Zimbabwe Profiles Guides,Local,Places Discover Nyazura: A Hidden Gem in Zimbabwe’s Manicaland Province

Discover Nyazura: A Hidden Gem in Zimbabwe’s Manicaland Province

Discover Nyazura: A Hidden Gem in Zimbabwe’s Manicaland Province post thumbnail image

Discover Nyazura: A Hidden Gem in Zimbabwe’s Manicaland Province

Nyazura, formerly known as Inyazura, is a vibrant town situated in the heart of Manicaland Province, Zimbabwe. As the second largest urban settlement in Makoni District, Nyazura has a rich history, diverse population, and offers a range of amenities for both residents and visitors. This article aims to provide an in-depth look into various aspects of Nyazura, catering to both Zimbabwean locals and those seeking information about this unique town.

Location and GPS Coordinates

Nyazura is strategically located 72 km northwest of Mutare on the main road and railway connecting Harare and Mutare. The town’s GPS coordinates are 18.7135° S, 32.1681° E, placing it in the picturesque landscape of Manicaland Province.

History of Nyazura

In its early days, Nyazura served as a booking-off depot during the era of steam traction. Train crews from Salisbury (now Harare) would book off at Nyazura, while Nyazura-based crews continued the journey towards Umtali (Mutare). With the transition to diesel traction in the 1950s, Nyazura’s role evolved, becoming a service center for commercial farming enterprises. The town’s fortunes fluctuated over the years, but recent developments, including agro-residential plots and a new residential suburb, have injected new life into Nyazura.

Size & Population of Nyazura

According to the 2012 national census, Nyazura had a population of 2,110. However, recent estimates suggest that the town’s population has grown significantly, ranging between 8,000 to 10,000 people. This growth is attributed to various factors, including agro-residential developments and the impact of the land redistribution program.

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Distance from Harare City Centre to Nyazura

Nyazura is located 191 km from Harare along the Harare-Mutare Highway. The driving distance from Harare to Nyazura is approximately 195 km, making it easily accessible by road.

Distance from Nyazura to Mutare

The distance from Nyazura to Mutare is approximately 61 km (38 mi) as the crow flies. This proximity positions Nyazura as a key stopover for heavy load trucks traveling to Mutare from South Africa and Botswana.

Discover Nyazura: A Hidden Gem in Zimbabwe's Manicaland Province

Discover Nyazura: A Hidden Gem in Zimbabwe’s Manicaland Province | image credit @Majestic Valley Lodge page

Travel Time from Harare to Nyazura

The travel time from Harare to Nyazura can vary based on factors such as road conditions and traffic. Typically, the journey takes a few hours, making it a manageable drive from the capital city.

Travel Time from Nyazura to Mutare

The travel time from Nyazura to Mutare depends on the mode of transportation chosen. By road, the journey takes around an hour, emphasizing Nyazura’s strategic location in the region.

Socioeconomic Activity

Nyazura has witnessed significant socioeconomic activity, highlighted by the commissioning of a state-of-the-art hotel and conference facility in September 2021. This facility, equipped with a swimming pool and gazebo, serves as a hub for comfort and relaxation for both locals and visitors.

Schools in Nyazura

Education is a priority in Nyazura, evident from its schools catering to various levels. The town boasts two boarding secondary schools offering A-level classes: the Zimbabwe Foundation for Education with Production (ZIMFEP) run Mavhudzi High School and the Seventh Day Adventist run Nyazura Mission High School. Additionally, there are two boarding primary schools, St Jude’s Primary School and Nyazura Mission Primary School. A day secondary school and an Anglican Church primary school, both named St Stephen’s, contribute to the town’s educational landscape.

Colleges and Universities in or Near Nyazura

While Nyazura may not have dedicated colleges or universities, its proximity to larger educational centers like Mutare provides residents with access to higher education options.

Lodges in Nyazura

Nyazura offers comfortable lodging options for travelers. The Majestic Valley Lodge, a first-class lodge and conference center located close to the Mutare-Harare highway, provides a luxurious stay. Additionally, the town has a hotel and a post office, catering to various needs of residents and visitors.

Things to Do in Nyazura

Nyazura provides a range of activities for residents and visitors alike. The Valley Inn, a fast-food outlet, offers quick bites, while the shopping mall, with its supermarket, pharmacy, surgery, and small shops, caters to diverse needs. The town is also home to Farm and City Centre, offering agricultural and construction materials, and Mega Mart supermarket. For communication needs, Nyazura has a TelOne phone and internet service center, ensuring reliable connectivity.


Nyazura has become a crucial stopover for heavy load trucks en route to Mutare from South Africa and Botswana due to the load limitations of the Birchnough bridge. The town’s police station ensures security, and its role as a transportation hub underscores its significance in the region.

Climate and Average Weather

The climate in Nyazura is characterized by a warm and mostly cloudy wet season and a comfortable and clear dry season. With temperatures typically ranging from 46°F to 83°F, the best times to visit for warm-weather activities are from early April to late May and from early August to late October.

Nyazura Town Council Contact Details

For official inquiries and information about Nyazura, you can contact the Nyazura Town Council. Unfortunately, specific contact details are not available in the provided information, and it is recommended to reach out to local authorities or visit the official council office for accurate information.


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