Zimbabwe Profiles Local,News Flee To Where: City of Harare’s Evacuation Warning Ahead Of Floods Sparks Social Media Uproar

Flee To Where: City of Harare’s Evacuation Warning Ahead Of Floods Sparks Social Media Uproar

Flee To Where:  City of Harare’s Evacuation Warning Ahead Of Floods Sparks Social Media Uproar post thumbnail image

Harare on Edge: Mayor’s Urgent Call for Evacuation Amidst Looming Floods Ignites Uproar


In response to the relentless downpour in Harare, Mayor Councillor Jacob Mafume issued a compelling call urging residents in low-lying zones like Budiriro Paddocks and Kuwadzana Paddocks to evacuate promptly. The evacuation warning by the City of Harare, prompted by the looming threat of severe floods, has sparked uproar from Zimbabweans across social media platforms.

“Massive floods have been predicted,” Mayor Mafume cautioned, addressing the gravity of the situation. “Residents in vulnerable areas must evacuate as a precautionary measure.”

The urgency of this warning stems from recent tragic incidents. The City of Harare highlighted,

“We’ve witnessed heartbreaking losses in Highfield and Budiriro. The loss of a young life due to flooding deeply saddens us all.”

The recent case of a six-year-old boy swept away by floodwaters in Budiriro, whose body was discovered miles away, serves as a grim reminder of the devastating impact of these floods.

Social Media Outcry and Seeking Clarity

The evacuation notice has prompted an outpouring of queries and anxieties on social media. Some residents demanded concrete relocation plans and immediate assistance for evacuees.

Jabulani Chibaya’s concern was vocalized,

“Where should they relocate to?  What assistance is the city offering? Is EMA, Civil Protection and relevant rescue  teams going to chip in. This is a very serious matter, message should come with clear direction and assistance.”

LeeRick echoed similar sentiments, expressing dissatisfaction with the current communication,

“Evacuate vachiendepi, what measures hs council put in place to acomodate them. Moda vauye vazare mutwn here nezvidziyo zvavo. Any centres arranged to hold the evacuees. Mudzei asangonakidzwa nekutaura zvisina musoro. Without sheltering these people @JMafume is saying nothing.”


Mwana waMambo questioned,

“Your Worship so vanhu voendepi? Can you come up with comprehensive solution to the problem? Other areas dams of water are all over… what is City of Harare doing about drainage system?”

Diverse Opinions and Calls for Action

The situation has generated mixed reactions within the community. Some, like Negus Tai-pan and KondeAfrika, question the rationale behind permitting housing in flood-prone areas.

“This is foolish why did City of Harare allow them to build houses there? So essentially every year when it rains they must evacuate? questioned Negus Tai-pan. “Does this make sense?”

KondeAfrika echoed a similar sentiment, suggesting,

“So every rain season they must evacuate. City must relocate these people. This place is not safe.”

Contrasting opinions emerged, emphasizing the need for improved infrastructure rather than immediate mass evacuations.

“Let’s fix drainage structures and assess from there,” stressed Malume. “Rain season is once a year, but the damage caused is a lifetime in Harare.”

Moving Forward Amidst Uncertainty

As the community remains divided on the best approach, the City of Harare faces mounting pressure to provide swift solutions. Clear communication, efficient shelter arrangements, and long-term strategies to address recurring challenges are imperative in navigating this critical situation.

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