Zimbabwe Profiles Local,People Farai Juliet Magada Biography| Profile, Education, Forced Marriage, Divorce, Achievements, Case Against Robson Mhandu

Farai Juliet Magada Biography| Profile, Education, Forced Marriage, Divorce, Achievements, Case Against Robson Mhandu

Farai Juliet Magada Biography| Profile, Education, Forced Marriage, Divorce, Achievements, Case Against Robson Mhandu post thumbnail image

Farai Juliet Magada Biography

Farai Juliet Magada, affectionately known as Farie Jules, is a Zimbabwean journalist, actress, producer, and philanthropist. Her journey is a testament to unwavering resilience and unyielding determination in the face of daunting adversity.

This comprehensive biography article provides an in-depth exploration of Farai Juliet Magada’s life, her educational pursuits, her remarkable achievements, and her courageous case against Robson Mhandu, a senior executive at the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC), for allegations of sexual harassment.

Age & Date of Birth

Farai Juliet Magada’s exact date of birth is not available from publicly available documents.

Educational Qualifications

Farai commenced her educational journey in the suburbs of Bulawayo, attending reputable schools. Unfortunately, her early marriage disrupted her educational pursuits. However, her thirst for knowledge and personal development propelled her forward.

While specific details of her formal educational qualifications are not available, Farai managed to gain practical experience and acquire valuable skills in the field of journalism. Her eloquence and proficiency as a presenter and newsreader catapulted her to recognition within the industry.

Farai Juliet Magada Biography| Profile, Education, Forced Marriage, Divorce, Achievements, Case Against Robson Mhandu

Farai Juliet Magada Farie Jules [Image Credit: Instagram/ Farie Juels/Blessy Images]

Farai Juliet Magada’s Forced Marriage

Farai Juliet Magada’s life took a heart-wrenching turn when, at the tender age of 15, she was forcibly wedded to a man twice her age. This abrupt twist of fate shattered her childhood dreams and ambitions. Her early married life was marred by emotional turmoil, isolation, and battles with depression and suicidal thoughts.

Despite enduring unimaginable hardships, Farai’s unwavering resolve to protect her daughter and herself fueled her resilience. She grappled with depression and thoughts of suicide for many years, concealing her torment from the world. Her path to recovery and self-discovery was a grueling one, yet her love for her  three children and her aspirations for a brighter future spurred her onward.


Leaving her marriage marked a turning point in Farai’s life. It took her 11 years to summon the strength to embark on this transformative journey to leave her marriage and divorce her husband.

Her divorce at age 26 meant starting anew, and she did so by working as a waitress and pursuing her passion for film and television production. Through determination and grit, she gained confidence in the industry.

Farai Juliet Magada Farie Jules Biography

Farai Juliet Magada Farie Jules [Image Credit: Instagram/ Farie Juels/Blessy Images]

Key Achievements

Farai Juliet Magada’s remarkable achievements underscore her indomitable spirit:

  1. Motherhood: One of Farai’s most significant accomplishments is her dedication to her three daughters, transcending depression and fighting for their well-being.
  2. Journalism Career: Despite the hurdles she faced, Farai pursued a career in journalism, realizing a childhood dream. Her eloquence and skills as a presenter and newsreader made her a recognized voice on Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation’s radio Classic 263.
  3. The Pink and Purple Foundation: In late 2021, Farai founded the Pink and Purple Foundation, a charitable organization dedicated to empowering young girls and eradicating harmful practices such as child marriages, teenage pregnancies, gender-based violence, and sexual exploitation. The foundation aligns with global sustainable development objectives, including no poverty, good health and well-being, quality education, gender equality, and reduced inequality.

