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Mthuli Ncube Slashes Hike On Toll Gate Fees & Sugar Tax

Mthuli Ncube Slashes Hike On Toll Gate Fees & Sugar Tax post thumbnail image

Mthuli Ncube Revises Toll Gate Fee Hike Amidst Pressure

Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube’s proposed doubling of toll gate fees has faced a revision following significant parliamentary pressure. Initially intending to surge from US$2 to US$5 for light vehicles, Ncube now states, “We have lowered the increase,” settling instead on a 50% rise.

Ncube’s adjustment stems from the clamor in Parliament, where he acknowledged the need to balance economic demands with public affordability. In response to this criticism, he conceded, “It was clear we needed to reconsider to alleviate the burden on citizens.”

“A Mistake”: Ncube Slashes Sugar Tax Proposal

In a recalibration of the 2024 National Budget, Minister Mthuli Ncube admitted an oversight in the proposed tax on high-sugar beverages. Initially advocating for a levy of 2 cents per gram of sugar, Ncube now acknowledges it as a miscalculation, indicating a revised rate of 0.2 cents per gram.

During parliamentary debates, Ncube passionately advocated for a cancer fund, highlighting the pressing need to support sufferers with affordable diagnostics and drugs. He clarified,

“The original two cents was a mistake in calculation. It should be 0.2 cents.”


Mthuli Ncube Slashes Hike On Toll Gate Fees & Sugar Tax

Mthuli Ncube Revises Toll Gate Fee (Image: Government of Zimbabwe)

Funding Cancer Relief Efforts

Ncube’s adjustment aims to generate revenue to bolster cancer care infrastructure and medications. He emphasised the importance of procuring crucial equipment like gamma knives to combat intra-cranial cancers effectively.

Reflecting on Zimbabwe’s staggering 10,676 reported cancer-related deaths in 2020, Ncube stressed the urgency of supporting cancer relief efforts. He rallied for solidarity in backing the revised sugar tax, asserting, “Let us support this cancer fund effort.”

The Road Ahead

Despite these adjustments, Mthuli Ncube’s fiscal strategies continue to face scrutiny. The recalibration of toll gate fees and the sugar tax reflects a delicate balancing act between revenue generation and public welfare.

The Finance Minister’s advocacy for cancer relief and enhanced healthcare infrastructure aims to mitigate the nation’s cancer burden, particularly prevalent cases of cervical, breast, and prostate cancers.


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