Zimbabwe Profiles Local,People Wicknell Chivayo Biography | Age, Children, Education, Personal Life, Gwanda Solar Project, Earnings & Net Worth, Controversies 

Wicknell Chivayo Biography | Age, Children, Education, Personal Life, Gwanda Solar Project, Earnings & Net Worth, Controversies 

Wicknell Chivayo Biography | Age, Children, Education, Personal Life, Gwanda Solar Project, Earnings & Net Worth, Controversies  post thumbnail image

Wicknell Chivayo Biography & Profile

Wicknell Munodaani Chivayo, also known as Sir Wicknell, is a Zimbabwean businessman, entrepreneur, and socialite who has been a prominent figure in the Zimbabwean business scene, known for his controversial ventures and public disputes. He is widely recognized for his ostentatious displays of wealth on social media platforms. Chivayo’s business ventures and controversial associations have garnered significant attention, leading to both admiration and scrutiny.

Age & Date of Birth – How Old Is Wicknell Chivayo?

Wicknell Chivayo was born on November 22, 1982, making him 41 years old as of February 2024. However, Sir Wicknell will be turning 42 years of age in November 2024.

Family – Mother, Father, Sisters

Chivayo was raised by his mother, Canisia Chivayo, in Chivhu’s Gandami area following the death of his father, Isaac Mathias Chivayo, in a car accident when Wicknell was just 10 years old. He has siblings, including a younger sister, Moreblessing Madeline Chivayo, who is popularly known as Moe. Wicknell and Moe have had public disputes in the past which played out on social media. Wicknell and Moe’s mother Canisia died on January 6, 2021.


Wicknell Chivayo Biography | Age, Children, Education, Personal Life, Gwanda Solar Project, Earnings & Net Worth, Controversies 

[Image Credit: Twitter/X – @wicknellchivayo]

Marriage, Lobola, Wife, and Children

Wicknell Chivayo is married to Sonja Madzikanda, with whom he has two children. Their first child, John Chenjera Chivayo, was born in 2018. The couple welcomed their second child, Atarah Minana Chivayo, on March 29, 2019.

Wicknell married and paid lobola for Sonja in July 2017. He reportedly paid US$50,000 lobola. Popular international artist Oliver Mtukudzi serenaded guests at Chivayo’s wedding. Shortly after he married Sonja, Wicknell was involved in a highly publicized spat with his sister Moe after he allegedly took his wife’s side when the two women clashed. Wicknell took to social media to castigate his sister and warned her not to force him to take sides as he would always side with his wife. Posting on social media, Wicknell wrote:

“If she thinks she can control me over someone I sleep with, she is a fool, she’s stupid, these are matters of the heart, I will take my girl any day. She will realize it later in life that she misses me. I asked her why she would want to fight with my girlfriend ‘do you want me to marry her?’ Don’t forget the bedroom power, that whole blood is thicker than water is nothing.”

Early Life and Education

Chivayo attended Dudley Hall Primary School for his early education and later enrolled at Churchill Boys High School for secondary education. Despite reportedly being academically talented, he dropped out of school in 1996 due to financial constraints.

Dropping Out Of School & Early Jobs

After leaving school, Chivayo worked various jobs, including as a wages clerk at a local bus company. He later became involved in illegal money-changing activities before his involvement in fraudulent activities led to a conviction and three-year sentence at Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison from 2004 to 2006.

Business Career

Following his release from prison, Chivayo embarked on a business career that saw him amass significant wealth through various ventures, including energy contracts and other business deals.

Source Of Wealth

Chivayo’s sources of wealth have been the subject of speculation and controversy. He has been linked to numerous government tenders and contracts, including energy projects, which have contributed to his fortune.

Wicknell Chivayo Estimated Earnings and Net Worth

Chivayo’s net worth is difficult to ascertain definitively, but his involvement in multimillion-dollar contracts and business deals suggests a substantial income and considerable wealth. In a February 2024 interview on StarFM, Wicknell Chivayo claimed that he was a centi-millionaire — a wealthy person whose net worth is more than US$100 million.

He also declared that within the next nine years, or even earlier, he would have fulfilled his fate to be a billionaire. The then 41-year-old businessman says he believes in a prophecy he claims was given to him in 1994 that he would reach this milestone. He boldly says it’s a place he will reach, within the next nine years, which means that he has targeted to be a billionaire before or by the age of 50.

Wicknell Chivayo Biography | Age, Children, Education, Personal Life, Gwanda Solar Project, Earnings & Net Worth, Controversies 

[Image Credit: Twitter/X – @wicknellchivayo]


2004 Fraud Conviction & Serving 3 Years In Chikurubi Maximum Prison (2004)

Wicknell Chivayo’s life has been marked by significant legal entanglements, including a notable 2004 fraud conviction. Convicted of theft by false pretenses involving R837,000, Chivayo served a three-year jail term at Chikurubi Maximum Prison. The conviction stemmed from misrepresentation, wherein he purportedly deposited R837,000 into an account in exchange for Z$37.6 million, failing to follow through on the transaction. His incarceration underscores the legal ramifications of his actions and their impact on his personal and professional life.

