Zimbabwe Profiles Guides,Places Centenary Unveiled: Discovering the Allure of Zimbabwe’s Hidden Gem

Centenary Unveiled: Discovering the Allure of Zimbabwe’s Hidden Gem

Centenary Unveiled: Discovering the Allure of Zimbabwe’s Hidden Gem post thumbnail image

Centenary Unveiled: Discovering the Allure of Zimbabwe’s Hidden Gem

Centenary, nestled in the Mashonaland Central province of Zimbabwe, is a village steeped in history and rural charm. This picturesque locale gained international attention on June 21, 2001, as it became a pilgrimage site for enthusiasts seeking to witness the total solar eclipse a rare celestial event that graced only a few areas of Zimbabwe.

The Weather in Centenary

In Centenary, the wet season is humid and mostly cloudy, the dry season is windy and mostly clear, and it is warm year round. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 51°F to 85°F and is rarely below 47°F or above 92°F.

Based on the beach/pool score, the best time of year to visit Centenary for hot-weather activities is from mid September to mid November.

Location and GPS Coordinates of Centenary

Centenary is strategically located at 16.7294° S, and 31.1166° E, making it a pivotal point within Zimbabwe. This central positioning contributes to its accessibility and connectivity to neighboring regions, fostering economic and cultural exchanges.

History of Centenary

Established in 1952 from virgin bushland, Centenary has grown into a vibrant agricultural district, initially dedicated to tobacco production. The aromatic qualities of Centenary’s tobacco garnered prominence, contributing significantly to the region’s development. Funds generated from tobacco cultivation facilitated the construction of vital infrastructure, including roads, schools, clinics, and administrative buildings in Centenary Township.

The governance of Centenary falls under the jurisdiction of the Muzarabani Rural District Council, led by its Chief Executive Officer. The council plays a pivotal role in community development by collecting levies from farmers and businesses. These funds are utilized to enhance amenities, reflecting the commitment to sustainable growth within the region.

Centenary boasts an active and skilled labor force, largely employed by the government through the District Administrator’s office in the government complex. The low unemployment rate is attributed to widespread employment opportunities on large commercial farmlands. Notable farmlands within a ten-kilometer radius, such as Mwonga farm, Sable heights, and those in the Msengezi area, contribute to the economic vitality of the region.

The township of Gatu serves as the primary center for both formal and informal businesses, offering a platform for farmers to sell their horticultural produce. Business activities in Gatu commence as early as 6 am CAT and extend until 8 pm CAT. The introduction of the multi-currency system has seen the US dollar circulate more frequently than the local currency, shaping the local economic landscape.

While the post office provides forex bureau de exchange services, the financial infrastructure in Centenary is relatively modest. The absence of commercial banks is compensated by mobile money transfer agents registered for the business, offering convenient financial services to the local community.

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Size & Population of Centenary

Centenary District spans a population of 121,127 people, hosting a diverse population engaged in various livelihoods. Understanding the size and demographics of Centenary provides valuable insights into the community’s composition and dynamics.

Distance from Centenary District to Harare City Centre

Centenary’s proximity to Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital, is a crucial aspect of its regional significance. The distance from Centenary’s city center to Harare is approximately 233 kilometers, fostering economic and social interactions between the town and the capital.

Travel Time from Centenary to Harare

For those contemplating a journey from Centenary to Harare, travel time considerations are vital. Whether by car, the journey typically takes around 3-4 hours, facilitating efficient planning for residents and visitors.

Centenary Unveiled: Discovering the Allure of Zimbabwe's Hidden Gem

Centenary Unveiled: Discovering the Allure of Zimbabwe’s Hidden Gem

Distance from Centenary to Mutare

Exploring Centenary’s connections to other cities, the distance from Centenary to Mutare is 406.9 kilometers. This geographical link plays a role in regional trade, cultural exchange, and the town’s broader connectivity.

Travel Time from Centenary to Mutare

Traversing the distance from Centenary to Mutare involves a journey of approximately 5-6 hours, depending on the chosen mode of transportation. This information aids those navigating the region, ensuring seamless travel planning.

Centenary Rural District Council Contact Details

Open communication with local authorities is essential for residents and businesses. The Centenary City Council contact details are as follows:

  • Centenary Address: Muzarabani Rural District
  • Phone: +263 66 2102237
  • Email: (Hidden)

Schools in Centenary

Education is a cornerstone of Centenary’s community, with several schools offering quality learning opportunities. Notable institutions include:

  • Bare Secondary School
  • Chakanetsa School
  • Chaona School
  • Chawarura Secondary School
  • Chiripiro Secondary School
  • Gatu Primary School
  • Hoya Primary School
  • Hoya Secondary School

Colleges and Universities in or Near Centenary

Higher education options near Centenary include:

  • University of Zimbabwe
  • Zimbabwe Open University
  • Mutare Teachers College

Lodges in Centenary

Accommodation options in Centenary cater to visitors with various preferences. Noteworthy lodges include:

  • Mavhuradonha Wilderness Eco Lodge

Things to Do in Centenary

Centenary offers a range of activities to suit diverse interests. Whether exploring local markets, historical sites, or engaging in cultural events, there’s always something to do in Centenary. These experiences contribute to the town’s vibrancy and cultural richness.


Uncover fascinating trivia about Centenary, such as unique cultural practices, historical landmarks, or notable personalities. Trivia adds an extra layer of depth to one’s exploration of this captivating town.


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