Zimbabwe Profiles Guides,Places Discover Mkwasine: A Journey Through History and Nature

Discover Mkwasine: A Journey Through History and Nature

Discover Mkwasine: A Journey Through History and Nature post thumbnail image

Discover Mkwasine: A Journey Through History and Nature

Nestled in the southeastern part of Zimbabwe, Mkwasine is a farming area that offers a unique blend of history, natural beauty, and a vibrant community. This article aims to provide a detailed and comprehensive profile of Mkwasine, catering to both Zimbabwean locals and global readers interested in exploring the richness of this town.

The Weather in Mkwasine

Mkwasine experiences a tropical climate characterized by distinct wet and dry seasons. The rainy season typically runs from November to March, bringing lush greenery to the region. During this time, temperatures hover between 20°C and 30°C. The dry season, from April to October, is marked by cooler temperatures ranging from 10°C to 25°C. Visitors should plan their trips accordingly, considering the weather conditions that suit their preferences.

Location and GPS Coordinates of Mkwasine

Situated in the Masvingo Province, Mkwasine can be located at approximately 20.6167° S latitude and 31.3833° E longitude. This strategic position places the town within reach of various attractions, making it an ideal destination for those looking to explore the beauty of southeastern Zimbabwe.

History of Mkwasine

Mkwasine stands as one of the expansive hubs for resettled sugar cane farmers in the Southeastern Lowveld of Zimbabwe. Encompassing an impressive size exceeding 11500 hectares, this region is a thriving community for over 500 specialized farmers dedicated to the cultivation and production of sugar cane.

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Size & Population of Mkwasine

As of the latest available data, Mkwasine covers an area of 80 square kilometers. The population, reflective of the town’s significance, stands at approximately 8,000 residents. This figure underscores the town’s status as a hub for both residents and visitors alike.

Distance from Harare City Centre to Mkwasine

For those traveling from Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe, to Mkwasine, the distance is approximately 475 kilometers. The journey, while dependent on various factors such as mode of transportation and road conditions, generally takes around 8-9 hours by car.

Discover Mkwasine: A Journey Through History and Nature

Discover Mkwasine: A Journey Through History and Nature

Distance from Mkwasine to Mutare

If your destination is Mutare, another key city in Zimbabwe, the distance from Mkwasine is 350 kilometers. Travel time varies, taking approximately 6-7 hours by car.

Mkwasine Council Contact Details

For inquiries or assistance, individuals can contact the Mkwasine City Council at the following address:

  • Mkwasine Farmers Association
  • Phone: +263 77 710 5525
  • Email: mkwasinefarmersassociation@gmail.com

Schools in Mkwasine

Education plays a pivotal role in Mkwasine, with several schools catering to the educational needs of the local population. Notable institutions include:

  • Mkwasine Primary School
  • Porepore Primary School
  • Rukope Primary School
  • Chipiwa Primary School
  • Mkwasine Secondary School

Colleges and Universities in or Near Mkwasine

While Mkwasine may not have universities within its boundaries, nearby institutions provide higher education opportunities.

  • University Of Zimbabwe
  • Chinhoyi University Of Technology
  • Masvingo Polytechnic College
  • Masvingo Teachers College

Lodges in Mkwasine

Visitors to Mkwasine can find comfortable accommodations in various lodges. Notable options include:

  • Mkwasine Country Club
  • Jete Club

Things to Do in Mkwasine

Mkwasine offers a plethora of activities for visitors. Whether exploring the golf course, enjoying nature walks through sugarcane plantations, or engaging with the local community, there’s something for everyone. Key attractions include:Mkwasine Golf Course, Mkwasine Country Club, and Jete Club.


  • Mkwasine is renowned for its sugarcane plantations.


History of Mkwasine

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