Zimbabwe Profiles Local,News Harare Residents Warned to Evacuate as Massive Floods Threaten Low-Lying Areas

Harare Residents Warned to Evacuate as Massive Floods Threaten Low-Lying Areas

Harare Residents Warned to Evacuate as Massive Floods Threaten Low-Lying Areas post thumbnail image

City of Harare Warns Residents: Evacuate as Massive Floods Predicted


The Mayor of the city of Harare, Councillor Jacob Mafume, has issued a stark warning to residents amidst the relentless downpour engulfing the city. The call is for immediate evacuation, specifically targeting households in low-lying zones, specifically areas like Budiriro Paddocks and Kuwadzana Paddocks, following predictions for massive floods.

“As heavy rains pound Harare, residents in these vulnerable areas face an imminent threat from massive floods,” urged Mayor Mafume in a statement released by the City of Harare. He emphasized the urgency of the situation, prompting swift action to ensure residents’ safety.

People living in the affected areas are usually victims of land barons who parcel out pieces of land on wetlands deemed unfit for housing.

Recent Tragic Incidents Fuel Alarm

The urgency behind the evacuation notice stems from recent devastating events. Just last week, the city witnessed two heartbreaking fatalities in Highfield and Budiriro.

A tragic incident in Budiriro claimed the life of a six-year-old boy who was tragically swept away by the surging floods. His lifeless body was recovered five kilometres away, casting a sombre light on the dangers posed by the intensifying weather conditions.

Last week, also, a number of residents were marooned in intense flooding while about 15 houses built on wetlands were submerged in water in Harare’s Budiriro high density suburb following incessant rains which caused massive flooding.


Harare Residents Warned to Evacuate as Massive Floods Threaten Low-Lying Areas

Homes built on wetlands were submerged in floods in Budiriro [Image Credit: Zimlive]

City of Harare’s Directives and Response

The City of Harare, through its official social media channels, amplified Mayor Mafume’s warning, reiterating the imperative need for residents in vulnerable zones to evacuate promptly. The announcement stressed the critical nature of the situation and urged immediate compliance with the evacuation directives to avert further tragedies.

The civic authorities have mobilised emergency response teams to assist residents in the affected areas, aiming to ensure a swift and safe evacuation process. Efforts are underway to provide necessary support and guidance to affected households, prioritising their safety during this crisis.

In the evacuation warning shared on social media, the City of Harare wrote,

As heavy rains pound Harare, His Worship the Mayor, Cllr Jacob Mafume has called on residents with houses on low lying areas like Budiriro Paddocks area, Kuwadzana Paddocks area and all other low lying areas to evacuate their houses as massive floods have been predicted.


Urgent Action Required

The impending threat of extensive floods in Harare has prompted an urgent plea from the city’s Mayor for residents in vulnerable areas to evacuate immediately. The recent loss of lives in Budiriro and Highfield serves as a poignant reminder of the perilous conditions brought about by the relentless rains.

The City of Harare continues its efforts to ensure the safety of its residents, urging swift compliance with evacuation directives as a crucial measure to prevent further tragedies in the face of this impending natural disaster.

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