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NetOne Users Beware: Here Is Why Your Airtime Keeps Disappearing – Out Of Bundle Browsing Not Working

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NetOne Users Beware: The Mystery of Disappearing Airtime and Out of Bundle Browsing Issues

In recent months, NetOne subscribers have been facing a perplexing issue: their airtime has been disappearing without any apparent reason. The culprit behind this phenomenon is the network’s decision to disable Out of Bundle Browsing (OBB) without notifying its subscribers.

The Dilemma of Disappearing Airtime

The problem typically arises when a subscriber recharges their NetOne line to purchase data bundles. Shortly after recharging, when attempting to buy the bundle, they are greeted with an “Insufficient Funds” message. If swift action is not taken, the entire airtime balance, which could be as much as US$30, can be depleted, leaving the subscriber scrambling to figure out how to afford their data bundle.

Unraveling the Mystery of Out of Bundle Browsing

Out of Bundle Browsing was once a straightforward process. Before the advent of data bundles, all that was required to go online was sufficient airtime and an active data connection. The network provider would deduct airtime based on data usage, similar to how charges apply for calls or SMS. This method, known as out of bundle browsing, directly consumes airtime for internet activities outside of data bundles, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, or Opera. However, this method is notoriously expensive and can quickly deplete airtime if not monitored carefully and disabled.

In response to the high costs of OBB, networks began offering data bundles, and Econet introduced an option to deactivate out-of-bundle browsing in 2016. This feature protected subscribers’ airtime from being consumed once their data bundles ran out. NetOne followed suit and introduced a similar option to disable OBB in 2019, nearly four years after Econet.

The Shift in NetOne’s Out of Bundle Browsing Policy

The process to switch off OBB on NetOne involved dialing *130#, selecting “Out of bundle data charging,” and then choosing the “Block” option. To reactivate OBB, subscribers would select the “Allow” option. However, the exact date when NetOne disabled the OBB option remains uncertain, as the network made no formal announcement.

In July 2022, NetOne alerted its subscribers that its OBB platform was down and that engineers were working to fix it. Despite this message, there were no further updates, and it seemed the issue was resolved as there were no complaints on social media.

The Current State of Affairs

Recently, however, there has been a surge in complaints from disgruntled NetOne subscribers about their disappearing airtime. Many, including myself, have experienced significant airtime loss before being able to purchase data bundles. A quick search on social media revealed that this issue is widespread, with many pointing fingers at NetOne’s OBB platform as the culprit.

A Call for Transparency and Solutions

As the saga of disappearing airtime continues, NetOne subscribers are left in limbo, seeking answers and solutions from their network provider. The lack of communication from NetOne regarding the changes to OBB has only added to the frustration. It’s crucial for NetOne to address these concerns promptly and transparently to restore trust among its subscribers. After all, shouldn’t customers be informed about changes that directly impact their usage and expenses?

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