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Evangelica Sandie Profile: Zimbabwe Slay Queen

Evangelica Sandie Profile: Zimbabwe Slay Queen post thumbnail image

Evangelica Sandie Profile: Zimbabwe Slay Queen


Evangelica Sandie is a Zimbabwean slay queen, social media personality and self-confessed thigh vendor who is based in Gaborone, Botswana.

Evangelica gained notoriety after she went viral on social media in 2022 after it was revealed that she was scammed by her online lover into travelling to Kenya, where she was robbed, where she later became stranded.

Sandie is known for her prolific social media presence and frequently posts videos and other content online.



Personal Life

Sandie has kept her personal life private, revealing little about herself outside of her social media presence. However, following her ordeal in Kenya, Sandie disclosed that she is a mother to one child, a daughter.

“At last, I have arrived home. Thank you so much for your contributions, guys. I have arrived home. Let me call my daughter; I’m sure she can’t wait to see mummy,” she said.


Evangelica Sandie also revealed on her social media account that she is currently single and does not have a husband.

Kenya Scam Incident And Getting Stranded

Sandie’s viral notoriety came after she revealed that she had been scammed into visiting Kenya by her online lover. According to Sandie, she and her unnamed partner had been involved in a six-month-long relationship before she travelled to the East African country to meet him.

Upon arrival, she discovered that her lover had lied to her as he was not actually from Kenya.  In fact, he was from Sierra Leone.  She also later discovered that he was a drug dealer and not a businessman, as he had claimed.

As they travelled to the city of Mombasa, their vehicle was hijacked by three cars.  The hijackers took everything that Evangelica and her lover had,  including a suitcase full of cash which she estimated was US$250 000 or more.  Sandie was left with just the clothes that she was wearing.  Luckily for her, however, her passport was in the pocket of her jacket.

Her lover, on the other hand, was reportedly shot in the knees and thrown by the roadside.

Due to this incident, Evangelica Sandie was left stranded in Kenya and was forced to make videos appealing for help from well-wishers to pay for her return fare to Zimbabwe. She eventually made it back home safely.


Evangelica Sandie’s Claims That She Must Have Been Bewitched Kenyan Ex-Lover

Some months after returning to Zimbabwe from Kenya, Evangelica reported that her former lover had been previously arrested in Kenya after scamming a local woman.

The suspect, Alfred Mumoh Bangura, was arrested after he conned a Kenyan he met on an online dating site.

The two agreed to meet after a few days of chatting online. It is alleged that the Sierra Leone national turned against his prospective lover and robbed her of her valuables.

Evangelica claimed the con man must have used charms to bewitch her into falling for him.

Writing on Facebook, she said,

“Mukwasha wenyu zve mbavha yeku Kenya iye unmasked munyatsoona lol ini I’m sure ndakashandisirwa.

“Mushonga chaiwo sure nekuti mmm ndainge ndambodeiko pamatuzvi akadai.. maonawo zve vamwe vakavharwa navo Baba vekuonda ava.”


Evangelica Sandie Profile: Zimbabwe Slay Queen

[Image: Facebook/Evangelica Sandie]

Making US$5 000 At Ginimbi’s Final All-White Party

A few months after returning from Kenya, Evangelica Sandie was again back in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

The controversial slay queen claimed she left the late flamboyant businessman Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure’s final all-white party US$5 000 richer from thigh vending.

Evangelica claimed that she made US$5 000 from hiring out her charms to the guests who attended Ginimbi’s all-white party at his palatial Domboshawa Mansion.

Taking to Facebook, Sandie shared selfies she took with some of the guests and captioned the pictures with the words;

“Musi uyu we last all white handiukanganwe zvangu. Aiwa ndakavapa vese vakaguta ndikabva ndakabata Ka 5K kangu kasina basa (I will never forget the final all-white-party. I gave it to all of them until they satisfied and left US$5k richer)”

However, she was discreet enough not to mention the names of the people who allegedly contributed to her US$5 000 windfall.


Evangelica Sandie Profile: Zimbabwe Slay Queen

[Image: Facebook/Evangelica Sandie]

Controversial Advice for Mai Denzel Following Viral Cheating Scandal

After Mai Denzel went viral on social media in early 2023 following her alleged cheating scandals, Evangelica Sandie weighed in on the issue with some controversial advice.

The slay queen claimed that she was looking for Mai Denzel’s number so that she could set her up with a rich man. She claimed the man was willing to sponsor Mai Denzel to start a business because he was impressed with one of her videos.

Evangelica also suggested that Mai Denzel could join her in the thigh vending profession.

Writing on her Facebook page, Evangelica Sandie said,

“Ndikuda number dza Mai denzi kana pane anadzo murume wedu mbinga aona ma noodles Avo afarira mazitinji avainavo he is offering Mari yavanoda vatange zvavo buisness or vandijoine Ku operation yemboraldo”

She followed this up by saying,

“I’m dead serious paita zve cash matinji mashoma anavo muno mu bostwana vapinda machena Mai ava murume uyu Thot arikusvotesa mukadzi but amupinza machena asingaite.”


Evangelica Sandie Profile: Zimbabwe Slay Queen

[Image: Facebook/Evangelica Sandie]


Support For Levels & Criticism For Shashl Following Leaked Video Scandal and Rape Allegations

Evangelica Sandie, who is outspoken, shared a few words following the scandal around Zimdancehall producer Levels and his girlfriend Shashl in 2023.

This was after Shashl filed a police report against Levels alleging that he had raped her during their relationship. This was after a video of the two was leaked onto social media, and Levels was suspected of having leaked the video as revenge.

Evangelica expressed support for Levels and did not have kind words for Shashl. She posted,

“I feel for u my brother huya kuseri timboita zve fodya pasi musikana asiyane nezvaakuita izvo! uye anga akanyarirei pese APA . Shashl woye inzwa tsitsi ziva kuti pawakabvuna recording ye Lula Lula wakazviparira .

“Zvema recording zvoda ISU tenge tiri pabasa ..murudo why would u record private scenes for who for wat exactly?

“Usaise mwana wevanhu muchitirongo for life mhosva yake chete ndeyekuburitsa ma noodles waimurambirei ane hombe wani.”


Evangelica Sandie Profile: Zimbabwe Slay Queen

[Image: Facebook/Evangelica Sandie]

Evangelica Sandie’s Social Media Presence

Sandie is known for her prolific social media presence and frequently posts videos and other content online. She shot to fame in June 2022 after her ordeal in Kenya went viral on social media platforms.

She is very active on social media and often shares videos and other content with her followers. She is active on multiple social media platforms and has thousands of followers.  She is active on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

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