Zimbabwe Profiles Local,People Anita Jaxson Biography| Age, Background, Music Career, Poptain, Crooger

Anita Jaxson Biography| Age, Background, Music Career, Poptain, Crooger

Anita Jaxson Biography| Age, Background, Music Career, Poptain, Crooger post thumbnail image

Anita Jaxson Biography|Age, Background, Music Career, Poptain, Crooger

Anita Jaxson is a talented Zimbabwean singer-songwriter. With a passion for art that ignited from a young age, she embarked on a remarkable journey to make her mark in the industry. From her early days expressing herself through music and being part of a band to exploring various genres and collaborating with renowned artists, Anita’s talent and versatility know no bounds. Drawing inspiration from legendary figures while forging her own path, she stands tall as a melodic trailblazer with a unique sound


Anita was born on the 26th of November, 1998. As of 2024, she is 26 years old.


Anita Jaxson was both born and raised in the vibrant neighbourhood of Braeside. Hailing from Harare, Zimbabwe, she nurtured her love for music from a young age, starting with the school choir during her primary school years. Alongside her passion for music, Anita Jaxson displayed remarkable talents in basketball and storytelling, earning accolades in both domains throughout her school years. In her formative years, she drew inspiration from the legendary artist Adele.

However, beneath her promising exterior, Jaxson carried the burden of a painful past. She bravely disclosed the challenges of growing up in an abusive environment, where her father’s alcohol-fueled aggression took a toll on her and her mother, leaving scars that affected her confidence.

Music Career

Anita Jaxson, a Zimbabwean singer-songwriter, discovered her passion for music at a very young age. Throughout her school years, she expressed herself through music and found an outlet for her creativity by joining a band called Carlo, led by JBone. Her time with the band proved to be formative, lasting for a fruitful period of two years.

Anita Jaxson biography

Anita Jaxson (Image Credit: Instagram @anitajaxson)

After her experiences with Carlo, Anita ventured into the music contest scene, where she had the opportunity to collaborate with other artists in the industry. This collaboration led to the release of several tracks that achieved considerable success, showcasing Anita’s talent and versatility.

Although her music journey experienced an abrupt pause, Anita reignited her musical aspirations in 2020. One of her notable achievements during this period was her feature on Poptain’s “Duffle Bag,” where her vocals and performance were met with great acclaim.

Influenced by artists such as Winky D, Koffee, Shenseea, Rihanna, and Stefflon Don, Anita Jaxson draws inspiration from a diverse range of genres and styles. While she has gained recognition for her contributions to Zimdancehall, Anita’s musical prowess extends beyond a single genre. She has also explored RnB and collaborated with hip-hop artists, showcasing her versatility and commitment to creating her own unique sound.

Brand Ambassador

In addition to her remarkable singing career, Anita Jaxson has also ventured into the world of brand endorsements, becoming a sought-after brand ambassador for numerous companies and organizations. Her influence extends far beyond the stage, as she represents and promotes various brands with her unique charm and talent.

As a brand ambassador for Wild Aid, Anita lends her voice to important conservation efforts, raising awareness for wildlife protection and environmental sustainability. Her commitment to making a positive impact on the planet is reflected in her association with this esteemed organization.

TECNO and itel, leading mobile technology companies, have recognized Anita’s star power and appointed her as their brand ambassador. Her association with these brands highlights her influence in the tech industry and her ability to connect with a diverse audience.

Anita’s collaboration with the National Building Society demonstrates her versatility as a brand ambassador, extending her reach into the realm of financial services. Through this partnership, she advocates for accessible and sustainable housing solutions for the community.

Moreover, her role as a brand ambassador for Monsta Wear, a fashion-forward brand, showcases her sense of style and her impact on the fashion industry. Anita’s representation of Charlie Stevens International further solidifies her status as a global icon, transcending borders with her magnetic appeal.

Relationship Scandals


In June 2021, Anita Jaxson and fellow musician Poptain made headlines when they confirmed they were in a romantic relationship. Fans were intrigued by their connection and the potential impact on their careers.

However, the truth behind their relationship came to light in April 2022. Both Anita and Poptain shocked the public by revealing that their romance was nothing more than a fabricated facade, a strategic move to boost their respective careers. In candid interviews, they admitted that they were never actually involved romantically and were both in committed relationships with other individuals.

While their accounts varied, Poptain suggested that Anita was the one who initiated the charade. However, Anita disputed this claim, asserting that they were both equally responsible for succumbing to external pressure. They had felt compelled to portray themselves as a couple due to public expectations. Anita also revealed that even Poptain’s wife had been aware of the act, attending some of their shows.

The fallout from their revelation was evident as they had fallen out and had not spoken for several months leading up to the interviews. The public was left questioning their motives and the consequences of their fabricated relationship on their personal lives and careers.


Anita Jaxson and fellow musician Nyasha “Crooger” Gurure were once in a relationship. The couple however broke up last year in 2022.
There are allegations of physical and verbal abuse made by Anita Jaxson against Crooger. The breakup came as a surprise to fans, as no one knew they were in a relationship.

Anita Jaxson Crooger relationship

Anita Jaxson’s relationship with Crooger (Image Credit: Instagram @anitajaxson/zimcelebs)

Anita Jaxson Music

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