of Glendale

The land where Glendale now stands was initially inhabited by the Shona people, specifically the Shona people under Chief Chiweshe. In the period between 1884 and 1902, the British colonialists claimed this territory. They took over the country in 1889 and named it Rhodesia, as documented in Arthur Keppel-Jones’ book. These colonialists were drawn to the region due to its fertile land and the discovery of gold in the area.

During the colonial era, Glendale attracted European farmers, the VaTema people, and laborers from Mozambique, Malawi, and Zambia. However, from the year 2000 onwards, many farms owned by Europeans were seized by the government and redistributed to the VaTema people. Some Europeans remained in Glendale, living in the outskirts of the village.

Size & Population of Glendale

Glendale is a small place in the region of Mashonaland Central in Zimbabwe with a population of approximately 9,768 people and is one of the largest places in Zimbabwe.

Distance from Harare City Centre to Glendale

For those traveling from Harare, Glendale is conveniently accessible. The town is located at a distance of approximately 60 kms from Harare city center, making it a feasible destination for both locals and visitors.

Travel Time from Harare to Glendale

The journey from Harare to Glendale takes an estimated 45 minutes to 1 hour by road. Factors such as traffic conditions and road maintenance can influence travel time, but the town’s accessibility ensures a relatively smooth commute.

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Distance from Glendale to Mutare

If you’re planning to explore further east, Glendale is 322 km away from Mutare. This geographical proximity makes Glendale a strategic point for those traversing the region.

Travel Time from Glendale to Mutare

The travel time from Glendale to Mutare largely depends on the chosen mode of transportation. By road, the journey typically takes 5 to 6 hours, providing insight into the town’s connectivity with other key destinations.

Charms of Glendale in Mashonaland Central

Charms of Glendale in Mashonaland Central | image credit @mazowe rural council page

Glendale Town Council Contact Details

For official inquiries and information about Glendale, the Glendale Town Council serves as a valuable resource.

Schools in Glendale

Education plays a pivotal role in Glendale’s community, with several schools catering to different levels. Notable institutions includes:

  • Taalnet Glendale School
  • Chiriseri Primary School
  • Lady Enereta High School
  • Bradford Private School

Colleges and Universities in or Near Glendale

While Glendale may not have dedicated higher education institutions, its proximity to Harare, Chinhoyi with colleges and universities, ensures that residents have access to tertiary education options.

  • University of Zimbabwe
  • Catholic University of Zimbabwe
  • Midlands State University
  • Chinhoyi University of Technology

Things to Do in Glendale

Glendale’s offerings extend beyond its educational and residential aspects. From cultural experiences to recreational activities, there are various things to do in Glendale. The Mbira Center, Paintball Blitz, provides both residents and visitors with enriching experiences.


Discovering the unique aspects of Glendale adds a layer of intrigue to the town. [Insert interesting facts or trivia] shed light on the town’s distinctiveness.

Weather in Glendale

In Glendale, the wet season is mostly cloudy, the dry season is mostly clear, and it is warm year round. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 51°F to 86°F and is rarely below 47°F or above 92°F.

Based on the beach/pool score, the best time of year to visit Glendale for hot-weather activities is from early September to early November.



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