The Pink and Purple Foundation

The Pink and Purple Foundation, initiated by Farai Juliet Magada, operates on a mission to protect and empower young girls, ensuring access to education, knowledge, and vocational skills. The foundation’s operations are founded on five key sustainable goals:

  1. No Poverty: The foundation endeavors to alleviate poverty among young girls, providing opportunities for education and personal growth.
  2. Good Health and Well-being: Through awareness campaigns and education, the foundation addresses health-related challenges faced by young girls, including issues like period poverty.
  3. Quality Education: The Pink and Purple Foundation is committed to delivering quality education to girls, enabling them to achieve their dreams.
  4. Gender Equality: The foundation advocates for gender equality and strives to eliminate harmful practices that discriminate against young girls.
  5. Reduced Inequality: By offering support, counselling, and vocational programs, the foundation empowers young girls to overcome obstacles in their lives.

The Pink and Purple Foundation seeks to inspire hope, offer support, and empower young girls to break free from the cycle of harmful practices and discrimination.


Farai Juliet Magada Farie Jules [Image Credit: Instagram/ Farie Juels/Doc Miles Photography]

Farai Juliet Magada’s Case Against Robson Mhandu

Farai Juliet Magada’s ordeal at ZBC brought to light a disturbing case of alleged sexual harassment involving Robson Mhandu, the Director of Radio Services. Here are the details of this harrowing case:

Allegations of Sexual Harassment

Farai Jules accused Robson Mhandu of coercing her into engaging in sexual acts to secure her transfer from Bulawayo to Harare within the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation. The allegations revealed a deeply troubling abuse of power within the workplace.


This case garnered significant attention due to the presence of incriminating evidence, including:

  • Audio Recordings: Two audio recordings, one lasting 18 minutes and another 3 minutes, captured conversations between Farai Jules and Robson Mhandu. In these recordings, Mhandu was heard making inappropriate and coercive statements, including references to sex as a condition for the requested transfer.
  • WhatsApp Messages: Fourteen screenshots of WhatsApp messages served as additional evidence. These messages contained explicit content and relentless pressure from Mhandu for sexual favors.

Coercion and Abuse of Power

The evidence pointed to Farai’s alleged coercion and intimidation by Mhandu. Mhandu, in his influential role at ZBC, appeared to exploit his position of authority to pressure Farai into complying with his demands. The recordings and messages suggested that her transfer approval hinged on her participation in sexual activity.

Legal and Ethical Implications

Farai Jules’s case against Robson Mhandu raised pertinent legal and ethical questions:

  1. Sexual Harassment: The allegations, if substantiated, constituted clear instances of sexual harassment within the workplace, a violation of both labor laws and ethical workplace conduct.
  2. Abuse of Power: Mhandu’s alleged abuse of his senior position to coerce a subordinate into sexual activity raised ethical concerns regarding power dynamics in the workplace.
  3. Evidence and Accountability: The presence of audio recordings and messages underscored the importance of collecting and preserving evidence in cases of workplace harassment. It emphasized the necessity of holding individuals in positions of authority accountable for their actions and promoting a safe and respectful work environment.

Impact on the Media Industry

Farai’s case occurred during a period when the media industry was confronting issues of sexual harassment. Information Minister Jenfan Muswere attended a workshop where industry players addressed the problem. Farai’s case served as a stark reminder of the urgency to implement policies and mechanisms to prevent and address such misconduct within the industry.

Robson Mhandu’s Response

Robson Mhandu reportedly denied the allegations and expressed his intention to contest the sexual harassment charges at an internal disciplinary hearing. He maintained his innocence, despite the compelling evidence presented by Farai Jules.

Calls for Independent Inquiry

Amid the allegations, some ZBC employees and observers advocated for an independent inquiry, led by an impartial panel, to investigate and address systemic issues related to sexual harassment within ZBC. The belief was that Farai’s case was indicative of a broader culture of harassment within the organization.

Farai Juliet Magada’s decision to come forward with her allegations against Robson Mhandu shed light on the pervasive issue of workplace harassment, particularly within the media industry. Her courage in speaking out underscored the importance of holding individuals in positions of authority accountable for their actions and promoting a safe and respectful workplace environment for all employees.


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