Zimbabwe Profiles Local,People Comic Elder Biography| Profile, Wiki, Real Name, Real Age, ‘Takutongo Risker’ Fame

Comic Elder Biography| Profile, Wiki, Real Name, Real Age, ‘Takutongo Risker’ Fame

Comic Elder Biography| Profile, Wiki, Real Name, Real Age, ‘Takutongo Risker’ Fame post thumbnail image

Comic Elder Biography & Profile

Comic Elder, born Leroy Zaware, is a rising Zimbabwean comedian known for his viral skits and sharp wit. His ascent to fame came with the release of the uproarious “Takutongo Risker” comic skit released ahead of the 2023 Festive season, which swiftly propelled him into the national limelight. Zaware’s comedic style, rooted in everyday life experiences and laced with humour, resonates strongly with audiences, particularly on social media platforms.  This biography provides a concise overview of  the life and career of Comic Elder.

Real Name

Comic Elder’s real name is Leroy Zaware.

Age & Date of Birth

Comic Elder’s date of birth is not available in publicly available documents.  However, according to a December 2023 interview, he was 21 years old at the time.

Early Life & Education

Zaware’s upbringing in Budiriro significantly shaped his comedic perspective. The vibrant yet challenging dynamics of the ghetto life inspired him to delve into comedy, drawing from the rich tapestry of experiences, both positive and challenging, within the community.

How He Got Into Comedy

Influenced by the eclectic nature of “ghetto culture,” Zaware found his calling in comedy. He observed the myriad of occurrences within the community and channelled these observations into his skits. His keen eye for the nuances of everyday life, infused with humour, formed the foundation of his comedic journey.


Zaware soared to prominence with the release of the widely celebrated “Takutongo Risker” skit. This comical narrative, revolving around a daring plan involving a modest budget for a festive family meal, struck a chord with audiences, swiftly elevating him to national recognition.


Comic Elder Biography Profile Age Real Name

Comic Elder [Image Credit: Facebook/Comic Elder & Friends]

Estimated Earnings & Net Worth

Specific details regarding Comic Elder’s earnings and net worth remain undisclosed.

Career Outlook

The comedian’s future appears promising, marked by an influx of performance invitations for weddings and various social events. With aspirations to expand his brand internationally, Zaware aims to follow in the footsteps of renowned African comedians penetrating global markets.

Influences & Advocacy

Zaware remains deeply rooted in his community and uses his platform to address pertinent issues. He draws inspiration from the ghetto life for his skits while advocating against substance abuse among youths. His advice to young people emphasises pursuing aspirations and steering clear of detrimental habits.


Comic Elder Videos & Comedy Skits

Festive Season – “Takutongo Risker”

“Phone Yangu”

Baba Rejo Vatanga


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