Zimbabwe Profiles Local,People Daisy Mtukudzi Biography | Profile, Age, Marriage, Inheritance, Career, Robbery

Daisy Mtukudzi Biography | Profile, Age, Marriage, Inheritance, Career, Robbery

Daisy Mtukudzi Biography | Profile, Age, Marriage, Inheritance, Career, Robbery post thumbnail image

Daisy Kudzai Mtukudzi is a Zimbabwean businesswoman and the widow of Oliver Mtukudzi, a renowned musician. She played an essential role in supporting her husband’s career and has been actively involved in the Zimbabwean music industry.


Daisy is 64 years old.

Early Life and Family

Daisy Mtukudzi was born on 2 February 1959. She had two children with Oliver Mtukudzi: Samantha Mtukudzi and Sam Mtukudzi, who tragically passed away. Additionally, Daisy has a daughter named Faith Kadzura from a previous relationship.

Marriage to Oliver Mtukudzi

Daisy’s relationship with Oliver Mtukudzi began while he was still married to his first wife, Melody Murape. Oliver Mtukudzi paid lobola for Daisy while he was still married to Murape. However, their relationship faced challenges over the years, including paternity disputes and a period of divorce.

Inheritance and Financial Challenges

According to a one-page Will and Testament, Oliver Mtukudzi bequeathed all his properties and companies to Daisy. However, in August 2021, she revealed that she was facing financial difficulties. Daisy clarified that her late husband did not leave her any money and that she was struggling to complete the execution of his estate due to a lack of funds. Despite the challenges, she remains determined to honor Oliver Mtukudzi’s legacy.

Music Career and Performances

Daisy Mtukudzi had occasional involvement in the music industry. In 2017, she made a cameo appearance at the Harare International Festival of the Arts (Hifa). Her stage performance during the Tuku and Friends concert was met with criticism as she sang off-key. She collaborated with Oliver Mtukudzi on the song “Haasi Masanga,” which was released in 2016. It was their first collaboration since their marriage.

Personal Incident and Robbery

In 2014, Daisy Mtukudzi experienced a traumatizing incident when she was driving and robbers smashed the window of her car, snatching her handbag. She lost valuables, including $1,500 and a mobile phone. The incident occurred in Harare while she was returning from a marriage ceremony for Alick Macheso’s daughter.

Family Controversy and Property Disputes

After the passing of Oliver Mtukudzi and their son Sam, conflicts arose among family members regarding property inheritance. Daisy became the sole beneficiary of Oliver Mtukudzi’s estate, as indicated in a one-page will filed by a law firm. This exclusion of Oliver Mtukudzi’s children and other family members led to disputes and disagreements over the distribution of his movable and immovable properties.

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