Zimbabwe Profiles Local,People DJ Fantan Biography| Age, Chillspot Records, Covid-19 Imprisonment, Zimdancehall, Personal Life 

DJ Fantan Biography| Age, Chillspot Records, Covid-19 Imprisonment, Zimdancehall, Personal Life 

DJ Fantan Biography| Age, Chillspot Records, Covid-19 Imprisonment, Zimdancehall, Personal Life  post thumbnail image

DJ Fantan Biography

Arnold Kamudyariwa, who is known by his stage name DJ Fantan, is a Zimdancehall music producer, DJ, and manager at Chillspot Records.


DJ Fantan was born on 17 March 1987. (Age 37, as of 2024)

Background And Education

DJ Fantan spent his childhood in Mbare, Harare, where he was born and raised.

He began his education at Gwinyai Primary School before proceeding to George Stark High School for his secondary education.

It was at George Stark High School that he met his business partner, Levels.


Back in 2011, DJ Fantan, Rhibhe, and Levels transformed Kamudyariwa’s bedroom into a recording studio and established Chillspot Records.

This move allowed them to scout for talented artists from all over Zimbabwe by producing riddims that became popular, ultimately driving the growth of the Zimdancehall genre.

In 2013, their collaboration on the Zimbo Flavor Riddim won Riddim of the Year. The following year, they clinched two more awards for Conscious Riddim of the Year (Pure Niceness) and Best Collaboration Riddim (Mad Levels).

They also won Riddim of the Year in 2015 for their work on the Stage Riddim at the Zimdancehall Awards.

Kamudyariwa has collaborated with some of the most renowned musicians in the Zimdancehall genre, such as Tocky Vibes, Soul Jah Luv, Bounty Lisa, Seh Calaz, and Killer T.

DJ Fantan

DJ Fantan and his gift from Sir Wicknell Chivayo

Personal Life

DJ Fantan and his wife Gamuchirayi Nemukuyu reportedly separated in July 2022 following the former’s arrest for domestic violence.

The reason for their separation was said to be an altercation involving Nemukuyu and a woman named Vimbai, who DJ Fantan was allegedly dating at the time.

According to reports, Nemukuyu hired Harare-based lawyer Milton Serima to help facilitate an amicable separation from Dj Fantan, as well as to work out arrangements for the care of their two young children and the division of their property.

Covid-19 Imprisonment

On January 3, 2021, DJ Fantan and his colleagues were arrested for violating COVID-19 regulations by hosting a New Year’s Eve party that reportedly attracted thousands of people.

They were initially sentenced to 12 months in jail, but this was later reduced to a three-month sentence, with the option to pay a $2,000 fine each.

The group decided to pay the fine, with the condition of maintaining good behavior until 2025.

Dj Fantan Receives a Mercedes Benz GLE350d 4matic From Sir Wicknell Chivayo

Wicknell took to his Instagram page to extend his appreciation to DJ Fantan, acknowledging his significant role in Zanu-PF rallies and unwavering support for the ruling party.

In a congratulatory message, Wicknell commended DJ Fantan, also known as Mr. Arnold Kamudyariwa, from ChillSpot Records, for his dedicated contributions during the election period. Wicknell went on to announce a generous reward for DJ Fantan, presenting him with a Mercedes Benz GLE350d 4matic.

Describing DJ Fantan as the top DJ and producer in Zimbabwe, Wicknell emphasized his uniqueness and intelligence as the key reasons for choosing him. In a lighthearted tone, Wicknell expressed his affinity for “big people,” attributing it to their remarkable qualities of being unique, smart, intelligent, and talented.

In a playful remark, Wicknell encouraged DJ Fantan to drive to Exquisite Cars and witness a boy named VICTOR, who would take care of his new car. Wicknell concluded the post by raising a toast to DJ Fantan and offering hearty congratulations, along with affirming the party spirit of ZANU PF.

Chivayo also gifted cars to fantan’s wife and mother on his birthday as a birthday present to Fantan. His wife cried with happines as she thanked Chivayo for his gratitude and a helpful hand.



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