Zimbabwe Profiles Local,People DJ Masomere Biography| Real Name, Teacher, MC, Jah Prayzah Zvakwana, Wicknell Chivayo Gift

DJ Masomere Biography| Real Name, Teacher, MC, Jah Prayzah Zvakwana, Wicknell Chivayo Gift

DJ Masomere Biography| Real Name, Teacher, MC, Jah Prayzah Zvakwana, Wicknell Chivayo Gift post thumbnail image

DJ Masomere Biography

DJ Masomere, whose real name is David Masomere, is a prominent figure known for his role as a Master of Ceremony (MC) at various political rallies and events in Zimbabwe. He gained significant recognition for his enthusiastic involvement in Zanu PF (Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front) rallies, particularly during the tenure of President Emmerson Mnangagwa. This biography delves into DJ Masomere’s background, his involvement in political events, legal disputes, and his notable interactions with prominent figures.

Age & Date of Birth

The specific date of birth and age of DJ Masomere is not available in the publicly available sources.

Educational Qualifications

Information regarding DJ Masomere’s educational qualifications is not available in the publicly available sources.

DJ Masomere’s Background and Rise to Prominence

DJ Masomere, whose background includes a teaching position at Ndarama High School in Masvingo, rose to prominence due to his active role as a Master of Ceremony at various Zanu PF rallies. He garnered widespread attention for his energetic performances and catchphrases, including “Jah Prayzah Zvakwana.” His contributions to political events and rallies led to his recognition and popularity among the party’s supporters.

Legal Dispute Over Unpaid Debt

Despite his fame, DJ Masomere found himself embroiled in a legal battle over an unpaid debt related to a Public Address (PA) system and audio equipment he had rented for multiple high-profile Zanu PF events. The equipment was rented from Meldwin-Tech Investments, a company owned by Simbarashe Edwin Mupakamiso. Masomere hired the PA system for 11 rallies but allegedly failed to make full payment.

In his defense, DJ Masomere argued that he should not be held accountable for the debt due to Mupakamiso’s affiliation with Zanu PF. He suggested that both he and Mupakamiso had expected some form of appreciation from the party in the future, making the debt a gesture of gratitude. However, the court ultimately ruled in favor of Meldwin-Tech Investments, ordering DJ Masomere to pay the outstanding debt of US$1,080 plus interest.


DJ Masomere Biography

DJ Masomere [Image Credit: Twitter/X – Masvingo Mirror]

DJ Masomere’s Generous Gift from Sir Wicknell Chivayo

In a surprising turn of events, the teacher cum MC received a remarkable gift from businessman Sir Wicknell Chivayo. Sir Wicknell donated a brand-new Toyota Hilux double cab 4×4 vehicle worth US$65,000 to Masomere as a token of appreciation for his support of President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the ruling Zanu PF party. This generous gesture provided DJ Masomere with a significant turnaround in his circumstances.

DJ Masomere Meets President Mnangagwa

DJ Masomere had the honor of meeting President Emmerson Mnangagwa, during which he and his family expressed their gratitude for the various gifts received from the President and other benefactors. Among the gifts were 400 liters of diesel, a tractor, a sugarcane farm from President Mnangagwa himself, a Toyota GD6, and a house from Sir Wicknell Chivhayo, as well as livestock and shares from other individuals. As a token of appreciation, the DJ presented President Mnangagwa with a lion statue symbolizing strength and courage.

Community Reaction

The legal dispute over the unpaid debt and the subsequent generous gift from Sir Wicknell Chivayo sparked discussions within the local community. While some voiced support for DJ Masomere, citing his involvement in political rallies, others emphasized the importance of impartiality in business transactions.



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