Zimbabwe Profiles Local,People Shadaya Knight Tawona Biography – The Zimbabwe Anti-Feminist Influencer Taking the Internet by Storm

Shadaya Knight Tawona Biography – The Zimbabwe Anti-Feminist Influencer Taking the Internet by Storm

Shadaya Knight Tawona Biography – The Zimbabwe Anti-Feminist Influencer Taking the Internet by Storm post thumbnail image

Shadaya Knight Tawona: The Controversial Zimbabwean Social Media Personality


Meet Shadaya Knight Tawona, the popular Zimbabwean social media personality and self-proclaimed anti-feminist who has taken the internet by storm with his controversial views on masculinity and gender roles.

Shadaya has made it his mission to “bring back masculinity” and has gained a massive following for his bold opinions, particularly on Twitter and Facebook. He has a strong presence on social media platforms and uses them to share his unapologetic views on various issues, including relationships, feminism, and women.

Despite his huge following, Shadaya’s sometimes controversial takes, especially on women, feminism, and relationships, often divide opinions not only among Zimbabweans but people all over the world. His opinions have sparked intense debates, with some praising him for speaking out against what he perceives as the feminization of men, while others criticize him for his perceived misogyny.


Early Life and Education


Shadaya Knight Tawona was born on May 14, 1993, and is turning 30 in 2023. After completing his primary and secondary education, Shadaya attended the Midlands State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Development Studies. Currently, he is pursuing a Master’s degree in Psychology.



Shadaya first gained prominence as a creator of viral memes on social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter. He also claims to have introduced the concept of “follow trains” to Zimbabwe’s Twitter community, which allowed small accounts to gain followers.

In a 2023 interview with StarFM’s DJ Ollah 7, Shadaya claimed that he makes a living from social media. Shadaya stated that he makes a living through managing Twitter social media pages for a number of big brands and businesses. However, he refused to disclose the specific brands he works for.


2018 Arrest For Insulting High Court Judge On Social Media

In October 2018, Shadaya was arrested and charged with criminal insult for allegedly impairing the dignity of then High Court judge Justice Priscilla Chigumba.

This was after Shadaya retweeted a post from an impersonator account claiming to be Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) chairperson Justice Priscilla Chigumba. The post he retweeted from the fake Priscilla Chigumba account said,

“I can’t wait for the election fiasco to come to an end. I could do with a holiday and some good sex. My body needs a break.”

He pleaded guilty to the charges before Harare magistrate Rumbidzai Mugwagwa, claiming that he had been drunk.  But before he was sentenced, the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights intervened on his behalf and withdrew his guilty plea claiming Shadaya was pressured to plead guilty. In November 2018, Shadaya walked away a free man after the case against him collapsed after the ZEC boss failed to show up in court.

Controversial Posts On Rihanna and ASAP Rocky In 2023


Shadaya Knight Tawona

(Image Credit: Twitter @ShadayaKnight)


In February 2023, Shadaya caused a huge global stir on Twitter when he posted a tweet mocking celebrity super star couple Rihanna and ASAP Rocky. Shadaya posted the cover of the British Vogue magazine, which featured Rihanna with A$AP Rocky carrying their son and claimed that ASAP was being emasculated.

Shadaya posted,

“The emasculation of men continues…you can already tell who the man is in this relationship…that dude about to be a proud mother of 2😂😂😂”



Shadaya’s tweet went viral worldwide and received more than double the views that Rihanna’s original tweet received. Shadaya’s tweet received more than 61 million views compared to Rihana’s, which received 26 million views.


Controversial Quotes by Shadaya Knight Tawona

Shadaya’s quotes on how “Women age like MILK, Men age like WINE”

Men age like wine, which is why I’m always preaching to every young man in his 20s, just focus on building yourself. You get 3 decades (20s to 50s) & she gets at most 8 years (16 to 25).


Shadaya’s Quotes on Dating & How Women Age Faster

Fellas, never marry a woman the same age as you or older, she should always be younger than you. Or else you’re going to find yourself watching her look older & unattractive whilst you’re still very much the opposite. Women age faster than men, time is ruthless on them…

Even science backs this up, compared to women, men have a thicker & tougher skin. Men’s skin has the ability to slow down the aging process. So, if men adopt healthy habits they tend to look younger longer…

It’s even worse for women if she previously had many sexual partners, because with each new dick that enters her, she ages by at least 6 months. Now put in the factor that she gets pregnant & has to nurture the baby, she’ll become a grandma right before your eyes…


Shadaya’s Quotes On Single Mothers

Shadaya’s Quotes On “Simping” & How Men Should Treat Women

A man that constantly apologizes to a woman is a major red flag. That is the true epitome of a woman pleaser, whose whole purpose is servitude to the woman. In a simpler term that’s a SIMP.

