Zimbabwe Profiles Local,People Michael Magz Biography | Profile, Real Name, Age, Career, Samanyanga Sounds, Endorsing ED

Michael Magz Biography | Profile, Real Name, Age, Career, Samanyanga Sounds, Endorsing ED

Michael Magz Biography | Profile, Real Name, Age, Career, Samanyanga Sounds, Endorsing ED post thumbnail image

Michael Magz Biography

Michael Magz, a renowned Zimbabwean musician and singer, formerly under the label of Holy Ten from Samanyanga Sounds, has solidified his presence as a key figure in the Zimbabwean music scene. His unique style and meaningful collaborations have captivated audiences, contributing to the expansion of his impressive discography. Magz has not only garnered acclaim for his musical prowess but has also been recognized for his versatile artistry.

He has notably shown support for President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the Zanu-PF party, aligning himself with their political agenda. In a widely circulated video, Magz, joined by Holy Ten, fervently endorsed President Mnangagwa as the 2023 elections approached. This public expression of support further solidifies Magz’s role not only as a musical talent but also as a figure engaged in the political landscape of Zimbabwe.

Real Name

Michael Magz’s real name is Michael Magondo.


Details of his age are still unavailable.

Music Career

Magz made his debut appearance in the music scene with the release of his song “Chikara,” which gained significant popularity among music enthusiasts. He has since continued to captivate audiences with his distinctive style and captivating melodies.

Collaboration with Holy Ten

Magz’s career reached new heights when he collaborated with renowned artist Holy Ten. Their collaborations, such as “Do You Mind?” featuring Tamy Moyo and “Mai Ju,” showcased the synergy between these talented musicians. The music videos for these songs, directed by Director Leoy V, garnered millions of views on YouTube.

Endorsement of President Mnangagwa

In the electrifying video that garnered widespread attention on social media, Holy Ten and Michael Magz showcased their support for President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the Zanu-PF party. Dressed in a jersey adorned with the vibrant colors of Zimbabwe’s national flag, they passionately rallied their fellow Zimbabweans to stand united behind President Mnangagwa for a second term. Their endorsement video showcased their admiration for the President’s infrastructural development efforts and the government’s initiatives to address drug abuse among the youth.

Michael Magz Biography

Michael Magz Biography

“Pane Mwenje” and Solo Success

In April 2023, Michael Magz released his single “Pane Mwenje” in collaboration with Letter Z Music Factory. The song marked a departure from his usual melodic style, featuring heartfelt lyrics and showcasing his rap skills. With Director Leoy V once again behind the visuals, the music video further showcased Michael Magz’s versatility as an artist.

Personal Life

Michael Magz, born Michael Magondo, burst into the limelight in December 2022 as a new artist at Holy Ten’s record label Samanyanga Sounds. Zimbos did not take long to witness his immense talent on Marisa and the massive hit Pressure with Holy Ten and Mr Candy.

Holy Ten and Michael Magz dropped a collaborative album, The New Bhundu Boys, in May 2023. The album had many hits that kept fans grooving, including Ucharamba Uchipisa and Mai Ju.

He however parted ways with Samanyanga sounds and Holy Ten as they failed to agree on financial terms. Magz confirmed on DJ Ollah 7’s podcast that he left the record label in November 2023. He said he left because he was not satisfied with the money the label gave him despite the immense success of their music. He was also the producer of The New Bhundu Boys and felt his remuneration was exploitative.

Michael Magz Buys A New Car

Barely two months after dumping Holy Ten’s label, Michael Magz has bought his new car. Yesterday, the Ucharamba Uchipisa vocalist showed off his new wheels and beamed:

“Thank you, God!!! 2024 is promising fireworks. I bought my first car!! More blessings to come. New Chapter.”

He flaunted the Volkswagen Polo GTI and played the song, New Chapter. In the song, he drags Holy Ten for exploiting him.

Michael Magz Buys A New Car

Michael Magz Buys A New Car


Michael Magz’s music video discography includes “Chikara” and “Pane Mwenje,” both directed by Director Leoy V. He has also collaborated on several tracks with Holy Ten, including “Do You Mind?” featuring Tamy Moyo and “Mai Ju.”


Michael Magz produced his first album in February 2024 called Muna Jumbo where he featured various artists from different genres.

Influences and Style

Magz draws inspiration from various genres and artists, which is evident in the diversity of his music. His style seamlessly blends elements of rap and melody, creating a unique sound that resonates with listeners.

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