Zimbabwe Profiles Local,People Admire “Bhutisi” Kuzhangaira Biography | Profile, Career, Family, Comedy, Shows, Awards

Admire “Bhutisi” Kuzhangaira Biography | Profile, Career, Family, Comedy, Shows, Awards

Admire “Bhutisi” Kuzhangaira Biography | Profile, Career, Family, Comedy, Shows, Awards post thumbnail image

Admire Kuzhangaira, also known as Bhutisi, is a Zimbabwean actor, comedian, and filmmaker. He gained recognition through his involvement in the comedy show P.O. Box Reloaded and his work with the organization P.O. Box. Kuzhangaira co-founded P.O. Box with Rolland Lunga (Boss Kedha) and Lucky Aaroni, and later co-founded P.O. Box Reloaded with Lunga.

Admire Kuzhangaira completed his secondary schooling at Chemhondoro High School in Murehwa.

Death Of Mai Sorobhi

Local veteran actress Rhoda Mtembe who played the witty Mai Sorobhi in yesteryear’s drama series Paraffin has died in September 2022. Mtembe succumbed to a stroke at the age of 79. Her grandson, comedian Admire ‘Bhutisi’ Kuzhangaira confirmed the news. He said his grandmother Mai Sorobhi was no more. She was struck twice and as she was recovering she was attacked again. Mai Sorobhi started acting in the 1990s and became a household name playing Mai Sorobhi, wife to the late main character Paraffin in the hit TV series. Mourners are gathered at her Kuwadzana Extension residence in Harare.

Entry into Internet Comedy

Admire’s entry into internet comedy happened unexpectedly. She connected with former classmates from Ziftessa, Lucky Aaroni and Rolland Lunga, who had set up a comedy show called “P.O. Box.” He expressed his interest in joining the team and soon became part of the show. Later, the group evolved into “Bustop TV,” where he played the character “Bhutisi.”

Acting Career

Kuzhangaira pursued his passion for film by training at the Zimbabwe Film and Television School of Southern Africa. His breakthrough came in late 2014 when he teamed up with his co-actor, Boss Kheda, to create the popular video “Boys dzeTonaz aka Hatiuye Ikoko.” This video humorously depicts the lives of Zimbabweans living abroad, highlighting the contrast between the perception of a lavish lifestyle and the challenges they actually face. Kuzhangaira’s talent and contribution to the entertainment industry have established him as a prominent figure in Zimbabwean comedy. Throughout his career, Kuzhangaira and his comedic partner have addressed real-life situations affecting the country through their videos. Some of their notable works include:

  • “Boys dzeTonaz aka Hatiuye Ikoko”
  • “Mubhanditi Bhutisi”
  • “Chaunoda chii”

Cancelled Show

Bhutisi was supposed to share the stage with Guspy Warrior and King Shaddy during the Easter Holiday of 2017 in CapeTown, but the show was cancelled due to poor turnout, which was blamed on weak marketing. Words that went round the social media alleged that Bhutisi was stranded after arriving in Cape Town since there was no one to receive him. It is alleged that a Good Samaritan latter provided Bhutisi with accommodation after King Shaddy and Guspy Warrior were assisted by their South Africa-based friends. In an interview, Bhutisi said it was news to him that people were saying he was stranded in the foreign land. He said he had a wonderful time in Cape Town though the show did not take place.


NAMA 2019 Film and Television Awards

Outstanding Actor
Special Mention : Admire Kuzhangaira (in death and other compilations)

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