Zimbabwe Profiles People Jay Israel Biography: Real Name, Church, Scandals, Joining Cult

Jay Israel Biography: Real Name, Church, Scandals, Joining Cult

Jay Israel Biography: Real Name, Church, Scandals, Joining Cult post thumbnail image

Jay Israel Biography: Real Name, Church, Scandals, Joining Cult

Jay Israel is a Zimbabwean born self-proclaimed prophet who is based in South Africa. He also happens to be an author and motivational speaker and founder of a church.

Early Life

Jay Israel was born in Zimbabwe in 1987. He grew up in a Christian family and was introduced to the teachings of the Bible at a young age. He started preaching at the age of 16 and began conducting revivals and crusades in Zimbabwe and other African countries.

Career as a Pastor

Jay Israel says that he started a church when he was 18 years old in Zimbabwe. In 2016 he rose to fame after he started Spirit Life Mega Church in Pretoria, which is now one of the largest churches in South Africa. The church has branches in several African countries, including Zimbabwe, Nigeria, and Ghana.

Jay Israel-Image Source(Instagram)

Jay Israel-Image Source(Instagram)

Jay Israel is known for his prophecies and miracles. He claims to have the ability to heal the sick, perform miracles, and deliver people from demonic possession. Jay Israel has also prophesied about world events and political leaders. He is a controversial figure, and his prophecies have been met with skepticism and criticism.

Jay Israel Love Life

In 2017, Jay Israel got engaged to Benene Bee. However, the couple parted ways after only three months, following accusations of infidelity. Israel had even paid lobola.

After the break-up with Benene Bee, Israel began dating Khanya Mankayi. H-Metro, reported that the couple was planning to get married.

Joining a Clout

In 2020, Jay Israel made headlines when he publicly renounced his prophetic ministry and exposed what he claimed was corruption within the charismatic church. He exposed how his power was not from God but from a cult he joined in Benin.

Jay Israel confessed of how he used dead animals to grow his church. This was after he met a man who was from Ghana on Facebook who promised to help grow his church.

All the dark power he gained he used to make his congregants do as he said and give him money. Israel confessed to using the scriptures to make people give a lot of money to the church.

Intimidation Case in South Africa: Jay Israel Accused of Death Threats

South African police reported in July 2020 that they were searching for Jay Israel, who was accused of making death threats to his former public relations officer and labor lawyer, Tabisa Ralawe.

Jay Israel-Image Source(Instagram)

Jay Israel-Image Source(Instagram)

Ralawe fell out with Israel after exposing his fake prophecies. Israel offered Ralawe a job in 2017 after she helped him counter a social media attack against his church over a controversial event. Ralawe claimed that Israel never paid her for the work she did, causing her to leave. She also commented on Israel’s social media attacks, which upset him.

Ralawe received death threats and discovered that the tires of her car had been slashed or hammered with nails in East London. Fake accounts opened by Jay Israel displayed her son’s pictures on social media.

Jay Israel left his home in East London following the accusations and has yet to face charges.

Makandiwa Controversy

Jay Israel Accused United Family International Church Leader Emmanuel Makandiwa of Misconduct. He accused Emmanuel Makandiwa, the leader and founder of the United Family International Church, of having a second wife and extorting church members. He made the claims alongside Blessing Mashangwa, who had taken Makandiwa to court with her husband over alleged false prophecies.

Jay Israel also alleged that Makandiwa had joined a cult in Ghana, which was why he no longer performed altar calls or baptisms at his church. Furthermore, he accused Makandiwa of performing fake miracles, including the Miracle Baby.


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