Zimbabwe Profiles Local,People Pastor Admire Kasi Biography| Profile, Ivy Kombo Marriage, 2023 Arrest For Fraud & Perjury, Gospel Train, Nguva Yakwana

Pastor Admire Kasi Biography| Profile, Ivy Kombo Marriage, 2023 Arrest For Fraud & Perjury, Gospel Train, Nguva Yakwana

Pastor Admire Kasi Biography| Profile, Ivy Kombo Marriage, 2023 Arrest For Fraud & Perjury, Gospel Train, Nguva Yakwana post thumbnail image

Pastor Admire Kasi Biography & Profile

Pastor Admire Kasi, also known as Addy Kasi, is a Zimbabwean gospel music producer and promoter who rose to prominence when he launched the first gospel festival in Zimbabwe, Nguva Yakwana Gospel Concert. He is also a charismatic preacher and the founder of Upperview Ministries International, a Pentecostal ministry and is the husband of gospel singer Ivy Kombo.

Gospel Career

Kasi’s journey in gospel music began in the late 80s when he engaged in evangelism, ultimately becoming a prominent evangelist in the church. In 1993, he founded Gospel Train Records, marking the inception of one of Zimbabwe’s earliest gospel-oriented recording studios.

A significant milestone came in 1994 when he established the Ezekiel Guti Evangelical Association (EGEA) Gospel Train band, collaborating with renowned artists like Ivy Kombo, Elizabeth Manyowa, Carol Mujokoro, and others. This collaboration coincided with EGEA crusades throughout Zimbabwe, spreading the gospel far and wide.

Kasi made another significant contribution by establishing Nguva Yakwana Gospel Concert in 1999, pioneering gospel music concerts in Zimbabwe. This event evolved into a festival in 2000 at Harare Gardens, featuring top gospel artists from Southern Africa.

Subsequently, the festival moved to the Harare International Conference Center to accommodate the growing number of attendees. However, in 2003, the show faced criticism from some Christian reporters for allegedly tolerating foreign morals, deviating from Zimbabwe’s traditional Christian values.

Education and Accomplishments

Admire Kasi holds a Master’s degree in Law from the University of Buckingham. He is also an author, having written books like “Hello Jonah” and “From The Womb With God.” Kasi was recognized in 1986 as one of Zimbabwe’s young executives, managing a large corporation when he was appointed as the ZIMNAT Life Assurance provincial manager.

Personal Life

Kasi’s personal life has not been without controversy. He has faced challenges in gaining public acceptance due to several public scandals. One notable incident involves his marriage to Ivy Kombo, a prominent gospel musician. Their relationship has been the subject of public scrutiny and controversy.

Pastor Admire Kasi Biography

Pastor Admire Kasi and his wife Ivy Kombo [Image Credit: Instagram/Ivy Kombo]


Marriage Controversy

Admire Kasi’s marriage to Ivy Kombo, a prominent gospel singer, became the center of a public scandal. Ivy Kombo had been under his care since childhood and was viewed by many as his adopted daughter. The marriage raised ethical concerns and sparked public scrutiny due to the significant age difference and their past familial relationship. It also prompted questions about the appropriateness of their union within Christian and societal norms.

Ivy Kombo’s Ex-Husband’s Perspective

Reverend Edmore Moyo, Ivy Kombo’s ex-husband, provided insight into the controversy surrounding her marriage to Admire Kasi. He revealed that Admire Kasi, who had looked after Ivy and her twin sister Anne Kombo since they were young, was the foster father who played a significant role in Ivy’s upbringing.

Speaking exclusively to Nehanda Radio in London, Rev Moyo expressed his side of the story, revealing how his marriage to Ivy was destroyed by Kasi’s involvement. Moyo’s account shed light on the love, betrayal, and heartbreak that characterized this complex situation.

Ivy Kombo’s Response to Critics

Ivy Kombo, the central figure in the marriage controversy, responded to critics who questioned her relationship with Admire Kasi. Despite the public outcry and rumors of an affair between her and Kasi, Ivy defended her actions.

She appeared defiant, asserting that she was only answerable to God for her choices. This response was captured during an interview on Acie Lumumba’s #TLFDrive. Ivy’s unapologetic stance generated mixed reactions from the Zimbabwean public, further fueling the controversy.

2023 Arrest For Fraud & Perjury

On November 2, 2023, Ivy Kombo and Admire Kasi were arrested on charges of fraudulently obtaining fake certificates to practice law in Zimbabwe. They had obtained Bachelor of Laws degrees in England and were among 12 lawyers admitted at the High Court earlier in the year, using certificates allegedly obtained through fraudulent means with the assistance of a suspended Council for Legal Education official.

The allegations suggest that Ivy Kombo approached a Council for Legal Education official, Shorai Tafadzwa Mupunga, to assist her in registering and writing the conversion examinations necessary to practice law in Zimbabwe. Mupunga, in turn, engaged Huggins Duri, then the CLE secretary, who indicated that he could facilitate the issuance of the conversion certificates without the couple having to write the conversion examinations. This would come at a cost of US$1,100.

Both Ivy Kombo and Admire Kasi allegedly paid the requested amount through Mupunga, who subsequently transferred the funds to Duri. Duri then processed the certificates, certifying that the couple had written and passed eight conversion subjects. These subjects included Statute Law, Evidence, Bookkeeping, Civil Law Practice duties and Functions, Ethics for Legal Practitioners, Civil Practice and Procedure, Common Law 1, and Common Law 2.

Admire Kasi faced complications in settling his bail conditions due to discrepancies in his documents, specifically the name on his passport not matching the one on the State’s papers. This led to concerns that he might be detained in remand prison. In response, Kasi fell into a trance-like state, creating a dramatic scene in court before ultimately resolving the issue and securing his release.


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