Gwanda Solar Project & Intratek (Ongoing)

Chivayo’s involvement in the Gwanda Solar Project through Intratek Zimbabwe has been a subject of controversy and scrutiny. Initially awarded a $183 million tender for a 100-megawatt solar plant, the project faced cancellation and subsequent reinstatement in 2015. The tender’s tumultuous journey raised questions about transparency, accountability, and Chivayo’s role within the project. Amid allegations of irregularities and mismanagement, the project’s progression became emblematic of systemic challenges within Zimbabwe’s tendering processes.

Being Sued For $50,000 Following Nasty Feud With Zimpapers Reporter Garikai Mazara (2017)

Chivayo’s contentious relationship with the media came to the fore during a feud with Zimpapers reporter Garikai Mazara in 2017, resulting in legal repercussions. Accused of defamation, Chivayo faced a lawsuit seeking $50,000 in damages after he allegedly insulted Mazara over WhatsApp.

Chivayo allegedly hurled insults and obscenities at Mazara. He allegedly said: “Urimbwa yemunhu unofa uchishupika. (You are a dog and you will die poor).” He also critiqued Mazara’s WhatsApp profile picture, insinuating that he was HIV positive.

“On your profile picture muromo wakafunuka. I’m sure inzara and mapundu ese ayo, asi une Aids?” reads part of the messages. Some of the messages contained unprintable profanities.

Conducting Paternity DNA Tests on Son and Publicizing Results

In a highly publicized episode, Chivayo conducted paternity DNA tests on his first-born son, John Chenjera Chivayo, generating considerable public interest and debate. Chivayo was reportedly forced to conduct the test after people mocked him on social media saying that the baby was not his. The decision to publicize the results of the tests sparked controversy, raising questions about privacy, parental responsibility, and the ethics of leveraging personal matters for public spectacle.

Responding to critics who questioned why he posted the resulteds of the paternity DNA tests, Chivayo said,

I posted a picture of my handsome baby boy here and insulting comments and inbox messages came in thousands – here haasi wako, tarisa maoko ayo, baba vemwana iyeye mukaradhi, iwe 37 years usina mwana saka chimbo mira nyaya yako tinoiziva hauzvare (The child isn’t yours. Look at his hands, the father’s race is coloured. You are 37 years, you’ve no child and we know that you are impotent) and many more you know just how lethal broke people are.

Then I decided to post the DNA results. Again you (Zimbabweans) scream at me again, wanyadzisa mukadzi (you’ve humiliated your wife), why were you doubting in the first place, this and that. Zimbabweans I can’t deal.

It’s only in Zimbabwe where people make a big issue about paternity tests but otherwise, it has become common practice the world over. Especially madzimai emu Zimbabwe, haadi kunzwa nyaya dze ma DNA because maka jaira ku chengetesa varume vana vasiri vavo (women in Zimbabwe don’t want to undergo DNA tests because they are used to having men raising children who aren’t theirs.) Anyway, case closed kana paine arwadziwa (whoever feels pained) tough luck.

Feud With Sister After Wicknell’s Mother Accused Of Bewitching Grandson

In 2021, Wicknell’s younger sister, Moreblessing Madeline Chivayo, popularly known as Moe, made some shocking allegations against his wife Sonja Madzikanda. According to Moe, the bad blood started when Sonja allegedly accused their mother of bewitching their firstborn child John Chenjera Chivayo. Moe insisted that John cannot talk despite being 3-years-old because he suffers from autism and not because he was bewitched.

“She calls my mom a witch hanzi she bewitched that son of hers who’s still not talking. Girl, go to a medical doctor and actually, one with a medical degree and he will tell you your son in autistic. My mother never once set foot kun’anga inzwa inini mwana wavo.”

“Did he start talking on January 6th coz the accused died on that day, why is your son still not talking? Coz zvinonzi kana muroyi afa mushonga hauchashande.”

Moe insisted that she had refrained from publicly attacking Wicknell because he was their mother’s favorite. She went on to say that she had been forced to abandon this when Wicknell’s wife allegedly celebrated their mother’s death, only for Wicknell to defend her.

Social Media Feud with Sister Following Death of Mother

Following the death of Wicknell’s mother, social media became a battleground for familial tensions, culminating in a public feud between Wicknell and his sister Moe. This was after the businessman erected and unveiled a beautiful and imposing tombstone to honor his mother’s memory.

