Zimbabwe Profiles Local,People Netsai Naiza Boom Biography |Real Name, Age, Video Vixen, Acting Career, Four Seasons Media

Netsai Naiza Boom Biography |Real Name, Age, Video Vixen, Acting Career, Four Seasons Media

Netsai Naiza Boom Biography |Real Name, Age, Video Vixen, Acting Career, Four Seasons Media post thumbnail image

Netsai Naiza Boom Biography

Netsai Naiza Boom is a Zimbabwean actress, commercial model, and video vixen widely recognised for her contributions to Naiza Boom Films, a popular entertainment group in Zimbabwe. Her career has seen her rise to fame through acting in skits and interviews, garnering a significant following on her official Facebook page.

In addition to her work in films and modelling, Netsai has also made a notable appearance as a video vixen.

This biography provides insights into Netsai Naiza Boom’s personal and professional life, including her career, controversies, and public interactions.

Real Name

Netsai Naiza Boom’s real name is Enlight Muzira.

Age & Date of Birth

Unfortunately, specific details regarding Netsai Naiza Boom’s age and date of birth are not publicly available.

Netsai Naiza Boom Biography

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Information about Netsai Naiza Boom’s parents is not publicly known.

Career Highlights

Netsai Naiza Boom has made a name for herself in the Zimbabwean entertainment industry through her involvement with Naiza Boom Films. She has appeared in numerous skits produced by the group, contributing significantly to their popularity. Additionally, her presence in interviews has expanded her public profile.

In addition to her acting and modelling, Netsai has also ventured into the world of music videos, where she gained recognition as a video vixen.

Video Vixen Career

Netsai Naiza Boom’s career in music videos includes her appearance in Boi Shona‘s music video for the 2022 hit song “Honai.” In this music video, Netsai played the role of Boi Shona’s love interest, adding depth and visual storytelling to the song’s narrative.

You can watch the music video for “Honai”  below:


Controversy and 2023 Departure From Naiza Boom

In October 2023, Netsai and other former members of Naiza Boom Films, including Terrence Chirinda (Jatiwero), Yvonne Chirowa (Vovo), and Myron Muswe (Ozemwa), revealed their departure from the group. Their exit was prompted by a variety of issues, including claims of low salaries and allegations of unprofessional behaviour on the part of the group’s director, Michael Machiwona.

The departing members expressed dissatisfaction with the salaries they were receiving, describing the pay as inadequate and a significant departure from what they initially received. Ozemwa, one of the outspoken departing members, revealed that Naiza Boom had gradually reduced their salaries to levels he described as “peanuts.”

Furthermore, the departing members raised allegations of unprofessional behaviour within Naiza Boom. They claimed that Naiza Boom had adopted divisive tactics that sowed conflicts and a lack of respect among group members.

Ozemwa also stated that Naiza Boom’s director, Michael Machiwona, did not foster a respectful working environment, leading to strained relationships among the group members and ultimately contributing to their decision to leave.

Life After Naiza Boom Films – Four Seasons Media ZW

Following their departure from Naiza Boom, Netsai and the other departing members, including Jatiwero, Vovo, and Ozemwa, embarked on a new creative journey. They formed their own entertainment platform, “Four Seasons Media ZW,” which included the launch of a YouTube channel under the same name. The YouTube channel quickly gained attention, accumulating more than 34,000 subscribers shortly after its debut.

The departing members were determined to continue their creative pursuits independently and maintain high standards in their productions. Their new venture marked a fresh chapter in their careers, as they explored new opportunities beyond their time with Naiza Boom Films.


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