Zimbabwe Profiles Local,People Godknows Machingura Biography & Profile|Age, Personal Life, Armed Robbery, Death 

Godknows Machingura Biography & Profile|Age, Personal Life, Armed Robbery, Death 

Godknows Machingura Biography & Profile|Age, Personal Life, Armed Robbery, Death  post thumbnail image

Godknows Machingura Biography & Profile

Godknows Machingura was a prominent Zimbabwean socialite and “mbinga” who was allegedly involved in criminal activities including armed robberies in Harare, Zimbabwe. His involvement in a suspected armed robbery scheme led to his death following a confrontation and shootout with Zimbabwe Republic Police detectives and law enforcement officers on December 20, 2023.  This biography provides a concise overview of  the life, career and death of Godknows Machingura.

Age & Date of Birth

The exact date of birth of Godknows Machingura remains undisclosed, however, at the time of his death, the police reported that he was 44 years old.


Details regarding Machingura’s educational background are not publicly available.

Personal Life

Little is known about Godknows Machingura’s personal life beyond his involvement in criminal activities and his socialite activities. No information about his family, upbringing, or personal interests has been publicly documented.


Godknows Machingura Biography

[Image Credit: Instagram/@machinguragodknows]

Armed Robbery Incident

Machingura, aged 44 at the time of the incident, was a suspect involved in a planned armed robbery alongside other individuals. Reports from December 2023 highlight their intention to execute criminal activities, including targeting prominent individuals for ransom and planning armed robberies, notably one involving a Chinese national in Kwekwe.


The fatal encounter occurred in Arcadia, Harare, during a confrontation with detectives. Machingura, attempting to evade law enforcement, engaged in a high-speed chase, leading to a shootout where he was fatally wounded. He was declared dead upon arrival at Parirenyatwa Hospital.

Earnings & Estimated Net Worth

No verifiable information exists regarding Godknows Machingura’s earnings or estimated net worth.


Machingura was part of a larger gang, which included South African nationals, involved in planning armed robberies upon their arrival from South Africa. The group’s intention to execute criminal activities was thwarted by law enforcement following a raid at a guest house in Harare.



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