The tombstone has three layers of granite suspended slightly above Canisia Chivayo’s grave and knee-long stoeps on the sides. The grave has four pillars holding a massive granite above, providing a shade to Canisia’s resting place. However, Wicknell Chivhayo’s sister Madeline was incensed by her brother’s flagrant show of extravagance. She scolded him on her Instagram Stories for wanting to show her love when she was dead and not when she was alive.

She posted,

“Disrespected tf outta my nigga when she was still alive now moda kuvaka ma upstairs kumakuva. Please spare me the BS!!! Tombstones don’t mean nothing to me… Nyangwe mukatenga tombstone re gold. Give me my flowers when I’m still alive kwete kuda kuonekwa onekwa kumakuva.”

Sponsoring The Zimbabwe Warriors National Football Team

In December 2015, it was announced by then ZIFA president Philip Chiyangwa that Chivayo had agreed to sponsor the Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) US$1 million. The funds were to be paid “progressively during the ZIFA president’s tenure” with some of the immediate payments going to cover the outstanding salary of former Warriors head coach Tom Saintfiet who was owed over $100 000. Chivayo subsequently promised to secure the National Team coach, Callisto Pasuwa a vehicle, which he bought in January 2016. He also promised to ensure that with the sponsorship money, Pasuwa’s salary would be covered adequately.

However, Wicknell Chivayo later pulled out of sponsoring the Warriors after a report in the Sunday Mail claimed that Warriors head coach Callisto Pasuwa had not been paid since getting a ZIFA contract.

In a long statement on Facebook, Chivayo slammed the reporter as being foolish and overzealous who needs psychiatric attention. Part of the statement on his Facebook page read:

“I was very disappointed to read this article yesterday in the Sunday Mail suggesting I have failed to honor my commitment to pay the coach’s salary.

“THIS OFFICIALLY MARKS THE END of my sponsorship for the WARRIORS for 2016. It takes a lot of love to spend 600 thousand dollars on people you don’t know or are even related to so you will all appreciate my reasons for reacting this way in the circumstances.

“I can’t tolerate ungrateful people and i will never take this type of rubbish in my life. It’s a different thing if I wasn’t paying their bills and giving them money immediately upon request. However having said that as a gesture and as a level-headed person I will go ahead and set up the escrow account today and make PASUWA’S one year salary is secured.”

However, Pasuwa later on went 9 months without receiving his salary. ZIFA benefactor Wicknell Chivayo who had promised to take care of Pasuwa’s salary has not been fulfilling his obligation according to Newsday along with other commitments.


Wicknell Chivayo Biography | Age, Children, Education, Personal Life, Gwanda Solar Project, Earnings & Net Worth, Controversies 

Dj Masomere, Wicknell Chivayo and Sabhuku Vhararazipi [Image Credit: Twitter/X]

Sponsoring Actors and Musical Artists With Cars Following Zanu-PF 2023 Election Win

Chivayo gifted cars as well as cash to actors and musicians following the Zanu-PF party’s electoral victory in 2023. Some of the artists who benefited from the cars or cash from Sir Wicknell include:

  • DJ Masomera
  • Chief Hwenje
  • Sabhuku Vharazipi, Chairman, and Ambuya Mai John
  • Fantan
  • Sandra Ndebele
  • Jah Prayzah
  • Sulumani Cimbetu
  • Mathias Mhere
  • Diana Samkange
  • Seh Calaz
  • Andy Muridzo

Sir Wicknell also gifted cars 50 Toyota Aqua vehicles to Johanne Masowe apostolic sect congregants, a white garment religious church he attends as well as StarFM radio personalities Tinashe Chikuse and Phatisani Sibanda. This gesture came after Chivayo’s appearance on Chikuse and Sibanda’s popular Champions League Breakfast Show on CapitalkFM. During the show, the duo engaged Chivayo with a wide range of questions, covering topics such as his sources of income, personal background, and the criteria he uses to select recipients for his car gifts.

2024 ZACC Investigation Into Wicknell Chivayo Over “Unexplained Wealth”

The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) was reported to be conducting an investigation into the source of Wicknell Chivayo’s wealth, particularly focusing on his acquisitions of luxurious vehicles and other significant expenditures. This investigation was reportedly initiated in May 2023. A leaked memo revealed concerns within ZACC about Chivayo’s activities, including the purchase of luxurious vehicles for himself, his spouse, and members of his church congregation. ZACC also executed search and seizure warrants at two car dealerships in Harare in relation to these purchases.

Furthermore, the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) found discrepancies regarding tax payments from IMC Plant Hire (Pvt) Ltd, a company linked to Chivayo, which had imported several luxury vehicles. ZACC also probed Chivayo’s acquisition of a property in the Crowhill neighborhood of Harare.

Chivayo responded to the investigation on social media, asserting that his wealth was a blessing from God and questioning the need for illicit activities to acquire it. He also criticized ZACC for scrutinizing his philanthropic acts, such as providing vehicles to church congregants and others.


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