Zimbabwe Profiles Local,People Gladys Chingoka Biography| Care Work Agency, Home Support Services, Slave-Like Wages, Exploitation of Zimbabweans, Dual Pay Slips, Poor Accommodation

Gladys Chingoka Biography| Care Work Agency, Home Support Services, Slave-Like Wages, Exploitation of Zimbabweans, Dual Pay Slips, Poor Accommodation

Gladys Chingoka Biography| Care Work Agency, Home Support Services, Slave-Like Wages, Exploitation of Zimbabweans, Dual Pay Slips, Poor Accommodation post thumbnail image

Gladys Chingoka

Gladys Chingoka, a British citizen and the owner of Home Support Services, a home care agency operating in the United Kingdom, has been embroiled in a controversy regarding the alleged mistreatment of her employees and deceptive practices related to job seekers, particularly care workers from Zimbabwe.

Born in Zimbabwe, Chingoka has faced accusations of paying her workers well below recommended wages and subjecting them to poor working conditions. This article delves into her background, the controversy surrounding her agency, and her involvement in the Methodist Church.

Background and Controversy

Gladys Chingoka has come under scrutiny for her management of Home Support Services, a company specializing in providing care for adults with dementia, learning disabilities, and physical disabilities. Despite the promises of better employment opportunities, improved salaries, and favourable working conditions, many of her workers, primarily Zimbabweans who were flown to the UK, have allegedly been subjected to harsh treatment.

Slave-Like Wages and Exploitation

Allegations against Chingoka suggest that she has paid her employees as little as £150 per month, a stark contrast to the recommended wages for care assistants in the UK. The average salary for such a role should range between £17,000 and £19,000 per year, according to industry statistics. This revelation raises concerns about exploitation and unfair labour practices within her agency.

Chingoka’s workers, who were reportedly promised contracts entailing 39 to 40 hours of work per week, find themselves earning as little as £1 per hour based on the work they complete throughout the month. Moreover, it has been claimed that Chingoka threatens her employees with deportation if they attempt to expose the alleged mistreatment they endure.

Gladys Chingoka

[Image Credit: Facebook/Gladys Chingoka]

Dubious Financial Practices

Reports have emerged suggesting that Chingoka created dual-pay slips for her workers—one for government agencies and another for employees. This practice raises questions about the transparency and legality of her financial operations.

Poor Accommodation and Restrictions

Chingoka has also been accused of providing substandard accommodation for her employees and preventing them from seeking secondary employment opportunities. These alleged actions contribute to an environment of economic vulnerability and dependency.



Professional Involvement

Business Ventures

Gladys Chingoka’s professional background includes her role as a director of two companies: Greencare 23 Limited and Home Support Services. She has been the director at Home Support Services for eight years and was appointed director of Greencare 23 Limited two years ago. These companies, both registered in the UK, operate in the domain of home care services. Her husband, Elliot Chingoka, also helps manage Home Support Services.


Grace Chingoka and her husband Elliot Chingoka

[Image Credit: Facebook/ Gladys Chingoka]

Involvement in the Methodist Church

Chingoka’s public identity extends beyond her business ventures. She is noted for her involvement in the Methodist Church, where she holds the position of an accredited preacher. This affiliation contrasts with allegations of mistreatment made against her.

Devotion and Commitment

On her Facebook page, Chingoka describes her commitment to building the church of God. Despite the contrast between her stated commitment and allegations of ill-treatment by her agency’s employees, Chingoka expresses a deep sense of devotion to her faith and to advancing the Kingdom of God.


Gladys Chingoka’s story is one that encompasses both her business endeavours and her involvement in the Methodist Church. The controversy surrounding her agency, Home Support Services, sheds light on the challenges faced by some of her workers and raises broader questions about labour practices and fairness within the care industry. Her identity as a British citizen with Zimbabwean roots, coupled with her position as a preacher in the Methodist Church, adds complexity to her narrative. As debates continue about the treatment of workers within her agency, Chingoka’s legacy is likely to be defined by both her business practices and her role within her faith community.



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