Zimbabwe Profiles Local,People Mbuya VaPiyasoni Biography| Profile, Real Name, Age, Education, Career, Family

Mbuya VaPiyasoni Biography| Profile, Real Name, Age, Education, Career, Family

Mbuya VaPiyasoni Biography| Profile, Real Name, Age, Education, Career, Family post thumbnail image

Mbuya VaPiyasoni Biography & Profile


Mbuya VaPiyasoni is a character played by Kudzai Chengedza, a Zimbabwean actress, scriptwriter, musician, songwriter and voice-over artist. However, Chengedza is better known by the name of her character. Chengedza is a social media comedian who posts videos on Facebook, YouTube, TikTok and Instagram.  She mimics how landlords, mothers-in-law and other people behave in everyday situations. She also uses her comedy to raise awareness about Covid-19 and other social issues.  This biography highlights the different facets and provides a concise overview of  the  life and career of  Mbuya vaPiyasoni.

Mbuya Piyasoni Age & Date of Birth

Kudzai Chengedza was born on February 14, 1991, in Harare. She is 32 years old as of 2022.


The talented media practitioner was born in Harare but grew up in Masvingo, where she did her primary and secondary education.

The Mbuya Piyasoni actress holds a National Diploma in Accountancy from Masvingo Polytechnic, which she obtained in 2015.


Kudzai Chengedza became a comedian after completing her accounting studies at Masvingo Polytechnic.

After graduation, she discovered her passion for theatre and arts.

In 2016, she joined the Patsime Edutainment Trust, a theatre organisation, where she learned and perfected her acting skills.

She also wrote her first play in 2019 and performed it in Sweden in the same year.

The Mbuya VaPiyasoni star did four productions for Jasen Mphepo Little Theatre.

She created the character of Mbuya VaPiyasoni in 2020 when she was part of a team tasked with coming up with short stories and skits for Covid-19 awareness.

She drew inspiration from older people and how they behave in different situations. She started posting her videos on social media platforms, gaining popularity and influence among her fans.



Mbuya vaPiyasoni Biography

[Image Credit: Facebook/Mbuya vaPiyasoni]


The Mbuya VaPiyasoni actress is married, although the identity of her husband has been kept out of the public eye.

In an interview, the social media personality revealed that her husband initially found it hard to accept that she was a comedian.

“My husband at first found it difficult to support me, he was a bit sceptical about it, but with time, he got used to it and has also become one of my biggest fans.”

She added that her mother and father were also initially sceptical about her desire to become a comedian, although they later came around.

Mbuya VaPiyasoni Social Media

Mbuya VaPiyasoni posts her videos on Facebook, YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. She has a large following on these platforms.

Mbuya VaPiyasoni’s Instagram handle is @mbuya_vapiyasoni. She has over 66.3K followers and 398 posts as of March 2023.

Mbuya VaPiyasoni’s TikTok handle is @mbuya_vapiyasoni. She has over 44.1K followers and 90 videos as of March 2023.

Mbuya VaPiyasoni’s Facebook page is Mbuya VaPiyasoni. She has over 187K followers and 77K likes as of March 2023.


Featured Image Credit: Images: Facebook/Mbuya VaPiyasoni & Instagram/@hdphotography263/@mbuya_vapiyasoni



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