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Tsumo DzeChiShona Dzinotanga naS

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“Imagine wisdom whispered on the wind, carried through generations by vibrant proverbs.

That’s the essence of “tsumo,” the heart and soul of Shona culture.

These potent expressions transcend language, offering universal truths on life, love, and everything in between.

Prepare to journey into a world where meaning unfolds with each thoughtful pause, where ancient wisdom illuminates the path ahead.”

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Tsumo dzinotanga naS

Tsumo: Picture credit to iHararejobs.com/blog

Tsumo dzinotanga naS:

  1. Simba hairegi chibage: (A lion doesn’t chase after grass) – Aim high and don’t waste your energy on trivial matters.

  2. Shoko harizi hwayo: (A word has no legs) – Consider the impact of your words before speaking, as they can travel far and have lasting consequences.

  3. Sekuru haanyengedzwe nemhuka: (An elder cannot be fooled by an animal) – Experience and wisdom allow you to see through the deception.

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  4. Shungu dzinenge munyati wemusango: (Desire is like a wild buffalo in the forest) – It can be powerful and unpredictable, requiring control and caution.

  5. Shinga yakareba haina simba: (A long spear doesn’t have strength) – True power lies not in outward appearances but in character and substance.

  6. Sango harina mhepo mbiri: (The forest doesn’t have two winds) – There is usually only one truth or solution, even if diverse opinions exist.

  7. Simba haisi mbudzi: (A lion is not a goat) – Different people have different strengths and weaknesses, so recognize and appreciate individualities.

  8. Tsumo dzinotanga naS

    Tsumo: picture credit to Eastman School of School

    8. Shandu ishamwari yeupombwe: (Chance is the friend of the thief) – Opportunity can favour the unprepared, but also carries risks.

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  9. Shoko rinokosha kupfuura pfuma: (A word is more valuable than wealth) – Wise words can have a lasting impact that surpasses material possessions.

  10. Shiri dzemhando imwe dzinobhururuka pamwe: (Birds of a feather flock together) – Seek a company that shares your values and goals.

  11. Simba hairwiswe nenhongu: (A lion is not defeated by hunger) – Perseverance and resilience are key to overcoming challenges.

  12. Shanda yakanaka haibvike mubhegi: (Good work doesn’t come from a bag) – Effort and dedication are necessary for success.

  13. Sekuru haazive zvese, asi zvaanoziva hazvisi masekuru: (An elder doesn’t know everything, but what they know isn’t foolishness) – Respect the wisdom and experience of elders, even if not absolute.

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  14. Shumba inotamba nembudzi inoda kuipwanya: (The hyena that plays with the goat wants to break it) – Be wary of those who seem friendly but have hidden intentions.

  15. Shoko rakanaka rinopfuura pfumvu: (A good word surpasses a weapon) – Kindness and understanding can achieve more than force.

  16. Sango harina masvingo: (The forest has no walls) – Be aware of your surroundings and potential dangers, as nothing is hidden completely.

  17. Shonga dzinoroverana dzinoita ruzha, shinje dzinogara zvakanaka: (Sticks that clash make noise, silent ones live peacefully) – Avoid unnecessary conflict and seek harmony.

  18. Tsumo dzinotanga naS

    Tsumo: Picture credit to Groove Master

    Simba haicheke: (A lion doesn’t fear the dark) – Face your fears and challenges with courage.

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  19. Shungu dzinopera, asi ruzivo harufi: (Desires fade, but knowledge doesn’t die) – Invest in learning and self-improvement for lasting gains.

  20. Shumba inotyira mbudzi ine shamwari: (The hyena fears the goat with friends) – Unity and support strengthen individuals and communities.

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