Zimbabwe Profiles Local,People Dhafu Biography & Profile| Real Name, Age, Husband, Children, Education

Dhafu Biography & Profile| Real Name, Age, Husband, Children, Education

Dhafu Biography & Profile| Real Name, Age, Husband, Children, Education post thumbnail image

Dhafu Biography & Profile

Dhafu is the stage name of a Zimbabwean comedienne known for her hilarious social media and YouTube skits which she often performs under the banner of Naiza Boom. She was born and raised in Chitungwiza and comes from a family of three.

Real Name

Dhafu’s real name is Cathy Chapungu.


Her age is not publicly known.


In an interview, Dhafu revealed that she is married but did not disclose the identity of her husband, preferring to keep her personal life private and out of the public eye.


Dhafu is a mother of three children.


Cathy Chapungu attended Chinemberi Primary School for her primary education.  After finishing her primary education, she proceeded to Seke 1 High for her secondary education.

Dhafu Biography & Profile| Real Name, Age, Husband, Children, Education

Cathy “Dhafu” Chapungu [Image Credit: Facebook/Dhafu Official]




Dhafu began pursuing acting in 2018, inspired by societal settings and a desire to be a mirror to society by addressing particular issues and offering solutions in a satirical way. Her skits, which are written by Naiza Boom and feature a cast of talented comedians, are educational, empowering, and provide solutions to common problems faced by many people in Zimbabwe.

Dhafu’s skits have gained widespread popularity on social media, and she is now setting her sights on regional television stations. Her YouTube channel has over 100,000 subscribers, and she has done numerous adverts for well-known brands like Doves, Lafarge, and Senditoo.

Despite her newfound fame, Dhafu remains grounded and says that her acting has not affected her lifestyle. Her friends and family have been supportive, and she considers the comedy sector to be like a family.


Dhafu and her team have made significant contributions to the Zimbabwean entertainment industry, particularly in the comedy sector. Their skits provide a satirical commentary on societal issues and offer practical solutions in a way that is both educational and entertaining. They have gained a large following on social media and have even attracted the attention of major brands for advertising opportunities.

Future Plans

Dhafu is eager to expand her horizons in the coming months, particularly in the areas of regional television and advertising. She and her team are currently resting due to Covid-19 restrictions but have previously shot many episodes that they are releasing periodically to stay relevant in the market.


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