Zimbabwe Profiles Local,People Calvin Mangena Biography: Age, Early Life, Musical Career, iHulumende, Amapiano

Calvin Mangena Biography: Age, Early Life, Musical Career, iHulumende, Amapiano

Calvin Mangena Biography: Age, Early Life, Musical Career, iHulumende, Amapiano post thumbnail image


Calvin Mangena is a Zimbabwean Gospel and Amapiano artist known for his versatility and contributions to the local music scene. He has garnered attention and acclaim for his work, particularly for his involvement in the collaborative track “iHulumende,” featuring various prominent Zimbabwean musicians.

Mangena’s dedication to his craft and exploration of different musical genres have marked his career as he strives to significantly impact the music industry.

Age & Date of Birth

Calvin Mangena is 22 years old as of 2023. His exact date of birth is unknown.

Early Life and Career

Calvin Mangena’s journey in music began with a strong belief in his talent. Growing up, he received encouragement from those around him who recognized his musical abilities. Singing became his true passion, and he set out to build his own brand in the music industry.


Calvin Mangena

Musical Career

Calvin Mangena is an up-and-coming Zimbabwean Amapiano singer. He is part of Solydfactory by Solyd the Plug, an initiative that helps new artists grow their careers by providing advice and guidance.

Mangena has always been passionate about music and singing. Growing up, people often told him he was talented, which inspired him to pursue a career as a musician. He started his music journey a few years ago in 2018 and officially ventured into the industry to build his own brand.

During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Mangena used the time to think about his brand’s future. He credits the pandemic with helping him open up digitally. Mangena has said the key lessons for fellow artists are to never quit and be the best version of yourself.

Collaborative Work – “iHulumende”

One of Calvin Mangena’s notable achievements in his music career is his participation in the collaboration titled “iHulumende.” This track features an impressive lineup of Zimbabwean artists, including Nutty O, Holy Ten, Voltz JT, Mkiller, Brian Jeck, Michael Magz, Sainfloew, Kae Chaps, and Bling4. Calvin Mangena contributed to the track with his captivating vocals and native Ndebele verses.

Musical Style and Amapiano

Calvin Mangena has explored various genres in his musical journey. He is known for his versatility and has recently ventured into the Amapiano genre. His track “Ama German Tanker” is a testament to his ability to adapt to different styles and create music that resonates with a wide audience.

Style & Influences

Mangena’s brand motto is “insizwa engena kube’nontshintsho,” which means “a humble heart that brings change.” As an up-and-coming artist trying to break new ground, he experiments with different genres, including Amapiano and Gospel.

Some of Mangena’s musical influences are visible in the singles he has released so far, including “Tora,” “Thelu’lwazi,” “Ngak’kholelwa,” “Imizwa,” “Indlela,” and “Ama German Tanker.” His song “Ama German Tanker” embraces the popular Amapiano sound and pays homage to beer drinkers.

Impact & Recognition

At just 20 years old, Mangena is establishing himself in Zimbabwe’s competitive music industry. As part of Solydfactory, he receives valuable mentorship and support to help guide his budding career. Mangena continues to develop his musical identity and expand his fanbase.


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