A man should wreak havoc in a womans life, he should emotionally be unavailable & he has to top it off with narcissism. His presence in the relationship should be ambiguous, he should treat the woman inconsistently.

Imagine bending & folding to how your woman wants you to be. Men we are not being toxic enough, we can do better. This gender deserves the best of the worst of us. It’s how we keep them in check, they should never ever be comfortable.

You see if you spend 99% of the time being toxic in relationship she’ll hold on to the 1% of the good that you did & it will overshadow all the wrong you have done. That’s how we keep them coming back to us kings. The hope & the faith they hold brings them right back to us.

A lot of you good guys end up heartbroken & it’s always something like “you too much of a good guy for me”, this is a sign that they attracted to our toxicness. A good man is boring as hell.


Shadaya’s Quotes On “Things Men Should Never Do Because of Women”

1. Never IGNORE A WOMAN’S PAST, for it may ruin your future. A woman is a product of her past, both behavior & background. If she has a high body count, you’re also another number. If she’s cheated before, she will also cheat on you.

If she comes from a dysfunctional family, she’ll spread that chaos into your life. If she was raised by a single mom or had a simp father, chances are high she won’t be submissive, always combative, because she never learned how to be a woman or treat a man.

If she was sexually abused at some point, she will always view sex as a weapon. If she was physically abused, try to be any different, she’ll view you as weak. If she’s damaged, she’ll always have issues (trauma) one after the other, it’ll suffocate you.

2. Never SLEEP WITH ANOTHER MAN’S WIFE, no matter the circumstances, this is suicide, ain’t not different from poking your d🍆ck in a hornet nest. There’s nothing manly about it, it’s pure stupidity. Stay off any hole whose stamp duty (lobola) has been partly or fully paid for.

No matter how beautiful she is. No matter how lose she may be. No matter how dead their marriage supposedly is (whether separated or going through divorce). No matter how sexually frustrated she is, it’s non of your business. Stay off.

Women are not good people. Of cause she’ll talk shit about her husband just to get her way, don’t be a snitch & get to throw your fellow man under the bus just for some pussy. A rat is what you’re, for sitting & conniving in cahoots with a woman on betraying your fellow man.

You will be k!lled & no one will even shed any tears for such a lustful man. In the old days, such men caught fornicating with other people’s wives would either be castrated or beheaded. There’s nothing that makes a man lose his marbles than another man f*cking his woman.

3. Never BUILD A WOMAN, even if that seems noble, it’s stupidity of the highest order. You’re not her father, that’s his role not yours. Going against this advice, we shall use you as an example a few years down the line. You’ll regret ever investing in a woman.

Build a woman & she’ll run away from you, build yourself & she’ll admire you. Women know no gratitude, they’re loyal to their hypergamous nature, either you’re above her or below her, no in-between. That means she’ll dump your naive self after all those sacrifices.

You’ll be yesterday’s news as she’s now on the radar of “better” men than you. And it is at that moment, that you’ll cry a river, boil like an old woman’s kettle & drown in depression or worse – commiting suicide or killing the woman or both.

4. Never COMMIT A CRIME FOR or BECAUSE OF A WOMAN, no honour in that, again stupidity of the highest order. You will get jailed or worse (killed), no pussy is ever worth all that. Never let your erection lead you into situations you’d regret.

Don’t be foolish enough to be influenced by a woman to commit a crime for her. Crimes of passion, that’s just stupidity, how about focusing that passion on to your purpose. And always remember the law is lenient towards women & harsh towards men…

5.Never RAISE ANOTHER MAN’S SPERM, there is nothing honourable about it, again stupidity of the highest order. Raising another man’s sperm is no different from serving someone’s else prison sentence. Neither are you a real man, you’re a foolish man, who is so pussy whipped.

There’s no benefit beyond some fraudulently conditioned praise, “he’s a good man” or “he’s a real man”. It’s simply a fools errand. 100% responsibility, 0% authority, you’re nothing more than a cheque book.

Don’t be that stupidity, whilst you’re struggling with fees, clothing & feeding that child, the baby daddy is drinking Castle Lite & eating KFC. After 18 years, he reconciles with his child & there you’re bitter & annoying us about how people are ungrateful. Stop that nonsense.

6. Never CHOOSE A WOMAN OVER YOUR PURPOSE, it should actually have been said 1st, because that’s the most important. A man who is foolish enough to chase a woman over his purpose will watch that very same woman chasing a man who chose his purpose.

A woman should be nothing more than pleasure not purpose, you don’t navigate your world around her. Never give a woman more than you give yourself. The more resources (time, money & energy) you dedicate to a woman, the less you have to dedicate to your purpose.

Choose your purpose over a woman, as a matter of fact, over everyone & everything else. Ony in achieving your purpose shall you be satisfied. Be a man of purpose!


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