Zimbabwe Profiles Local,People Jackie Ngarande Biography| Age, Education, Career, Marital Status, Mthuli Ncube Scandal

Jackie Ngarande Biography| Age, Education, Career, Marital Status, Mthuli Ncube Scandal

Jackie Ngarande Biography| Age, Education, Career, Marital Status, Mthuli Ncube Scandal post thumbnail image

Jackie Ngarande Biography| Age, Education, Career, Marital Status, Mthuli Ncube Scandal

Jacqueline Tinovimba Ngarande, popularly known as Jackie Ngarande, is a prominent Zimbabwean socialite, model, and entrepreneur. With her glamorous lifestyle, she has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Known for her confidence, style, and determination, Jackie Ngarande continues to leave a lasting impression through her various entrepreneurial endeavors. Her influence and achievements have solidified her position as a notable figure in Zimbabwean society.

Date of Birth /Age

Jackie Ngarande was born on October 20, 1990. She is currently 33 years old.

Jackie Ngarande Biography

Jackie Ngarande (Image Credit: Instagram @jackiengarande)


Jackie was born in Rusape, Zimbabwe. She experienced the loss of her father, Evans Ngarande, at a young age, and was raised by her mother, Evelyn Chiwandamira. Tragically, her mother also passed away in 2007 when Jackie was just 17 years old.


Jackie Ngarande began her educational journey at Greengrove Primary School and Tafara 1 Primary School. She later attended Tafara 1 High School and completed her secondary education at Rota High School in Murewa. Despite the personal challenges she faced early in life, Jackie persevered and embarked on a path that would bring her recognition and success in the entertainment industry.


Jackie Ngarande’s illustrious career in the world of modelling began in 2012 when she achieved the prestigious title of Miss Global First Princess. This significant achievement marked the start of a journey that would propel her to prominence within Zimbabwe’s modelling industry.

In the same year, Ngarande participated in the G-Tel Face of Zimbabwe competition, solidifying her presence as a rising star in the modelling world.

She credits her early success and development to the invaluable guidance of Mercy Mushaninga, a renowned figure in Zimbabwe’s modelling scene. Mushaninga, acting as her mentor and guru, provided crucial support during Ngarande’s initial steps in the industry. Notably, she assisted Ngarande by purchasing clothes and other necessary supplies out of her own pocket, especially during times when Ngarande faced financial challenges.

Inspired by her own challenging upbringing, Ngarande established the JN Educational Foundation, a foundation named after herself. Through this philanthropic initiative, she focuses on assisting underprivileged children, primarily by providing financial aid for school fees.

Jackie Ngarande’s deep compassion and personal experiences drive her commitment to helping those from disadvantaged backgrounds, aiming to create opportunities for a brighter future.

Additionally, Ngarande actively collaborates with Simuka Africa, a youth-focused non-governmental organization, where she serves as one of their esteemed brand ambassadors. By aligning herself with this impactful NGO, Ngarande extends her influence to uplift and empower young individuals, contributing to their personal and educational growth.

In addition to her Foundation, Jackie Ngarande’s philanthropic efforts extend to her compassionate acts of hosting the Jackie Ngarande Tea, an event dedicated to feeding the homeless and making a positive impact in the lives of those in need.

Beyond her philanthropic endeavours, Ngarande has also garnered recognition for her accomplishments. In 2016, she proudly received the StartQt Award in South Africa, further solidifying her position as a respected figure within the industry.

Expanding her professional horizons, Ngarande leverages her influential presence on social media, where she collaborates with brands and promotes various events. Her significant following and engaging online presence make her a sought-after personality for brand endorsements and collaborations, contributing to her multifaceted career.

As a brand ambassador, Jackie Ngarande utilizes her platform to connect with audiences and promote products and services in alignment with her personal brand and values. Through her strategic partnerships, she not only creates opportunities for herself but also amplifies the reach of the brands she represents.

Mthuli Ncube Scandal 

In 2020, Jackie Ngarande was entangled in a romantic scandal with Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube.

This comes after she was alleged to have bragged on Instagram that she was in a romantic relationship with Mthuli Ncube.

Mthuli Ncube vehemently refuted the allegations, accusing Ngarande of creating a fake Instagram account to spread false information. According to the fabricated account, Mthuli Ncube had supposedly built a house for Jackie Ngarande and gifted her an expensive vehicle in exchange for their intimate relationship.

Mthuli Ncube denied any adulterous affair or any form of relationship with Jackie  Ngarande. He demanded a public apology from the socialite and expressed his intention to take legal action against her.

In an attempt to clear her name, Jackie Ngarande took to the media on April 6, 2020, vehemently refuting the allegations of an affair with Mthuli Ncube. She issued a stern warning to publications that propagated the falsehood, vowing to take legal action against any outlets spreading misinformation about her involvement with Mthuli Ncube.

Here is Jackie Ngarande’s Statement

“Ref: Jacqueline Tinovimbika Ngarande Press Statement For Immediate release.

This press statement is with reference to news stories that widely circulated on social media and online publications concerning an alleged relationship/affair between myself and a certain minister of the Government of Zimbabwe.

These allegations are malicious, unfounded and an attempt to damage my image and reputation and also to tarnish the image and reputation of all those mentioned in the stories including my long-time friend Miss P Nare. I do not have a relationship with the said minister either personally or professionally, and like any other citizen of Zimbabwe, I have only read about him in the newspapers due to the nature of his work.

I would like to urge the purveyors of these falsehoods to desist from such hideous acts as they negatively impact on families. They strain relationships and in the process destroy careers. I have since sought legal advice from my lawyers concerning this unfortunate incident with a view to stop the circulation of such hurtful lies and to bring the perpetrators of fake news to book.”

Marital Status 

Jackie Ngarande likes to keep her love life private and away from the public eye. While she occasionally shares glimpses of her marriage and children, little is known about her ex-husband (s) or her current spouse, as she refrains from posting about them on social media.

Early last year in 2022, Jackie took to Facebook to issue a warning to her first husband regarding his actions. She cautioned him that his continuous attempts to contact her new husband could jeopardize his government job. Furthermore, she made a solemn declaration that her first husband would never have the opportunity to see their children again. She revealed that he had abandoned them when they were young and had never looked back.

“My first husband called my second husband this morning saying ndinokumbirawo kuona vana vangu, Zvikanzi nemurume wangu vana vapi, zvikanzi nefirst husband vana vawakawana mukadzi wako ainavo vana vangu, My husband said from the day I met Jackie nevana vake,waivepi he didn’t respond,akanzi dairaika, haana kupindura,” reads part of her Facebook post.

Meanwhile, last year, Jackie Ngarande left her followers worried after she threatened to commit suicide. Taking to her Facebook page, Jackie revealed that she had been in an abusive and toxic situation for the past 1 year and was contemplating taking her own life.

I have been in a very abusive and toxic situation for the past 1 year, I feel like committing suicide today.

“My brother Fortune knows, I have tried my best, Patience and Blessed know I have tried my best. But Ndaneta…ENOUGH IS ENOUGH,” she said.


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