Zimbabwe Profiles People ExQ Biography | Real Name, Age, Music Career, Divorce, Arrest

ExQ Biography | Real Name, Age, Music Career, Divorce, Arrest

ExQ Biography | Real Name, Age, Music Career, Divorce, Arrest post thumbnail image

ExQ Biography | Real Name, Age, Music Career, Divorce, Arrest

EX-Q is a musician known for his urban grooves style. He became famous in 2000 after releasing his hit song ‘Musalala.’ Since then, he has released several singles, including ‘Pandakakuona,’ ‘Ndichakutevera,’ ‘Mazirudo,’ and ‘Tezvara varamba.’ EX-Q has also collaborated with other urban grooves artists like Roki, Tererai Mugwadi, Stunner, and Extra Large.

His Real Name and Age

EX-Q was born Enock Munhenga to his parents on 11 January. The year he was born is not yet made public, so his age is something fans are curious about.

ExQ’s Music Career

EX-Q became famous when he released a song called ‘Musalala’ or ‘Salad’ at the start of the new millennium. This song made him a household name when Urban Grooves’ music became popular in the country. EX-Q also made a song called ‘Pandakakuona’ with Shame and Nathan. In 2000, Professor Jonathan Moyo became the Minister of Information, and he wanted to promote local music. EX-Q and other Zimbabwean musicians were playing on the radio and TV stations in the country.

ExQ-Image Source(Instagram)

ExQ-Image Source(Instagram)

In 2005, EX-Q made his first album called Exquisite. It had songs like ‘Mazirudo’ and ‘Ndichakutevera’. EX-Q says he went overseas to work on his second album, “Love is my Religion”. He worked with different artists, and the most popular song from the album was “Pane Rudo” with Oliver Mtukudzi in it.

On 26 January, EX-Q hinted that he was working on his fifth album, which was supposed to be released by the end of February 2015. Despite this, two singles from the album were released in January 2015 entitled, The Way and Pore Pore. He released his album Tseu Tseu in 2018, which was received well by fans.

ExQ’s Divorce Controversy

ExQ and his current wife Mandisa-Image Source(Instagram)

ExQ and his current wife Mandisa-Image Source(Instagram)

In 2014, ExQ ended his marriage with his wife and manager, Irene Office, after six years. People said he left his wife for his long-time girlfriend, who was older and more affluent than him. The girlfriend lived in Mount Pleasant. People also noted that ExQ went on a romantic trip with his girlfriend in Nyanga after the divorce. However, ExQ explained that he only visited his family in Nyanga, his hometown. ExQ said that he separated from his wife but did not leave her for someone else. He said that one of the reasons why he left her was because she sometimes stopped him from succeeding in his music career.

ExQ’s Wife and Children

In May 2020, ExQ married Mandisa, and the two tied the knot. Later that year, the two welcomed their first child together in October.

ExQ and his children-Image Source(Instagram)

ExQ and his children-Image Source(Instagram)

ExQ however has two other children from his previous marriage to Irene Office named Trey and Tiara.

His Arrest

In June 2021, ExQ and Nutty O got arrested because they showed fake Covid-19 certificates at the airport in Zimbabwe. They did this when they came back from South Africa.

The two musicians visited the Harare Magistrates’ Court on 25 June 2021. They were accused of committing fraud. ExQ and Nutty O were not given bail and were put in custody, and the magistrate postponed their bail hearing until 28 June 2021. They were both released later on bail of $5 000 each.



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