Zimbabwe Profiles Guides,Local,Places Chimanimani Mountains: Nature’s Tapestry on the Zimbabwe-Mozambique Border

Chimanimani Mountains: Nature’s Tapestry on the Zimbabwe-Mozambique Border

Chimanimani Mountains: Nature’s Tapestry on the Zimbabwe-Mozambique Border post thumbnail image


Welcome to the breathtaking Chimanimani Mountains, nestled on the border of Zimbabwe and Mozambique. This guide aims to provide detailed insights into this magnificent region, catering to both Zimbabweans and international enthusiasts. From climate details to historical perspectives, we’ve got you covered.

The Weather

Discover the diverse climate of Chimanimani, influenced by orographic precipitation. The summer rainy season from November to March contrasts with the generally drier western slopes. Average temperatures range from 22º C in the lowlands to under 18º C in the high mountains, with frosts occurring above 1500 meters.

Location and GPS Coordinates

Situated in the Chimanimani District of Zimbabwe’s Manicaland Province and Sussundenga District of Mozambique’s Manica Province, the mountains boast spectacular views. GPS Coordinates: Latitude-19.7333 degrees Longitude 32,95 degrees .


Explore the rich history of Chimanimani, from ancient Ndau communities to the Anglo-Portuguese Treaty of 1891. Learn how the mountains became a battleground during the Rhodesian Bush War and the lingering impact of landmines.

Size and population

Chimanimani’s vastness is evident in its quartzite ridges, towering peaks like Monte Binga (2,436 m), and extensive grasslands and woodlands. The Chimanimani National Park and Mozambique’s Chimanimani National Reserve form the Chimanimani Transfrontier Conservation Area.

Distance from Harare City Centre to Chimanimani Mountains

For those journeying from Harare, the capital city, brace yourself for a scenic 5-hour drive (approximately 337 kilometers).

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Distance from Chimanimani Mountains to Binga

For those curious about remote destinations, Chimanimani to Binga showcases Zimbabwe’s geographical diversity.Chimanimani and Binga, another captivating Zimbabwean destination, is roughly 850 kilometers, translating to a 12-hour road trip.


Chimanimani Mountains Town Council Contact Details

The Chimanimani Mountains

Town Council can be reached at +263 252 2562 for inquiries.

Educational Institutions

Chimanimani Mountains in Zimbabwe is known for its scenic beauty, but it’s not a major hub for educational institutions. The focus in this area is primarily on nature and tourism. If you have specific educational needs, you may need to look towards larger towns or cities in Zimbabwe for academic institutions.

Accommodations: Lodges Available


  • The Highlands Chimanimani: This exclusive retreat offers five individually designed and decorated suites, each with its own fireplace and private balcony overlooking the mountains. There’s also a swimming pool, a spa, and a library for guests to enjoy. Highlands Chimanimani lodge in Chimanimani Mountains zimbabwe


  • Frog & Fern Cottages: This collection of self-catering cottages is located in the heart of the Chimanimani National Park,offering stunning views and easy access to hiking trails. Choose from a variety of cottages, each with its own unique charm and character.
  • Heaven Lodge: This lodge offers a variety of accommodation options, from private rooms to dorms and camping, making it a great choice for budget-conscious travelers. There’s also a restaurant, bar, and swimming pool on site.

Things to do

Explore exciting activities in Chimanimani, from guided walks to boat rides. Fishing, game viewing, and scenic viewpoints await adventure enthusiasts.

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Uncover interesting trivia about Chimanimani, from endemic plant species to historical landmarks. Did you know [Insert Fun Fact]?


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