Zimbabwe Profiles Local,People Mathias Mhere Biography| Age, Personal Life, Career, Education, Controversies 

Mathias Mhere Biography| Age, Personal Life, Career, Education, Controversies 

Mathias Mhere Biography| Age, Personal Life, Career, Education, Controversies  post thumbnail image

Mathias Mhere Biography| Age, Personal Life, Career, Education, Controversies

Mathias Mhere, a prominent Zimbabwean gospel artist, has carved his niche in the music industry with a journey marked by passion, dedication, and musical prowess.

Triumphs and Setbacks

Mhere’s debut album, ‘Tinoda Nyasha,’ faced challenges with poor marketing, resulting in disappointment. Despite a four-year sabbatical, 2011 marked a triumphant return with the album ‘Anoita Minana,’ a turning point in his career.

Musical Success

‘Anoita Minana’ boasted hits like “Favour,” “Vimba NaJehova,” “Areka,” and “Chipostor,” solidifying Mhere’s position in the spotlight. A DVD release complemented the album’s success, showcasing his artistic prowess.

Mathias Mhere Biography| Age, Personal Life, Career, Education, Controversies 

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Wicknell Chivayo’s Lavish Gift to Mathias Mhere and Others

Zimbabwean gospel artist Mathias Mhere is the latest beneficiary of Wicknell Chivayo’s generous car gifting spree. After bestowing luxury cars upon several musicians, Chivayo has extended his kindness to Mhere, along with Diana Samkange and Andy Muridzo.

Wicknell Chivayo’s Announcement: A Trio of Mercedes Benz C CLASS Cars

In an Instagram announcement, Chivayo shared that he has purchased three brand new Mercedes Benz C CLASS cars, each valued at US$28k, for Diana Samkange, Mathias Mhere, and Andy Muridzo. He congratulated them for their continuous support and entertainment at charity events, particularly highlighting their contributions to First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa’s Angel of Hope Foundation.


Born on June 13, 1988, in Mukaro, Gutu, Masvingo, Mhere’s love for music blossomed at a young age. Raised in Gutu with his mother, he utilized worn-out pots (zvingwendere) to create melodies that echoed in various settings, from the church to herding cattle and gardening.

Personal Life

He is married to Susan Dzinamarira, and their union has been blessed with a son named Shayne.


Mhere’s educational journey saw him attend Saint Mary’s Primary School for primary education and later pursue studies at Matinunura High School for his secondary education.


Mhere’s journey to success was far from smooth; his love for music ignited at a tender age, propelling him to create melodies using worn-out pots (zvingwendere).

His voice could be heard resonating in various places, be it in the church, while herding cattle, or even while toiling in the garden.

As he lived with his mother in Gutu, Mhere decided to collaborate with his siblings, namely Daniel, Miriro, and Melody, and together, they formed a band they called the Gospel Hurricane.

Though the band eventually disbanded, Mhere’s determination to pursue his musical dream persisted, even during his high school years.

He found solace in joining a group named “Created to Worship,” but due to financial constraints, they could only produce some demos.

However, undeterred by the challenges, he later became a part of the “Rock of Ages” group, based in Mkoba, which managed to release an album titled “Hakuna Unoramba.”

Solo Career

After completing his Ordinary level education, Mhere decided to make his mark in Harare by launching his solo music career.

He worked as a buyer at Tiger General Suppliers, saving up whatever little money he could to pursue his dream.

With great determination, he recorded his debut album titled ‘Tinoda Nyasha.’

Unfortunately, despite his efforts, the album suffered from poor marketing and ended up being a significant disappointment.

Undeterred by this setback, Mhere took a four-year sabbatical from the music scene. However, in 2011, he made a triumphant return with the release of his album ‘Anoita Minana.’

This album proved to be a turning point in his career, as almost every song on it became a resounding hit.

Tracks like “Favour,” “Vimba NaJehova,” “Areka,” and “Chipostor” captured the hearts of listeners and solidified his position in the spotlight. To complement the album’s success, a DVD was also released, further enhancing his fame and showcasing his artistic prowess.

Throughout his journey to stardom, Mhere received invaluable guidance and mentorship from the legendary gospel artist, Mechanic Manyeruke.



Copycat Claims

The success of Mhere’s popular album ‘Anoita Minana’ was accompanied by controversy, as he faced accusations of copying Blessing Shumba’s music.

Mhere vehemently dismissed these claims and clarified that the similarity in their sound was due to the fact that they both worked with the same producer, Lyton Ngolombi.

Notably, Ngolombi is also a member of Shumba’s band, the Holy Psalms, which further explains the sonic resemblance in their music

Among the allegations, Mhere faced an accusation of stealing the song “Favour” from Shumba.

Divorce Speculation

In February 2015, Mathias Mhere found himself embroiled in a personal crisis when allegations arose about his wife, Susan Dzinamarira, having an affair with his close friend, Gift Mahlupeka, who was also a musician.

The situation unfolded after Mhere discovered WhatsApp messages that suggested a romantic involvement between his wife and his close friend.

These revelations led to widespread speculation in the local media, with many speculating about the possibility of a divorce.

In the midst of the controversy, Susan admitted to the infidelity but maintained that the affair had not progressed beyond the virtual realm of WhatsApp.

She expressed remorse for her actions and apologized for the pain she had caused. Susan seemed genuinely willing to work on repairing their marriage and sought forgiveness from her husband.

Mhere, on the other hand, chose to remain silent on the matter and refrained from making any public statements about the situation.

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